Daily Inspiration: June 30. We Are the Eternal Expressions of Love

God is Love and eternal, thus you are the eternal loving creation of God. God thought and you were created. The eternal loving energy and essence that is your Source, is forever you. A thought may be shared and extended from one to many, and from many to more, yet at the same time that thought never leaves its source. You have been extended out from your Source, and are lovingly being shared, but at the same time you are still, have forever been, and will forever be, connected to and at One with, God. You are the physical representation and manifestation of the thought of God, being expressed and shared with the beings on this planet. Where you are, He forever is. Whenever you are expressing Love, in any of its numerous forms, such as through kindness, hope, peace, compassion, forgiveness and joy, what you are doing is representing God, being God’s messenger, His angel, your truest self, who you were created to be. Align with Love and any of Its expressions, and you are aligning with the Mind of God. When you express yourself in this manner, if you look within, you will feel fulfilled, because in essence you are doing what you came here to do, and were created to do. Anytime you are not feeling fulfilled, it is because you are out of alignment with the love that you are meant to be, and not sharing the message of love, that you have been sent here to share. You have or are in the process of remembering your true nature, or else you would not be reading this now. You are here in part to help your brothers and sisters also, through your example, remember who in truth they are. In each moment and interaction you have with another, be love, in whichever forms and ways you feel most natural being and doing so, that is all that you need truly ever do and be. Be and share who in truth you are. Do not despair or worry, if you currently do not feel yourself being who in truth you are, simple make a daily conscious commitment to take steps, however small they be, every day, in your truth’s direction. Unite with and discover your loving nature, what you truly love to do, what fulfills you, what do you take joy in doing, and what you are passionate about, and then do and share that with all your brothers and sisters.

If you are not feeling fulfilled, do not search outside for fulfillment, instead go within and ask yourself: “Where in my life, am I not delivering the message of Love to myself or others? Where in my life, am I choosing judgment over forgiveness, condemnation over compassion, anger over peace, or anxiety over trusting in God’s plan?” Yet, there is no need to judge yourself for judging yourself or others, instead, simply choose once again and have that choice align with Love. Remember the Love that in truth you are, make the conscious choice and commitment to align with your loving nature, and then share it. Share the love that you are, in any way that comes most natural to you. It can be in 100 different ways, from paying a sincere complement to someone, to fully paying attention and listening, from making someone smile and look at the positive in a situation, to offering someone hope when they currently can’t seem to find any themselves. God will place you exactly where you are needed. God will place you exactly with who you need to heal. All you need do is offer love to who ever you are with, in whatever ways that moment, and that individual, is calling out for it. Be who in truth you are, nothing more is ever asked of you to experience peace, joy and fulfillment. When you begin aligning with who you came here to be, you will find nothing easier, and more natural to you, than that. You will wonder why it took you so long to figure out, that all you needed to be, is who in truth you are. But do not despair nor judge yourself about your past, or of the time that it may have taken you to leave the darkness and return to the light, for time itself is but a wink in eternities’ eyes, and that is really how long it has truly taken you, just a wink. Today, help others, with your thoughts, words, actions, reactions and interactions, begin to recall their true nature, knowing that as you do so, you are also helping heal yourself and this world.

Today, simply return your focus back from the ego’s fairy tales of judgment, condemnation, anger, anxiousness, resentment and hate, and back onto Love. The more you share God’s Love, the more you will strengthen your conscious connection to the love within you. The more your connection to love is strengthen, the less the ego’s fairy tales will appear real. The more solid your loving foundation is, the less the little fear based pebbles will bother you as those who are still lost and sleep walking through life, toss them your way. Today, keep using the moment, to help remind you, of your eternal bond to Love. Keep on, through your thoughts, words, actions, reactions and interactions, strengthening your eternal connection and thus reinforcing your loving foundation. Take a few moments each day, to close your eyes, ask God to fill you with His presence, take a deep breath in, feel His Love and Light cascading in, embracing and caressing every cell in your body, and partnering with every thought that your mind entertains. Then allow this love to physically manifest itself through you, in whichever ways the present moment is calling out for it. In each interaction, offer Love to all whose presence you are being blessed with, so that you may experience and recall your eternal connection to your Source. Finally remember this: He, Love is with you, not because you call on Him or are going through a rough time, but because Love has never left you nor you Him. The ego’s world will seem to offer you numerous distractions, all on the surface appearing interesting or valuable, but in truth they are here to move your focus away from Love, and serve and fuel the ego’s mindset. Most of us will get stuck for a while, serving and fueling the ego’s mindset, and so do not despair if you are not feeling that you are doing what you came here to do. Simply, on a daily basis, keep moving your thoughts, words and actions, in Love’s direction, and you’ll be headed in the direction of your true purpose, hopes, desires, and dreams.

Today, let us practice paying close attention to, and noticing when, our thoughts, words, actions, reactions and interactions, are moving us towards, or away from, Love. We are here to create as our Father, Love created, through love. It is by creating through love, in our own unique ways, that we will truly feel fulfilled, joyous and at peace. Feeling fulfilled, joyous and at peace, are all symbols that we are aligned with our Source, at One with our Creator. We are here to be a representative of Love, a physical expression that a union with our All-Loving Source is not only possible, but also natural and normal. We are here to be a light within the darkness, an example and reminder of Oneness, of Love, within a fear based dualistic world where experiencing the opposite of All seems possible. We are here to help others, through our example, find hope were no hope seems to reside, to remind them that joy is a part of their mission here on Earth, and that peace can be found and experienced even within the ego’s seemingly constant storm.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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