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Can you meet someone, look into their eyes and feel like soul mates right away? Does it happen once in a lifetime or can it be many times? How many soul mates can we have? 

– Dina, New York, USA

To answer your question directly: yes, you can look into someone’s eyes and feel like soul mates right away. There can also be many other “triggers” that help you recognize a soul mate. A smile, a laugh, the way the person holds you, etc. The trigger might be one that was agreed to before birth, thus it will be specific to you both.

As to the number of soul mates we can have, that is also specific to the individual soul. You may have one, two, three or more. A “soul mate” is defined as someone with whom you have agreed to work with in an intense fashion in this lifetime.

My friend, when seen through the Godself, all human beings on this planet are your soul mates. When you look into someone’s eyes and feel like soul mates right away, it is because you have chosen to recognize the truth in him or her. This will happen to you as many times as you desire to recognize this truth in your brothers and sisters. Our soul mates are unlimited, unless you choose to place a limit on them.

Treat everyone you see and meet as your soul mate and you will start living in Heaven on Earth. Treat everyone as your soul mate and loving thoughts will replace all thoughts of loneliness, judgment and fear. Treat everyone as your soul mate and the same world that you once experienced as hard and painful, you will now experience as gentle and beautiful. For the more you treat people as your soul mates, the more you will be in touch with your own soul. And the more time you spend focusing on your soul, the more grateful you will be for remembering who you and your brothers and sisters truly are.

As your gratitude of every day and everyone grows, more moments of joy and peace will fill your day. As gratitude, peace and joy continue to fill your day and soul, your day and soul will begin to overflow with these energies and emotions. As they overflow, they will touch everything and everyone you come into contact with. As this occurs, you will fully realize that the choice to live in Heaven or Hell on this planet is yours.


This Q&A Includes The Following Topics:
  • Treat everyone you meet as your soul mate.
  • Soul mates from the Godself perspective.

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