Relinquishing Negativity & Judgment While Trusting God

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  • Moving from pain, anger, judgment and negativity to peace of mind.
  • 10 Suggestions to facilitate meditation practice for peace of mind.
  • Trusting God.


Ask the Author: Question & Response

For 20 years I have been attempting to change my horrendous outlook, and subsequent judgment of everything. I blamed religion in my childhood, as the cause of my anger and pain. I could not hear the words God or Jesus without triggering negativity. You speak of my Godself. I have been trying to meditate to connect with the Life-Force, the Creator. I can still only use tapes and CDs for that purpose. I want to get silent, go into the stillness, experience the peace I crave, but my mind, due to the controlling ego, makes it very difficult. What would you suggest besides perseverance? Is there another form of prayer that is not simply asking for greater consideration? I do not know how else to put this but I am frustrated and need help not to give up. Worthiness plays a big role. I thank you for your book…

– Stephen, Oregon, USA

This question is answered in the book - There is Another Way: Overcoming Real World Challenges. The book is filled with inspiration and effective strategies for overcoming life's challenges. The book is due to come out in 2025. Click here to sign up for our newsletter so that you can be notified when it is ready. Thanks.

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