Forgiving A Family Member & General Forgiveness Strategies

Topics Include:
  • Forgiving a relative.
  • General forgiveness strategies.
  • Transforming anger to peace.

Ask the Author: Question & Response

I am still bitter and angry over an argument that happened in 2003 between me and my adult nephew who drove me out of his mother’s house. I even cursed him for rendering me homeless and depressed. But with God’s grace, I found a crisis center shelter where I lived for a few months. While I was there, I found a job and eventually made enough money to get a place of my own. In the process, I made many new friends, experienced different things and am more sympathetic to people in need. In a way, being driven out of his house was a blessing. I am a more independent person than before. But how do I get rid of this anger and bitterness that I feel toward my nephew?

– Tina, Singapore

My friend, I will share a thought that is foreign to many people in this world: nothing happens to you that is not in your best interest. If you were to allow the memory of this thought to enter your heart and soul, distress, anger and bitterness would be impossible.

My dear friend, when it comes to your nephew, do the opposite of what has not worked for you. If when you think of him, bitter and angry thoughts enter and pollute your heart and mind, then choose not to play the ego’s game any longer. For bitterness and anger is the ego’s solution to bitterness and anger. The ego’s solutions sound sane only to an insane world.


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  1. Madison

    I am currently seperated from my husband and the hurt I have caused him the last 4 years has resulted in our seperation. We have only been married for 8 months at this time. Because of the immense amount of hurt I caused to my husband, my mother in law with reason doesn’t like me at all. I am trying to mend all relationships involved and I’m unaware as to go about this. I am currently working on an apology letter to her but not sure what else to do..any help would be great!

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