Feeling Free to Feel Your Feelings

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Feeling Free to Feel Your Feelings

Video message based on the Inspirational Daily post of June 24:

Today let us remember this: It’s always ok to feel whatever it is you are feeling. The ego will try to put you down for not feeling good, happy, or at peace, saying to you that you feel this way because you are not wise, mature, worthy, or spiritual enough. It does this because it has trained us to believe that if we don’t feel good, happy, peaceful, wise, mature, worthy or spiritual enough, then we obviously must not be part of God, and if we are not part of God then we must be a part of the ego. If we feel like we are a part of the ego, then the ego and its thought system gets to survive. For example, if you are feeling resentful, know that this is perfectly fine to feel. You are a human being; having a human experience, do not judge yourself for being human, for that is what you came here to be and experience. But do be brave, feel how what you are feeling is making you feel, then ask yourself is this feeling truly a part of my true eternal essence or is it an ego programming that I have accepted as real.

Feel resentment, but then place it, as a complete and separate entity, next to your heart/soul, and feel how unalike/unaligned they are to each other, for your truth is love and love is all, therefore resentment is but an illusion of the ego, a falsity, a lie we have been programmed to believe and carry as true. Then physically feel yourself handing over your resentment to the One whose purpose is your peace of mind, fulfillment, and joy. Feel that weight being lifted out of your hands and off your shoulders, feel it lifting away from you and dissolving in His light, then feel God filling those now freed spaces within you with His love for you, and for all your brothers and sisters. Keep on absorbing God’s love until it begins to overflow, then bless with your overflowing love all those brothers and sisters who the ego once had you resent. You are and will always be as God’s prefect creation, you are love in physical form and we are all One, offer this love to all your brothers and sisters to experience, understand, and acknowledge it as forever yours.

- James Blanchard Cisneros


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