Daily Inspiration: January 2. Our Journey’s Purpose Resides Within Us Now

Today, let us choose to leave this world, but not through death, but by changing our minds about its purpose. Today, let us end our outer search for a truth and purpose, that in reality, has always resided within. Today, we need not ask our family, friends, peers or society, what we should or should not do, or who we should or should not be. Instead, let us go within, and ask our own souls to remind us, of the purpose of our journey. Your purpose will most likely not result from executing the world’s A, B, or C plans. It is not the result of comparing yourself to others. It is a result of following your own soul’s song, whatever that may be. This world has already placed values on all we see and do. It has already taught us that A is more important and valuable than B or C, and so we strive and struggle to accomplish A when really B, C, or even D may be our true calling. Today, let us stop paying attention to the world, and what it has program us to believe, is or is not important. Instead, let us start looking within, to see what truly aligns us with our own individual passions, hopes, desires and dreams. There is a call from deep within us, that is asking to be heard, answered and expressed. Today, let us listen to the echoes within our hearts and souls, that are trying to guide us, in the direction of we have come here to do. Finding your true purpose is not as difficult as the ego would make it out to be. Simply, day by day, moment by moment, start choosing thoughts, words, feelings, emotions and actions, that align you with what brings you joy, peace, hope and healing. Start to figure out what you feel passionate about. It does not matter what this world or those around you think about your passions, for it is not their journey or path, it is yours and yours alone. It is the path that you have personally co-created, in a sacred partnership with, the Creator of the Universe.

Your purpose, the reasons why you came into this world, are within you now. They will feel good, natural and right to you. You may be naturally good at something, and that something that you are good at, you will also like or even love to do. It will bring you a sense of fulfillment, as if what you are doing, is something that you were meant to do. The form or definition of how this world defines that activity is irrelevant. What is relevant, is how it makes you feel. In truth, thing A is not more important than thing B, thing B is not more important than thing A, thing C is not more important than thing B, their importance is up to the individual that desire to experience them. It is only due to the ego’s programming, that one person’s sacred journey seems to be of more importance than another person’s sacred journey. It is only due to the ego’s programs, that you judge another’s journey as more or less important than yours. You have co-created your journey with an All-Loving Source, for the betterment of all mankind, and your brothers and sisters have all done that exact same thing. Each person’s journey is a sacred co-creation with God. Thus, no matter what it looks like to the ego, or to other egos, it should be honored. A doctor is no less or more important than the president of the United States, and the President of the United States is no more or less important than a homeless man, each one has, as God’s creation, a sacred purpose to fulfill. Each journey will, in one form or another, assist humankind in raising its vibration and level of consciousness. We are all One, respect another one’s path, and in doing so, you will be learning how to respect and stop judging your own.

Today, instead of focusing “out there,” let us focus within, and ask ourselves: “How is what I am thinking, saying and doing, making me feel?” If it feels like it is aligning you with your Creator, with Love and its expressions, such as feeling fulfilled, passionate, joyful and peaceful, then let these be signs to you, that you are moving in alignment with your purpose. Today, we do not need to travel looking for value or answers from an outside source. Let us instead sit in silence, search within, and ask our hearts to answer this for us: “If I have no parental, peer or societal pressures, what would my soul be calling me to do?” Then, let us make a conscious effort to begin to listen to our soul’s song. What do you love to do? What are you passionate about? What are your hopes, desires and dreams? Let us each day, more consciously, begin to move in their direction. It need not be some huge leap of faith, it can just as successfully, be a gentle and loving, step by step process. Remember, it does not matter what “that thing” or “those things” are, what matters is how what we are thinking, saying and doing, is making us feel. Does it fulfill us? Does it bring us joy and peace? Do we feel of service saying and doing these things? Does it seem to bring hope to the hopeless, and light to those living in the dark? Then, let us start consciously focusing more of our time and energy, on activities that align us with what feels right for us and true. How and where can we best use our own sacred and unique gifts? As we move in the direction of our joy, we will begin to help redefine and reshape our experience, extending out into this world, the unique and sacred gifts of love, that we have within us to offer.

Today, let us make a concerted effort to move from an external journey to an internal one. We begin to do so, by focusing within, and asking ourselves throughout the day: “Does what I am thinking, saying and doing right now, feel right? Is it bringing me peace of mind and joy? Do I feel passionate about it? Does it fulfill me? Is it aligning me with the love that I am, and was created to be?” The more you make the conscious decision to move in the direction of your passions, desires and dreams, the more natural this way of being, will become. Today, if we find ourselves not in alignment with our passions, desires and dreams, let us not punish ourselves or others for this. Instead, use such circumstances to remind yourself, that having co-created your journey with God, Love, your journey should reflect what you love to do. What you love to do, what brings you peace and joy, is what you have come here to do. Trust this truth to be true, and now allow Love to begin to show you, your journey’s purpose.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (8)

More confirmation that I AM becoming more and more consciously aware and on the right track with what I feel think say and do…that LOVE is the key to the light and when given unconditionally with no expectations in return it re-bounds 10 fold and some…thankyou so much for re-minding me to re-member…I acknowledge this timely message with gratitude and love in my heart…

Thank you Paulette for being open to the message and for being a member of our community. The more, in every moment, we make the conscious decision to allow Love, our truest self, to decide for us, the more peace of mind an joy we will experience. The states of peace and joy are our natural state, and thus when we are experiencing them, we are being who we were created to be. Peace. JBC

I’ve been doubtful at 63 with being nearly fully physically limited by health and psychiatric stuff that there is a joyful, productive avenue for me. Primarily, my being well enough to leave my house keeps me isolated. I will try journaling along with your emails in hopes of finding light. I am glad you are in the world.

