Daily Inspiration: June 17. Releasing Our Personal Blocks to the Awareness of Love – Condensed Version

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If God is Love and All, then All is Love. Anything that is in opposition to Love is therefore, in truth, a false concept, not real. Today, let us refer to these false concepts as blocks to our awareness of the presence of Love in our life. Judging self and others, anger, frustration, anxiousness, hate and regret are all energetic representations and manifestations of these blocks. Since we were babies, we have been programmed by other egos to believe that these false concepts or blocks are real and true. In fact, because of our programming, our first response is usually aligned with the ego’s mindset. Today, let us not put ourself or others down for simply “acting” like who we have been programmed to be. Instead, let us learn to recognize when our programmed self, not our true self, is in control.

Today, let us practice recognizing the signs of the blocks to our awareness of Love’s presence. Any thought, word, emotion or action that seems to be in opposition to our loving nature — acts as a block that obscures our light. When our light is blocked, we begin to believe that the darkness is part of who we are. Today, let us practice catching ourself as quickly as possible when we find ourself representing the darkness. Then let us stop investing our time, focus and energy on this illusionary, losing proposition. Let us let go of our misperceptions. Then let us make the conscious choice to return to representing the light in us. The more we practice doing so, the less time we will spend in the darkness. The less time we spend in the darkness, the more time we will spend representing and sharing our light, our loving nature.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Thank you for this James but I find one of the biggest blocks to doing gods will is selfishness and the ability to let gods l7ve move through us. Free will was his gift to us…we need to use it wusely

Thank you Nancy for your comment.

Let us today practice, practice, practice, being the love that God created us to be. We do so by choosing on a daily basis forgiveness over judgment, service over selfishness, and love over hate.

The more we practice being our loving self, the more natural and normal this way of thinking and being will become.

Peace. JBC

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