Forgiveness & Remembering The Innocence Of God’s Creations

Topics Include:
  • Forgiving.
  • Remembering the Innocence of God’s Creations.

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Right now, I am unemployed and trying not to get evicted. It seems like the harder I pray, the more doors are closing in my face. I think maybe it is the family drama, and am I holding on to unforgiveness and blocking my blessings. So I decided to text my sister and ask for forgiveness and to tell her I forgive her. I googled forgiveness and found this site. I was blessed by this article and I will send in a donation when I get back on my feet. I have five older sisters and they all need to read this article and the book. I would like your permission to copy this article and share it with them. They are holding onto some grudges much stronger than I am against the sister that started this. Pray for my family – six sisters, two brothers and an 86 year old loving mom with Alzheimer’s who needs her family to be whole not divided. Thank you for your kindness.

– Brenda, Tennessee, USA

You and your brothers and sisters are God’s creations. God’s creations have only two possible expressions, either love or a call for love. And the only way to react to these two expressions is love. You and your brothers and sisters were created by love. Thus your foundation, who in truth you are, is love. Some of love’s expressions are forgiveness, joy, peace, trust, compassion, charity, respect and kindness. When you are allowing them to flow through you, you experience clarity, gratitude, balance and fulfillment. These are qualities of your trueself, your Godself.

If you react in any way other than love, you are buying into the illusion the ego-self is selling. The ego-self is a limited belief system within the mind. The more time, energy and focus you place on it, the greater part of your life it becomes. Each individual molds and creates an ego-self. When you express anger, judgment, condemnation, stress or any other “negative” emotion, your result is that of becoming unbalanced, confused, chaotic, and experiencing emptiness and regret. None of these feeling and emotions are part of the truth in you. These are creations of the ego. They are false. They are illusions you have taught yourself are real, and thus unconsciously defend as real because you are their creator. The ego is fed and kept alive through the act of judgment. You attack others through judgment for not accepting your illusionary thinking as truth, and so do they every time they judge you.


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