Failure Is a False Idea, A Fabrication of the Ego

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Failure Is a False Idea, A Fabrication of the Ego

Video message based on the Inspirational Daily post of April 2:

Failure is not a concept of truth, failure is a false idea fabricated by the ego, and by those who could not understand why things weren’t going ‘their’ way. For example, in terms of relationships, the ego has programmed us with the illusionary false idea/belief that if a relationship is not life-long then it was somehow a ‘failure.’ In reality you will never experience a relationship, be it a day or a lifetime long that is a failure. You have come together to experience growth, and that is what you have done. If you have done what you came to do then you have succeeded. A natural pulling apart sensation may be experience once you have mostly finished doing what you have come here together to do. That is not a sign of failure; that is a sign of success.

Today please give yourself a break, and stop supporting with your time, energy and focus, illusionary false ideas of yourself and others, such as failure, that have never supported you. Failure, like the ego are parts of a fairy tale that we have been read over and over and over again until we forgot that they were reading to us from a book of fiction. As God’s creations you are worthy of “success” / His Love, and thank to His gift of free will, you can express this love in whatever ways fit you individually best. You are God’s love and light, practice each day aligning more and more of your day with this love and light and a sense of fulfillment will be felt, because in essence you are doing exactly what you came here to do.

– James Blanchard Cisneros

    Note: Please forgive us for any grammatical/punctuation mistakes in the above text. This is from an unedited Facebook post that will be fully edited when we include it in a book of daily inspirational messages.   

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