Practicing Positive Qualities: Key Concepts

Ask the Author: Question & Response

What would you say are the key concepts presented in “You Have Chosen to Remember”?

– Jennifer, Wisconsin, USA

I write about peace of mind, forgiveness, love, trusting God, living in the moment, gratitude, joy and understanding. I simply state that if you wish these to become your experience, then you must allow them to flow through you. The more you allow them to flow through you, the greater part of your day and life they will become.

I encourage people to take responsibility for their actions and reactions. To experience anything, you must first allow it to flow through you. You do not so much as react to outside stimuli, as you do to your thoughts and feelings about that stimuli. Generally, you have already defined your parameters in regard to your physical environment. You define a chair as a chair because you have been taught that is what you call it; you have been taught how to use it, and what it should look and feel like. Equally so, you generally react to your brother and his words or actions the way you were taught to react. You might have added or subtracted from how you react to certain words or actions, yet your boundaries and parameters are often pre-set based on what you have been taught. If there are any boundaries and parameters in life that are now resulting in you losing your peace of mind and joy, then I invite you to change your inner environment. It is by changing your mind that you change your world; it is by finding peace within your mind that peace can be found in this world.

I invite you to practice what you wish to experience. If you want to be free from judgment, then allow your brother the freedom to be who he thinks he needs to be. If you want to experience love, then practice loving your brother. If you want a more joyful life, then support activities that bring you and others joy. Many people unknowingly support activities in their lives that bring conflict and stress to their lives, and yet they still wonder why conflict and stress fill their daily experiences. Many people support boundaries and parameters within their minds that result in judgment, conflict and stress, and they are still confused as to why judgment, conflict and stress fill their daily experiences.


This Q&A Includes The Following Topics:
  • Practice the positive qualities that you wish to experience.

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