Daily Inspiration: July 3. Being Appreciative, Not Judgmental of Our Life Experience

We have been programmed by the ego to judge our past and those in it, as deficient in one form or another. But, it is actually our complete life experience, that when we become self-aware enough, we will see and understand, as our greatest teacher.  Would it not seem fair and logical, to be appreciative, not judgmental, of our greatest teacher? The ego fuels its fairy tale through the act of judgment, but as we begin to awaken we realize, that we are children no longer, and thus can choose to no longer play or participate, in the ego’s story. Regardless of how the ego has programmed us to see, interpret and react, to our past and those in it, let us today remember, that our whole journey, and thus our past and everyone in it, has helped us become the wiser, more self-aware and compassionate beings, that we are today. Let us remember, that because God uses all for good, that every step along our journey, has occurred to help us grow, heal and awaken us to our true nature. Imagine, if we started to think of and see, every step along our journey as helpful. How would that begin to change your relationship to your past and to those in your past? How much more peace would you have as you think of your past and the people in it? How much more open would you be to forgiving yourself and everyone else from you past? How would this shift in perception and mindset, from one of judgment, anger, confusion and pain, to one of forgiveness, peace, gratitude and understanding, help lift you up to a higher level of consciousness? What type of example, once you are at peace with your past, would you begin to set for others? Today, remember, that you need not change your past for this shift in consciousness to occur, you simply need to change your mind about the useful nature of your past, and thus of the true gift that it was.

Those who judge their own or other people’s past, as less than or not good enough, have simply been programmed to react in this unconscious manner.  Let us no longer choose to react in a manner that is not supportive of us, in a manner that only poison us through our own thoughts. Let us recall, that when we are judging anyone’s journey, because they have co-created it with God, we are judging God as wrong. True peace of mind can not be found nor experienced, when we are unconsciously judging God as wrong. Let it be we, those who are awakening to the understanding that because we are all One with God, that all our journeys serve us, who will carry the torch of non-judgment to others. Now, as our judgments turn into gratitude, our levels of fear and conflict begin to decrease, and our levels of peace and understanding increase. Now we know, that it is only within the ego’s mindset were characters such as those of judgment, anger, resentment, anxiousness, stress, fear, and hate, seem to exist and rule. Now, when these characters knock at our mind’s door, we smile at their efforts and illusionary nature, but not with a sense of superiority, but from a position of understanding, compassion, wisdom, clarity, peace and certainty. We who have or are in the process of awakening, no longer need to run from these characters, for they being unreal, are not worth fearing or running away from. Love, being who we in truth are, and being All that in truth is, needs not to run away from its opposite, which is nothing. We who have or are in the process of awakening, now simply see nothing as nothing. We do this by overlooking or forgiving it, and all those that were seemingly involved within the ego’s dream. By doing so, we acknowledge, that Love is All, and that the ego’s dream, is but a dream.

Today, let us honor our journey, our whole life experience, by making the conscious decision to show it our gratitude. We, through the gift of time, can look back at what we once so condemned in others and ourselves, and instead now see the lessons and wisdom that such experiences brought to us. Equally so, because we have now remembered that our whole journey is a sacred co-creation with God, even if we still can’t see why some things occurred in our past, we no longer have to hide under our blanket when thinking of them. Instead, we make the conscious choice to trust that God being Perfect Love, always has our best interest in mind, and so every experience, when properly perceived, will be seen as helpful. If we can get this, that all of our past is used by God to help us and this world grow, heal and awaken, what use would we ever again have for judging our past or those in it? If we get this clarity, understanding and peace, from our past, can we not also obtain this clarity, understanding and peace, in our present? Imagine, a present where we no longer need to hide from the imaginary characters of judgment, anger, resentment, anxiousness, stress, fear, and hate. How much more peace of mind and joy would you experience, when fear based characters no longer have an effect on us? How much more grateful would you be to everyone involved, for their participation in your lesson plan and sacred journey? Today, let us acknowledge to ourselves, how far we have come. Let us offer gratitude for every step along our way, for without them, we would not be who and where we are today. Let us today, become that symbol of knowledge, of a mind at peace with its past, and be grateful to those who have walked with us along our path.

Today, let us, when judgement of self or others tries knocking at our mind’s door, recall that God has co-created our journeys with us, and thus that every step along our path, will be of use for our growth, healing and awakening. A mind awake, offers gratitude to its past, and to those who were a part of that past. A mind not yet awake, uses judgment to define and relate to its past, and to those who were a part of that past. Let us today remember, that we would not be here without our past. We would not be, who we are today, without our past. Today, let our present-self recognize this, and offer our past-self gratitude for its courage and determination. Then let us visualize our future-self having this same appreciation for our present-self. When our minds join the Mind of God, our judgments of our past and those in it, turns into gratitude and understanding, and it is aligned with this state of mind, where a peaceful perception of the world results.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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