Daily Inspiration: March 4. The Power You Hold Over The World You See – Condensed Version

When this world tries to imprison you in anger, hold you captive with resentment and regret, and punish you with disappointment and thoughts of revenge, recall that this world is simply a reflection and physical representation of the thoughts that you value, support and entertain as real within your own mind. Thus, it is not this world, but the thoughts that you hold about this world, that are truly holding you hostage. In the end, it is only you, through your own thoughts, who can hold yourself hostage, and thus it is only you, who can set yourself free. The external environment itself is neutral; its neutrality is broken by your perception and reaction to it. Your perceptions and reactions are simply compositions and combinations of beliefs that you have consented to as normal, real, and acceptable.

Today, let us recall that God is Love and All, and so if we ourselves are not aligned with loving thoughts, then we are not in our right state of mind. If we are not in the right state of mind, then that means that we are following the ego’s judgment and fear based mindset. We have no control over the world we see because we are simply reacting to it as the ego has programmed us to do, through judgment and fear. Do not put yourself down for this. Simply realize what you are doing, and correct your thinking. Forgive your misperceptions of this world, realize that anything other than Love is not real, is not you. Then once again take back control of your mind and thus of your life, by dismissing the ego’s lies, and shining, reflecting, being and sharing, only the love that you in truth are and were created to be.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (2)

I have just learned that I have an infected bone and it, at least, needs to be amputated. I am so afraid it may turn out to be more than the one toe and maybe “life” threatening. Intellectually I know and want to believe it is not real but I am still afraid.
Where will I find your writings or etc. that deals with this? I have your book and am on second read.
Thank you for being you. Warmly. Louisa

Louisa, thank you for your comment. I would go to youtube and study “water only fasting” as a healing modality. The best center for that in the USA is called “True North Health Center” in Santa Rosa, California. They have doctor supervised water only fasting among other healing modalities. Another person you can study on youtube who has 40 years of healing experience is Dr. Robert Morse. His videos are very helpful. Study those two healing modalities and it will raise your level of consciousness in regards to how to naturally heal the body. Peace. JBC

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