Remembering Your Spirituality

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Have you always been so spiritual or was there one particular moment which  made you more aware of that side? 

– Abigale, New Mexico, USA

My friend, imagine if you will – perfect love once again choosing the human experience. A baby is born.

Why is it that when we look at babies or small children we just have to smile? What is it that they are still carrying within them that makes us react in such a manner? Why don’t we react this same way to young adults or adults in general? When did we stop looking at one another? When did we first forget to smile?

What if all adults actually still carry this energy within them, yet are covering it over with everything they now perceive to be more true, important, worthwhile, meaningful, useful and valuable?

In other words, what if all adults have always been and currently are spiritual, yet they value so many other things that their spirituality is simply entombed? Sure, one specific event may cause people to reevaluate all they once found valuable. A mid-life crisis, a close friend or family member’s death, or a glimpse of one’s own mortality are examples of such moments or events. Yet, it is not that one moment or event that makes people spiritual, but it may be that one moment or event that makes them aware of their spirituality.

In my case, I would say it was much more of a process than a particular moment or event. For me, the process was fueled by fascination. I became fascinated with how people experienced their external environment. For example, how five people experiencing the same event could have five different internal and external reactions to that same event. I became fascinated with the ideas of the optimist and the pessimist, and how these two types of people could see the same situation so differently. From a very young age, I was fascinated with my grandmother, and how someone with all her material needs met could treat people in such a demeaning and hurtful manner. Basically, I became intrigued with how people chose to experience and participate in their world. There were many particular moments and events that inspired my awakening process that I share in my book, You Have Chosen To Remember. The first one occurred in 1972, when I was five years old. You can read “In Search of My Godself: My First Spiritual Experience” on pages 57 – 60 of You Have Chosen to Remember or on my web site at:

The point I would like to leave you with is: I believe we are all equally spiritual. Some have chosen to remember their spirituality, others are in the process of remembering, and still others may choose not to remember, but that does not make them any less spiritual than anyone else, at least not in my eyes. My friend, nothing real that is given to one is withheld from another.

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