Daily Inspiration: June 18. Letting Go Of the Ego’s Illusionary Idea of Failure – Condensed Version

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The ego has created a number of mass delusions that it has programmed us to see and believe as natural, normal and real. One of these mass delusions is the false concept of failure. The false concept of failure is a fabrication used to try to give the ego’s thought system an appearance of truth. If failure can be imagined as real, then a thought system that places itself in opposition to God can also be imagined as real. The ego’s thought system tries to make us believe that if we are a failure, then we cannot in any way be a part of a perfect God. The ego does this because if we see ourselves as separate from, unlike or not worthy of God, then we will look to align with the ego for support and protection. If we align with the ego’s mindset, then the ego and its thought system get to survive and thrive through us.

Success is one of Love’s many expressions. You are now and will forever be a success, regardless of what you choose to do or not do. The ego’s world tries to push the concept of failure as an opposite to success, Love, God, All. But failure is not real or true. Today, all you are being asked to do is to see the false as false, and then replace it with the truth. Failure is illusionary in nature, just like all the other concepts of the ego, because its creator, the ego, placing itself in opposition to All, is itself nothing. Imagine how much pain and suffering you’ll save yourself, others and this world from by simply being able to overlook what is nothing and not true. Then imagine how successful and fulfilled you’ll feel being able to replace nothing with All, and share All that is in truth real with everyone.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Comments (6)

The idea , and truth as far as I’m concerned , that nothing real can be taken from me , is a life long lesson so far.

Thank you Scott for being open to the message.

You carry within you everything that could ever be real.

Each day, align with the love that you were created to be, and share that love in your own unique ways, in the ways that most naturally fit your personality, in the ways that you are passionate about, and in the ways that bring peace to your mind and joy to your heart.

Today, simply be who you were created to be, and you will see, that nothing real can ever be truly taken away from you, and that all you ever truly wished for, you already have, are, and will always be.

Peace. JBC

Thank you yay!You’re always insync with us.I think I just unlearned something.I like to paint pictures.And I always thought the reason I got the push I needed to pick up a brush was the promise to myself that it’s ok to fail.Now I see nothing is a failure,it is a learning experience and I no longer even need to give myself permission to fail.I had thought that was a great motivator to get me going.Now I see it differently.I will pray and ask for more understanding of this.Thank you,Happy Our Fathers day!!love,Peace and joy my friend.

Thank you Donna for your comment and for being open to the message.

We are all One, and thus always in sync with each other.

Nothing is a failure, because God created all that is real, and God can only create perfectly.

You can never fail because God created you, and again God can only creates perfectly.

When painting, align with and enter the realm of God, of Love, which some people call “the zone,” a place where time fades away, and allow Love to paint through you, for Love is All and All you truly are is Love.

Peace. JBC

Thank you for your Light and Love.
Can you perhaps elaborate on the following statement.
We co created our journey with God.
Thanking you from sunny South Africa.
Love Light and Peace

Thank you HJP for your question, and for being a member of our community.

Before even coming into this planet, God saw a need for you here. You then along with God decided where and in what capacity you could best love and serve this world and the people in it.

Because you have co-created your journey with Perfection, your journey, no matter how the ego wants you to look at it, is perfect for you, and we are all One, thus it is perfect for all those around you.

Your journey is composed of a number of steps, and because your journey is perfect for you, then each step along the way is perfect.
Yes, the ego tries to always convince us otherwise, because judgment of self and others fuels the ego. But the ego, being in ‘opposition’ to God, to All, is not real, thus nothing it says or tries to make you think, is true.

Peace. JBC

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