Daily Inspiration: January 3. Dissolving Worry with Trust

Today, let us decide to stop feeding the delusional dragon of worry. This dragon only exists because of our belief that the ego’s fairy tale is real. As convoluted as the ego’s fairy tales may be, truth is always simpler than the ego would have us think. There is one thing that dissolves illusion and that is truth. There is one thing that dissolves worry and that is trust. Trust the Divine completely and all your worries are gone. Trust the Divine partially, and you’ll be only partially worrying throughout the night. The ego may have taught us that there are thousands of reasons why we worry, but in truth there is only one. We lack trust in the plan that we have co-created with the Creator of the Universe. We have forgotten that our highest self co-created the journey that we are now on with the Divine. We have forgotten that because each step along our way is sacred, that each step serves our growth, healing and awakening process. We are all One. Everyone else has also co-created their journey with The Divine. Understanding this, why would you ever again need to waste another moment of your life worrying about self or another? Why would you need to be anxious when you recall that the Creator of the Universe only has our best interest in mind? The Creator of the Universe, being Love and All, always has our best interest in mind. Today, if the thought of worry comes knocking once again, decide to no longer open your door to it. Instead, tell it that you will no longer be investing any of your time, focus and energy on it. Then show it that your statement is true by putting all that time, focus and energy into fully trusting your All-Loving Source. You will begin to notice that the more you trust God, the less you worry, and the more peace you have.

Trust God and be at peace. Trust Truth instead of the ego’s fantasies. What do you have to lose by doing so? Maybe you will lose the time you spend worrying about things that you have no control over. Maybe you will lose the endless hours you have wasted away tossing and turning at night wondering if all will be ok. Maybe you will lose your fear filled thoughts, pondering all the “what ifs” of the ego’s fairy tale. Maybe what you will lose is all the types of things that you never truly wanted in the first place. Today, let us choose to fret no longer over things that dissolve when we place our full trust in God. Imagine, no longer stressing out and worrying about things that you can’t control, by simply handing them over to God to take care for you. Imagine, no longer having to toss and turn at night wondering if all will be ok. All this thanks to the simple decision to trust in God’s perfect plan, instead of the ego’s delusions. Imagine, no longer placing your time, focus and energy, on fearful thoughts, and thus by doing so, making them a smaller part of your life. Imagine, thanks to your trust in The Divine, being forever embraced and comforted by, the Peace of God. The decision to trust God and experience true peace, is always, no matter how dark it seems, just a choice away. Rejoice, that you are now awakening to this realization. You have suffered long enough supporting the ego’s false concepts as true. You, as Love’s child, are forever worthy of peace, which is one of the many expressions of God. Today, recall and acknowledge your true worth, by choosing to consciously align with your All-Loving Source. Do so, and experience and enjoy your inheritance, true peace.

Today, let us know that the ego’s false concept of worry will once again come knocking at our mind’s door threatening to blow our house down. Understanding this, let us simply smile knowing that its fairy tale is not true, and then make the conscious decision to trust in God instead of the ego. When the thought of worry knocks, stand up straight, sturdy and strong, and stop it right there at the door. Then decide that you will no longer give it your time, focus or energy. Use it’s visit to trigger in you the memory that it is by fully trusting in your Creator, that you will find and experience, true and everlasting peace. Today, let us starve our thoughts of worry, and feed our thoughts of trust. As we do so, the ego’s delusional thinking will begin to dissolve away before our light and understanding. The simplicity of the ego’s mindset is, that because the ego itself is not real, none of what it creates is real. The dozens of different ways it tries to have you worry, are all equally not real or true. All of them are not true, because they all have an illusion as their base and mindset. Thus, if you can fully stop worrying about one thing in your life, you could end your belief in the false concept of worry. Today, fully and wholeheartedly trust the Source of the Universe. Allow yourself to be led by Peace. When you get that it is you who, after all is said and done, chooses how much to trust or worry, your ability to choose peace will increase. Now, peace and gratitude, not worry and stress, can become your responses to anything that the ego throws your way. Today remember that the ego, which tries to place itself in opposition to God, Love, All, is itself nothing, not real, not true. Thus nothing it creates is real. Therefore, all of the things that it tries to convince you to worry about, are in fact, nothing, not real nor true.

