Daily Inspiration: July 4. Declaring Your Independence from the Ego’s Rule

When you declare your independence from the ego, not only do you set yourself free, but you also help set this whole world free. When you let go of your judgment, anger and resentment, when you no longer look upon turmoil, confusion and chaos, and proclaim them as your truth, you free your brothers and sisters from them, and by doing so, break yourself free from the chains that bound you to the ego’s world. For what good does it do to maintain a prison within your mind, if there are no prisoners that through judgment, anger and resentment, you can hold captive? What good are judgment, anger and resentment, when you make the conscious choice and declaration, that you will now look upon everyone with and through compassionate, loving and forgiving eyes? Today, every single time that the ego demands we react to our brothers and sisters with judgment, anger and resentment, and yet we stop and make the conscious choice to look upon them with compassion, love, forgiveness and understanding, we are symbolically declaring our independence from the ego’s rule. Today, let us practice, and be thankful for the many opportunities that we get to practice, achieving our independence from the ego. The more we practice being consciously independent from the ego, the less need we will have for it. Let us continue to practice, until we begin to realize, that thanks to free will, in truth our freedom has always been, and will always be, even during our seeming darkest trails, a simple choice away. Yes, if it is you, who through your misperceptions of God’s gifts, have chained yourself to the ego’s judgment centered mindset and world, then thankfully, it is also you, that can through true perception, set yourself free. The power to release yourself from the mindset of this world, is not found somewhere out there, the power to shift from imprisonment to freedom, resides within you. Yes, only you can, in the end, choose judgment or forgiveness, anger or compassion, resentment or peace, imprisonment or freedom.

You have fought long and hard to even get to this point in your life. A point where you are starting to awaken to the wisdom that you belong aligned with the energies of forgiveness not judgment, compassion not anger, peace not resentment, and freedom not imprisonment. You have travel long and far on the ego’s path, but are now realizing that it has nothing of real value to offer you. You have defended the ego’s mindset that always insisted that you are right and that they are wrong, but you are now figuring out that being happy is much more desirable than being right. You sacrificed and ended relationships because the ego insisted that there was always someone more worthy of you out there, but you are now seeing that in the present moment, whoever you are with, is your greatest gift. Let us today no longer fight for the ego, instead let us concentrate our energy on fighting the good fight, on retraining our minds to look upon ourselves and everyone in this world, through Love’s eyes, and by doing so begin dissolving the ego’s mindset from our experience. Today, let us no longer judge others, when all that in truth they are doing is, offering us the opportunities to practice healing our own minds. Imagine, no longer having the hunger for judgment, anger and resentment, simply because we have already tasted so many of their favors and found them all lacking. If we are here now, reading these words, then it is because we have practice long and hard enough to realize, that the weight of the ego’s mindset, is not worth the heavy burdens it has us constantly carry. How much longer must you log around your judgments, anger and resentments, in order to figure out that they are not in alignment with who in truth you are? How much longer do you need to hold unto them to realize, that they should not be worth more to you, than your peace of mind and joy?

Today, let us practice feeling what it’s like to be truly free. Today, we throw away the ego’s tools in the same garbage dump where all of the ego’s trinkets, in time seem to end up. Today, let us declare our independence from the ego’s rule, by turning away from it’s dumping ground, and walking towards a world were we now know that we can make the conscious choice to live, through forgiveness, in the light, forever free. Free from judgment of self and others, free from anger and resentment, free to be who our loving Creator created us to be. Today, when we make the conscious choice for love, over any of the ego’s tools, we are modeling how a truly independent being in the physical form, can act, react and interact, with others. As awakening beings, no longer must we drag the ego’s ball and chain around our hearts and minds. No longer, must the ego’s judgmental mindset constantly bother, burden and weigh us down throughout our day. No longer, must we continue to toss and turn at night because such thoughts are not allowing us to fall peacefully to sleep. Today, through forgiveness, and by focusing only on our true loving nature, we make peace with the past, and by doing so, it is freed, and we are freed with it. Let us also fret no longer over the future, knowing the there is Someone much wiser than us, who is truly in control. Fully placing the future in God’s hands, we return back to the present moment, that holy instant in time where the ego’s delusions dissolve before your love, light and understanding. Today, every time that we are choosing our true eternal loving nature over the ego’s tools and mindset, we are in essence declaring our independence from the ego’s rule.

Today, let us practice becoming more consciously aware of, which symbols keep us imprison within the ego’s mindset, and which symbols help us declare our independence from the ego’s rule. When we are unconsciously imprisoned, puppets within the ego’s mindset, we use its tools, such as those of judgment, anger and resentment, to interact with, and separate ourselves from, our true self and others. Conflict, confusion and chaos, are all symbols of one who is unconsciously imprison within the ego’s mindset. When we declare our independence from the ego, we consciously reject its tools, and instead choose to align with and be guided by, our eternal loving essence and nature. Peace of mind, joy, the ability to forgive, gratitude for the present moment, and trusting in God, are some of the symbols of one, who is living, free from the ego’s grasp. Every time we consciously choose forgiveness over judgment, compassion over anger, peace over resentment, and trusting God over anxiousness, we are symbolically declaring our independence from the ego’s rule.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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