Thank you Jen for your kind words and for being a member of our community. Not very aware of your medical condition but consider the three following things: 1 – If possible, a high fruit and vegetable diet for a month with the least amount of animal protein and dairy possible. If possible continue it after the first month (90% fruits, vegetables, and salads) 2 – Also try taking five to ten extra steps out of your house more each day, thus day 1 10 steps away from your house, day two 20 steps away from your house, day 3 30 steps away from your house, and so on and so on. 3 – Practice stopping, and not fueling, with your time and focus negative thoughts when they enter your mind, and then use that time and focus to practice supporting and using positive thoughts about yourself. Peace. JBC

Hi, i woke up this morning with so much heartache. When I read the post. I asked and feel so far away from my joy. I feel like i have been a reseptacle for others pain. My own heart breaking as i try to be what i think others need. I lay in bed just praying that the burden be laid to rest as i cant hold for others anymore. I thank you for comfirming that what i seek is within andi pray that i hear the voice inside that will tell me how to heal and find my purpose for being here. Thank you

Thank you Lynda for your comment. Let us remember that Love has numerous expressions such as inner peace, joy, compassion, charity, passion, hope and healing, and so anytime we are consciously, step by step, moving in their direction, we are moving in the direction of our true purpose and journey. Peace. JBC

I have experienced what I call the dark night of the soul for a few years now. When I think that I know what my life purpose is something happens and I keep going back to the same dark spot. I don’t understand what I am supposed to do anymore. I quit my job because I was unhappy and I moved to a different state. I have taken two jobs that have come to me without looking for them – thinking that I should go with what is presented since looking for the ideal job has not come yet. Still, I am not happy. I feel that life is going by and I am not getting younger. I truly feel lost. Do you have any advise?

Ester, do not despair for that only leads to greater desperation, instead continue to move in the direction of your desires. Continue to move towards areas in your life that align you with the energies of peace, passion and joy, always keep moving in their direction. When a negative, unloving, sad, depressing thought comes in, do not feed it, instead practice over and over and over again telling it that it is a lie, that you have no use for it, then train your mind to use that time, energy and focus on figuring out how you can have, and come closer to having what you want. Treat yourself lovingly, exercise, eat right, do yoga, practice prayer and meditation, start a gratitude practice or journal, be grateful to God for every moment of your day. When a negative, unloving, sad, or depressing thought comes in, stop it, don’t feed it, let it expire by instead using that time to offer God gratitude for giving you free will and thus for giving you the ability to end the darkness, by doing so you’ll be spending less time in the darkness and more time in the light. The more you practice being in the light, in a self loving state, the more you will desire that space – so practice, practice, practice, and offer God gratitude that you now have the wisdom not to remain stuck in the darkness, but to stave it off your time, and practice returning to the light, where you truly belong. You are God’s creation, God thought and created you, you are worthy of peace and joy – keep reminding yourself of that – keep moving in their direction – keep focus on the light and you will encounter it. Do not fear asking God for help in this, in fact practice over and over asking God for help in making the conscious choice in each and every moment to align with the light and let go of the darkness. You are God’s child, you are the child of The light, it is there you belong. It is there we all belong. When the darkness demands judgment, the light offers forgiveness, when the darkness insist on condemnation of self and others, the light offers compassion, when the darkness desires anger, resentment, and revenge, the light offer peace of mind, love, and joy. Practice more and more each day aligning with the light, with your true self. Peace. JBC

A very timely message!
Yesterday I sat with loved and trusted friends and asked for their guidance on how to better understand the answer I was receiving in regards to a question I had been asking of the Universe. Not an earth shattering questions, but yet something that would/could affect me for many years. And the overall response was to not focus on comparing myself to others, or doing what I thought others would perceive as the correct action, but to do what would make my soul the happiest!
If I go with the answer that would ultimately bring happiness into my life, then all else will fall into place. If I choose an answer based out of fear, (or even the future possibility of fear), that would only bring happiness with limitations and then I’m not choosing for my higher self.
Your January 2nd Inspiration is a great affirmation that I’m now choosing my answer in the manner that best serves my soul!
Thanks for that!

Janice, do what makes your soul sing! Nothing more is ever asked of us in order to experience, and become examples of, peace and joy. Peace. JBC

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