Daily Inspiration: July 1. The Practice of Remembering Who In Truth We Are

In order to begin to recall our true nature, and thus to reinforce and strengthen who in truth we are, let us practice focusing on and supporting, only the eternal sameness in each other. When we practice focusing on and seeing the sameness in our souls, instead of the seeming separate natures of our physical bodies, we stop focusing on the ego’s dualistic mindset, and start aligning with the eternal Mind of God. When aligned with the Mind of God, each person is forever viewed upon as God’s child, all equally worthy of our eternal love and support. We are all the physical expressions of Love, and so when we meet “another,” let us make a concerted effort to look past the actions of their physical form, such as what they may seem to look like, say or do, and simply see and focus on, the love that they were created to be. Today, when we first meet another, let us set aside the ego’s judgment centered programs that tries to separate us from each other, and instead, aligned with the Mind of God, whisper to them, that love is their true eternal essence and that we are all One. As we focus on and acknowledge the truth in them, because we are all One, we will be reinforcing and strengthening the understanding of our eternal essence. There is in reality, nothing easier than seeing your brothers and sisters as who in truth they are. The ego may have temporarily blinded us to who in truth they are, and by doing so, blinded us to being able to recognize our Whole Self, but the ego is temporal in nature, and thus its lies will soon be recognized as the false concepts that they are. Little by little, confusion, conflict and chaos, result because we are buying into the ego’s lies as true, but that con game can only last so long before we begin to ask ourselves, if there is not a better, more loving and compassionate way, of living with each other.

You are not a body that comes from dust and returns to dust. You are as eternal as the Love that created you. Yes, you will, for a little while, be using the body as a vehicle, as a communication device for the soul. Yes, you should treat your body with kindness and respect, and fuel it properly, with thoughts, words, liquids and living plant-based foods, that will lift it’s vibrational frequency, so that you may more easily and naturally be able to, communicate the message of love. Yes, for a time you may appear as separate from your brothers and sisters, but the more that you love, honor and respect yourself and others within the physical forms, the more you will be able to see these physical differences diminishing, and the sameness in all of us beginning to shine through. It is when you begin to see the beings within the vehicle, shining brighter than the vehicle, that you will begin to  recall, that we are indeed all One, and all in this together. We are all One, all here to help each other recall, that the reason that we have a for a short period of time come here, is to express this love and light in whichever ways are unique to us. We are all One, yet each one of us having a very sacred space, and specific part to play, within the Oneness of God. In fact, even our Source, That Which Is Completion, would say that He is incomplete without us. Today, no longer underestimate the sacred and necessary part that you or others play within the Whole. Within you right now, are gifts unique to you, that only you can share, and it is by sharing them, that you will begin to recognize, the perfect and place of honor that you forever hold, within the eternal Mind of God.

Today, let no one we meet, remain unloved. Today, those we meet, we know are those that we have been appointed to serve. Today, we serve them by valuing their eternal loving essence, over any of the ego’s temporal illusionary concepts. No more, will we look at a thousand different forms and call them by the ego’s name of strangers. No more, will we pay attention to the thousand illusionary sounds that they go by and communicate through, and use this as a distraction to see them as separate or different from us. No longer, will we focus on their temporal physical forms instead of their eternal loving essence. No longer, will we see their truth as in any way separate from ours. Today, let us practice seeing and focusing on our truth over the ego’s false concepts, over and over again, time after time, person after person, day after day, until we begin to see, recall and understand, the wisdom of such efforts. When we make the conscious effort to see them as love and only love, the ego’s false concepts begin to dissolve before our light and understanding. As they help us, through their participation in our lives, recall who in truth we are, let us offer them our gratitude, for the opportunities that they are presenting to us, to help us align consciously once again with God. What a gift and blessing it is, to be able to use this day, to practice aligning with the sameness in each other. Today, let us consciously choose to overlook, the worthless nature, of the ego’s dying judgment centered mindset, and instead only choose to look upon, behold, support and share, the eternal essence in each other. It is only the eternal in you that is true. Let us today, see each other as who we were create to be, in order to help us recall that only the love in us was, is and will be, forever true.

Today, let us practice focusing on and reinforcing our eternal loving nature, and letting go of all other concepts that placed themselves in opposition to All we in truth are. Let us do this, by no longer consciously supporting, with our time, focus or energy, any ego concept, that tries to convince us, that we are something other than what God is. God is Love and All, and thus we are, His loving creations. We cannot be anything that is in opposition to All. To try to place yourself in opposition to All, is to create confusion, conflict and chaos, in your life. Confusion, conflict and chaos, are not your natural states. When you find yourself in alignment with them, it is not because you are bad, not spiritual enough, or worthy of clarity, peace of mind and joy, it is simply that you have forgotten your true nature. Forgiveness is a tool offer to us by God to assist us in returning ourselves to a conscious alignment with our true nature. When you find yourself in the states of confusion, conflict and chaos, simply forgive the misperception that you hold of yourself or others, focus instead on supporting only the truth as true, and by doing so, return to the states of clarity, peace of mind and joy.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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