Daily Inspiration: January 7. Looking Back at our Past with Peace Instead of Pain

The ego has programmed us to condemn others and ourselves, for having in the past, experienced difficult and tiring times. It tries to convince us that we experienced such times, and in those manners, because we were bad, unwise, unworthy or not spiritual enough. Today, let us practice reversing the thinking of the ego’s world. Let us instead, consciously choose to see and understand those times, as the blessings that they truly were. Let us for a moment look back at our past, and see how those difficult times, actually brought us some of our greatest lessons, wisdom and life experience. If our past experiences brought us all these gifts, then were they really ever bad in the first place? Were they really bad in the first place if they brought us the gifts of growth, the opportunities to heal and develop into wiser and more compassionate beings? Once you begin to recognize your past in this manner, would gratitude to it and to those involve in it, not become the appropriate response? If you can begin to express gratitude for your past difficulties, can you not also begin to see that this way of thinking about and experiencing life, is always, in every moment, available to you? If you can begin to recognize your current difficulties, as just gifts that are waiting to be unwrapped and better understood, how much more peace of mind and joy would you get to experience? If you can start to see all your past, even and especially the tough times as useful and helpful, could your current and future tough times not also be viewed and understood in this same manner? The decision of how you choose to define and carry your past, is up to you. Are appreciation, clarity, patience, peace and joy, not better companions, than anger, resentment, guilt, hate and pain?

We end up dealing with people and situations in a “negative,” abrasive, non-loving manner, in order to get, that this is not the way to do so. These experiences, help us better understand, how truly unproductive and unworthy of us, this way of being and interacting with each other is. Once we start to see, feel and realize, how unhelpful this way of being is, we will naturally start to consciously shift away from such behaviors. Let us remember, that God is Love and All, and thus all of our experiences, regardless how they have been defined by the ego, will be use by God for good. The gift of time, helps us better understand and appreciate, how going through difficult times, assist us in figuring out, what kind of experiences we do and do not want. Thanks to the knowledge and wisdom accumulated from our life experience, we can then begin to search for and focus on, a better way. This better way helps us see, that those times where the ego had programmed us to judge ourselves and others, were actually just steps on a sacred ladder to the states of peace and joy. They can now be understood as steps that helped release us from our own judgments, pain, suffering and guilt. This clearer understanding of our experience, then helped us reach a sense of peace with our past. Now, at peace with our past, that life experience, the one that you once judge yourself and others for, have become tools on our life’s tool belt. It will be this same life experience that you once put yourself down for, that others will listen to, because in your story, they will hear their own. In your victory over your challenges, they will find their hope for healing, peace of mind and joy.

Today, with this better understanding of our past in hand, let us practice developing a greater trust in the sacred nature of the journey, that we have co-created with God. Let us begin to learn to how every step on our journey’s ladder, is actually of use to help us reach our desired destination, the state of peace. The state of peace is an energetic representation and reflection of one who understand that her past, all of it, has been gifted to her, in order to help her reach a deeper level of self-awareness, and a more conscious union with her Creator. When looking back at our past in this manner, what else but gratitude could we have for all those who participated in it? If everyone, in reality, is simply, in their own ways, helping us develop a deeper self-awareness and a greater trust in God, and thus by doing so, we achieve a more constant level of peace, who would we ever again need to judge or condemn? Imagine, aligning with the belief that all and everyone are here to help us, to assist us in our healing and awakening process, how much more peace of mind and joy would we get to experience throughout our days? Imagine, finding a more consistent level of peace with our challenges, and a higher level of compassion towards those who have yet to get, that all, is in truth, working for their good. What kind of light and example would we begin to set, for all those who are still feeling and carrying anger, resentment, guilt, hate and pain, in regards to their past? It is because we have a much better understanding of the useful nature of this world’s illusionary darkness and turbulence, that we are better able to explain to our fellow travelers, that it is indeed safe, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that they will make it through their own struggles, and that in the end, all will be alright. This is everything our past and those in it, have in truth ever offered us, the opportunity to become a brighter light, a wiser being, a liberator of pain, a walking physical representative of our Creator, of Love on Earth, a blessing to all who encounter us along their sacred path.

Today, if the ego tries to once again use your past to haunt you, stop it and shift your thinking to recall, the useful lessons and wonderful wisdom that you have accumulated thanks to your past experiences. You would never be this higher conscious version of yourself, if it were not for your past. Now, looking back, reflect upon these gifts, and be grateful to all those people who were a part of your sacred process. Today, let us offer our past, and everyone from it, gratitude for who we are today. Let us feel how, by aligning with gratitude, we also align with peace, both which are expressions of Love. When we align with gratitude and peace, we align with The Divine. This is what today, the ego’s efforts to haunt us with our past will produce, our conscious decision to take back control of our own mind, and shift back our thinking, to once again focus on align with, The Divine.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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My beloved son died in a car accident April of 2016. I lost my desire and will to live without him. The pain of his loss was tremendous, much more than words could ever capture!! The excruciating pain has come from looking back at all the mistakes I made with my son. He co-created many challenges in his life and I was supposed to be his protector, the one he could alawayscount on to be there for him, and I have hated myself since, for his suffering and not being who he needed me to show up as for him a lot of the time. I Loved him from the moment I knew I was pregnant, and when I held him, I knew I Loved more than life itself. No one can help me with this deep pain I feel and regret!! Today is my Birthday. I was drawn to read this message before I did anything else. There was one sentence that I k ow and from Source that pierced through my pain for the first time since I lost my son. I am so. Verry Grateful to You James for opening your beart to receive this profound and very powerful message from Source!!! I will need to spend some time allowing this message,but particularly that sentence into my being!! Thank you Source, Zacariah and you, James for the most needed gift on my Birthday! Love and Light!!

Thank you Sharon for being a member of our community. I am sorry for your loss. No one can truly understand your pain other than maybe those who have been through it. Thus, it may be of use, when you feel ready, to look into joining a group of people that are dealing with the grieving process. Anytime that you feel lost in those feeling of pain, grief and guilt, practice placing your thinking aside and asking your son Zacariah, who is now in a place of perfect love, how he would want you to proceed, how he would to begin to think and heal. Let him help guide you, through his love, through your process. Every time, something seems to work, to help lift you a little up and away from your pain, grief, guilt and despair, write it down, think about it, use it more, refine it, and learn it, so that you may one day teach it. Do so, so that every step forward along your sacred path to healing has a greater purpose, a purpose that may in some future date help in the healing of others. Always, without judgment, allow yourself to feel whatever it is you belief that you need to feel, but also always, even if its just five more minutes each day, focus on the light, on Zacariah love for you and your love for him, and then use this energy to propel towards your healing. Do so, so that when you and Zachariah meet again, you will do so with your arms wide open and your held held high. Peace. JBC

At the present time I am gong through a trying time with my granddaughter and have siad something that really disturbed her and I have gotten an emial from her that is very hurtful but in the long run I hope soon we will get back to seeing one anohter and maybe have a lap sitting time to really share some of my thoughts and love to her as I once or really more than once did wiht one of my nieces who was at the time like in her 20s our granddaughter is only 13 but is havign a very hard time with life . Thanks for your very so far insopirationaly book and thanks for this writing verymuch needed at this time. Please pray fro a restroed realtionship with this family. Rough times lately and we need some respite.

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