You Host Every Thought You Think

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You Host Every Thought You Think

Video of James reading the Daily Inspiration message for March 19 and sharing his comments about it. 

We are in a constant state of programming ourselves with every thought we think. The synapses in our brains that react and correspond with our thought patterns will fire more and more quickly and begin to “gel” the more they are used. The more our thoughts are repeated, regardless of how bad, guilty, sad or angry they “make” us feel, the more they will become who we think we are. The truth in us is love. Everything else is just a program that we have been taught to see, accept and reinforce as real. Our programmed or ego-self is not us, no matter how natural and normal it may feel. We are forever One with God, because God is Love and All, and we are His creations. Yet, thanks to free will, we can hide this truth from ourselves. Equally so, we can use free will to more fully absorb, accept and radiate God’s love. continue reading.

- James Blanchard Cisneros


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