Finding Peace of Mind During Difficult Times

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I lost my job today. Since I have a family with young children, the uncertainty about the future is unsettling. We are also in debt up to our eyeballs. I take full responsibility for this and I will work hard to make it right. My question is: How can I bring peace of mind to my family?

– Michael, Michigan, USA

My friend, start by bringing peace of mind to yourself, then let this peace expand outward to your family. Even if you don’t say a word, your family will feel what you are feeling, and receive the energy and emotions you are experiencing. For this reason, I ask you to work on yourself first.

If you meditate, then increase your meditation practice. If you pray, then increase your level of prayer. If you exercise, continue to do so. Try to eat right and drink plenty of water. Do not drown yourself in negative activities, thoughts or energies. Try not to overeat or drink too much alcohol. As your body and mind stay strong and positive, this will help keep your attitude strong and positive during this time of transition.

Stay proactive in your search for new employment, and seek credit counseling assistance. Look on the Internet for national credit counseling centers. Make very sure the individual or company you deal with is reputable. Stay proactive, but be aware that there are a lot of sharks in that area, so be careful. By taking greater control of your monthly interest payments, you will obtain more peace of mind. Find a way to consolidate and lower your monthly payments. Be honest with your wife and kids. Ask them to assist you with reducing the expenses during this challenge.

Trust that God has a plan for you and your family. Pray deeply, from your heart, with your wife and kids. Also pray with your wife, just the two of you. Ask God for your desires and dreams to manifest. Do not be afraid or think yourself unworthy of asking God for assistance and help. You do not ask God for too much, you ask Him for too little. God waits for you to ask. Ask God and then trust that His will will be done. But at the same time, stay proactive with everything you need to physically do to get yourself and your family back on stable ground.

My friend, I will pray for you and your family. Know that all will be all right.

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  • Unemployed and in debt.
  • Helping bring peace of mind to self and family during difficult time.


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