Today, recall that in every moment you have two choices: to trust God or to worry. In every moment, free will offers you the choice between Light and darkness, between Truth and illusion. The choice you make will be the one that you value most, and thus the one that you will experience. If you find yourself in darkness, do not get more stressed. Simply recall that the Light is always just a simple choice away. Choose the Light and you will experience peace and clarity. Choose the darkness and worry and confusion will result. Remember that peace and clarity, and worry and confusion, do not result from what is happening in the world. They result from who you choose to trust as your guide, God or the ego. Rejoice, in any moment, the power to choose peace over worry is yours and yours alone.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (9)

1) Thoughts on this post. . . Light and dark which will you embark, eternal flame or illusion game, trust on to demonstrate upon!
2) It affects me. . . Where I reside, free will to decide, truth knows the authentic ride, ready to loose crimson tide, for I am here to enjoy not hide!
3) Implement in my life. . . The wisdom honoring solid right, shifting forward to invite, the best intention to be now, by invoking sacred bow!
4) Additionally. . . Emphasize we, all experience this journey!
5) Useful experience. . . Benefitting us, joining gift of absoluteness!
6) Sharing. . . Power to be, presence of truly!

Thank you for this message today!
I always like it when you remind us that our love for our children is the same as Gods love for us, it immediately allows me to understand. It allows me to feel safe, to stop worrying and to know love truly is peace.

Thank you Frankie for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

God love’s for all of us is eternal and infinite. Eternity only loves eternally. The infinite only loves infinitely. That which is eternal and infinite Love, only creates as Itself. You are the child of eternity and infinity, of Perfect Love, Peace and Joy. This is your true nature and what you have come here to, in your own unique ways, share with all others.

Today, simply be who in truth you are, and forgive, release, and let go of, everything else. Today, forgive your misperceptions of all others and consciously choose to see them only as God created them to be. Practice, with every person that God present to you, seeing them only as The Divine does. See His children only as He does, and peace of mind and joy will become your constant companions.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Thank you so much ! I believe this is one of my greatest challenges! We have known so much loss of young people in our small community. I would worry every time my son would leave the house I could not sleep or relax till he returned home . Things got better as they became older but the nagging worries were still there. Then his best friend took his own life through that pain I awakened. It has been a difficult journey but a year later I feel much more in tune with my life. One of the best days was when I found your website.
Three of the four questions felt like they were answered for me. Thank you so very much it has been a blessing ❤️

Thank you Heidi for your comment and for being open to the message. Thank you for your kind words.

Practice every day placing your trust in God over your worries, and you’ll find your worries becoming a lesser and lesser part of your life, and your peace becoming a greater and greater part of your life.

Pray for yourself and your son each day, ask God to surround him with His angels, to protect and guide him, and then trust that it is done. The Father Mother of Love desires you to have His peace.

Trust in Him over the ego’s false concepts of worry, and you will have the peace that you so desire. Anytime that the false concept of worry tries to enter your mind, no longer feed it with your time and energy, instead remind yourself: “I am God’s child, I am forever worthy of His peace. I now choose to trust God instead of my worries. I now choose peace instead of pain. Thank you God. Amen.”

Peace. JBC

James, thank you for this. Sometimes the thread of worry is so interwoven with other thoughts, i think it is the whole. I worry about the little things. Today it is my drive to work in freezing rain. it seems reasonable to me that this is a legitimate worry. Then It takes over and i end up so stressed. Today i will say, i am turning this over to God over And over again. Thanks for pointing out the patterns so I can learn be free.

Thank you Lynda for being open to the message.

When a worrisome, negative, judgmental or fear base thought comes into your mind, practice stopping it quicker and quicker each time. Then give all your illusionary thinking over to God, and feel and visualize those thoughts dissolving in His light, love and understanding. Then and ask Him to please fill you with His love, light, peace, and understanding.

The Universe knows you desire and are worthy of peace. The Universe, through God’s grace, will send you as many opportunities, practice sessions, as you need, in order for you to fully recall this truth as true.

Today, choose to no longer carry a cross that has already been overcome. Laid your worries down and choose to instead lift up the flag of peace. Trust in God Love for you. Trust that He cares for you, His child, and that your Father forever holds you safely in His arms. Trust this truth as true, and by doing so become a beacon of peace for others.

Peace. JBC

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