The Dreamer & The Dream

Chapter 1: The Dream

An excerpt from You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros.

How many times in your dreams have you run away from something that frightened you only to awaken thankful that it was not real? How many times in your dreams have feelings of stress, anxiety, anger and judgment come up? Yet, once you awaken, you smile and give thanks that it was only a dream. We run away from a monster in a dream because we believe the monster to be real. Equally, feelings of stress, anxiety, anger and judgment feel real because we have made them realities within our minds.

Child of God, learn to trust that your worth is perfect. It is perfect because God gifted it to you. My friend, if it were possible for you to see me as I write this sentence, you would see that I am smiling for I know the beauty of your perfect worth. I know this because I have remembered the beauty of my perfect worth, and you and I are one, no greater and no less. You may have taught yourself to rely on other people’s judgments to measure your worth. But what has this thought system ever offered you? It has offered pain, self doubt, a sense of worthlessness. You are as God created you – perfect, awake and whole. You simply haven’t let yourself remember this. You can choose to forget it, but you can’t change it. Your natural state is to be joyful and at peace. However, most people have learned to accept stress, anxiety, anger and judgment as natural, yet the complete opposite is true. These are unnatural states in which most people choose to live, and there is a place in your heart that knows this to be true. There is a place in your heart that knows that feeling stress, anxiety, anger and judgment are unnatural. These are just the illusions most people have chosen for their dream. We have chosen to fall asleep and dream, and at some point we choose to awaken. My friend, in your heart you know that the alarm clock has sounded and that it is now time to wake up. However, it is up to you to decide how many times you will choose to push the snooze button.

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