Daily Inspiration: June 29. Making the Conscious Choice to Use Free Will

Today, let us use free will to help remind us that we have a lot more control over how we choose to view and experience our external environment than we have been taught to believe. For example, if we wish we were a more forgiving person, then today let us use our free will to decide that when judgment is demanded by the ego, we will instead only forgive. Now, let us go into every interaction with forgiveness as our goal. Before the interaction let us remind ourselves: “Today, forgiveness is my constant companion. Today, forgiveness is my goal for this and every interaction.” By doing so, we go into the interaction with our goal already set. By setting up our goal before our interactions, we become proactive instead of reactive. It is by being and remaining proactive, that we remind ourselves that it is we, not the ego nor its programs, who are in control of our thoughts, words, actions and reactions. The more we practice using free will to lead us to our desired outcome, the less victimize we will feel. Our feeling victimized, or having a lack of control over the world we see and interact with, is now just a function of how much we choose to take an active role in shaping our experience. The ego, through the act of judgment, will desire to dictate what our response should be to the external environment. Today, let us use such opportunities to recall that thanks to free will, we can instead forgive. By doing so we take personal responsibility for our experience. It is now we who have control over the world we see. It is now we who control our levels of peace or pain. It is now we who through our use of free will, set ourselves free, or though our choice not to use it, keep ourselves imprisoned within the ego’s mindset.  

How much of our life have we, unconscious as it may be, allowed the outer world to dictate our thinking, and thus rule over our minds and lives? Let us note that anytime we are focused on the ego’s tools, such as judgment of self and others, anxiousness, anger, resentment, hate and revenge, we are not truly in control of our own thinking. In such an unconscious state of mind, we are simply acting and reacting how the ego has trained us. We are basically zombies within the ego’s dream. We think we are reacting as we want to react. Yet really, aligned with the ego’s mindset, we are only reacting how we have been programmed to react. We are robots, programmed to react in way “a” to situation “a” and way “b” to situation “b.” If you are reacting to anger with anger, to resentment with resentment and to revenge with revenge, you are simply following the ego’s programs and path. It is your past programming, not you, who is living your life. Your true self is asleep to its true eternal loving essence and nature. You may now be a wonderful actor, but are you truly happy, joyful, forgiving, loving, fulfilled and at peace? Ask yourself, which do you desire more, the plastic trophies, paper strips and metal disks, that you receive for your great acting skills, or the peace of mind, love and joy of God? Do you desire personal conflicts where you can act out your false power, or do you desire the peace of God? Do you desire to continue to walk blindly through the ego’s darken maze, or do you wish to rediscover and align with the light within? Today, use your free will to align with the symbols of the light over those of the darkness. Do so, and start to become and reflect the light that you came here to be and share.

Today, let us practice using our interactions with each other to help us go from an unconscious reactionary state to a conscious proactive state. It is in the proactive state where the understanding and use of free will becomes the catalyst for what kind of day we decide to design. Imagine believing that you have the power to shape and experience the kind of day you want. Imagine remembering that as God’s creations we are forever worthy of experiencing the kind day that Love would offer us. So yes, forgiveness as an expression of Love, is something we are indeed not only worthy of, but also something that we can, through free will, on a moment to moment basis, incorporate into our lives. We can be proactive and become examples of what is possible for all of us, even and especially to those still mired and weighed down by judgment’s burdens. We can proactively choose any of Love’s expressions as our companions and goals for any interaction. We can also simply choose to carefully listen to the moment, to what expression of Love it is calling out for, and become that. Forgiveness, compassion, kindness, peace and joy, all these we can become and design our days with. We can now, thanks to free will, choose to make them a greater part of our day, and thus of our life. Today, let us consciously and proactively take greater personal responsibility, and set our goals before every interaction. Today, it is we who choose which of Love’s expression will become our companions. Today, through free will, let us begin to build a world whose ground is nurtured by forgiveness, love, peace and compassion. It will then be, on this sacred ground, that our children will one day harvest and be nourished by the conscious choices that we are now choosing to make.

Today, let us become more consciously aware that there is who we in truth are, and who we have programmed to be. When we are being who in truth we are, the Love that God is, we are free. When we are being who we have been programmed to be, we are held captive within the ego’s mindset. When you are using the ego’s mindset, you are like a zombie, unconscious following the ego’s path, its past programs, patterns and false concepts. This is when the ego is living your life for you, and thus why you feel a lack of freedom and fulfillment. Once you start to notice that giving your life away to the ego to live for you is not truly living, that is when you will begin to look for a better way. This better way invites you, through your free will, to let go of what you now know is not working for you. Now free to choose, you will naturally, being Love’s creation, desire to create as God creates, through love, and its numerous light filled expressions. 

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (2)

Does this mean we should not react in any way to what is happening in this dream world? Is it important to do what we can to try to make things better if we do so with love – or is even that dependent on judgment? Thank u as always.

Thank you Louisa for your question.

In every situation, do what brings you peace, and you will have peace.

Peace. JBC

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