Daily Inspiration: July 20. Why Do We Keep Repeating Patterns? – Condensed Version

We keep repeating past patterns because we have not fully left or let go of the past. If you desire to leave the past behind you, then a useful tool to do so is forgiveness. Every time that the ego would have you judge yourself or others, decide that you will no longer drag the past into the present. Then forgive it, and all those who were a part of it, including yourself. You do so with the knowledge that God, being Love and All, will use all of your experiences for good. Let the past go in peace by choosing to bless all that the ego would have you curse. This shift in perception will free you to return back to the present moment, your true Home here on Earth. When you return to the now, you will see life in alignment with God’s vision, through love, as it is truly meant to be experienced, enjoyed and shared.

Today, let us note that being judgmental, anxious, angry, resentful, jealous or hateful are all signs of when we are stuck repeating the ego’s past patterns. We extend the past into the present and thus create a future like our past. This way, the present and future become just repetitions of the past. In this mindset, we never get to experience or understand what is really going on because the ego, through its past programs, is in control of our minds. It is living our lives for us. It is for this reason that we feel unfulfilled, lost, off-balanced, confused and without hope or purpose. In order to break free from past patterns, let us forgive the past and place the future fully in God’s hands. This is how we start to break free from past patterns, and take back control of our own minds and lives.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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I have shed my past and am trying to live in the moment with love for God in my heart.

Thank you Ione for being a member of our community.

Today, allow the state of peace to remind you that you are in alignment with the now, with God, with your true essence and Home.

Peace. JBC

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