Daily Inspiration: August 28. The Biggest Critic and Supporter of You, Is You

We may get upset at what others say about us. Spend countless hours, days, weeks, months or even years, judging them for judging us. Yet, what others say to us is of much less importance, than what we, on a continuous basis, are saying to ourselves. No one in this world will speak to you more, criticize or support you more, during your lifetime, than you will. You, and the thoughts and words you use, when thinking of or speaking to yourself, should be your primary focus of understanding, concern and correction. Today, let us make a conscious effort to be more respectful of ourselves. We begin the cleansing process, by minimizing or eliminating self-defeating thoughts and words, and replacing them with self-enhancing thoughts and words. The more supportive we are of ourselves, the less others opinions will affect us. As we become more consciously supportive, through the thoughts and words we use on ourselves, we will strengthen and solidify our foundation to our true loving nature. When our foundation is solid, it will become harder for others opinions of us to shake us. When our foundation is solid, our sense of Oneness with God will grow.  Our creator is Love, and so any loving thoughts or words we use, solidifies our union and foundation. When we consciously align with the mindset of Love Who Is All, then all thoughts that seem to be in opposition to Love, obviously have no value, they are not real, untrue and nothing. We have been programmed by the ego to believe, that the untrue about us is true, and so is it any wonder why sometimes we feel out of balance, confused, fearful and separated from God? Today, let us stop supporting a false mindset, and no longer accept non-loving thoughts or words, about ourselves or others, as true.

Challenge your thinking, by remembering that the past is gone, it can hurt you not. The only way the past, something that no longer is, can hurt you, is if you yourself choose to focus on it and have it obscure the gifts that reside within the now. Stop punishing yourself with your own thoughts. Decisions that were made in the past, no longer exist, unless you yourself choose to resurrect them. Forgive yourself and others, let go of your suffering and pain, and return to the now, where only the love of God resides. Within the eternal now, only the Love of God is true, and thus only the Love of God exist within the now. If we experience anything within the now, that is not, in some way, shape or form, an expression of God’s Love, then we are not truly in the now. If we are not in the now we feel lost and confused. God is forever asking us to accept, experience and share, our true loving nature within the eternal now. How much longer must we punish ourselves with what in truth no longer exist? Must we do so, until our ego’s delusional scales of justice are finally balanced? What does not exist, can never find true balance. Instead think of and focus on this: What if God, in every step along your journey, only saw His perfect creation as perfect? What if God did not see your errors and instead only saw your growth? What if every single thought and word that God whispers to you, within the eternal now, came from a place of Perfect Love? What if He loved you unconditionally simply because you were His child? Would it not make sense to start treating yourself like God treats you? Would it not make sense to start speaking to yourself like God does? You are Love’s child; there is nothing real in you that is anything other than this Love. Start trusting this thought as true, and insist that every one of the thoughts and words that you use on yourself, be equally loving and respectful.

Today, let us practice consciously supporting only self-loving and self-respecting thoughts and words of ourselves and others as true. When we consciously practice thinking this way about others, because we are all One, we will be unconsciously practicing believing this same truth about ourselves. Today, let us remember, that the person we see in the mirror, is simply a physical representation, reflection and expression, of the thoughts and words we think, feel, and speak about ourselves, and thus support as real within our minds. Let us no longer wait for an outside world to build us up, that job now belongs to us. Let us now take personal responsibility for bringing this truth based mindset into our experience. When we feel down, or find ourselves putting ourselves or others down, let us not continue to support these false concepts, instead let us remember, that it is now us who are responsible for the thoughts we think, and how we talk to ourselves and others. Then let us work towards finding ways to lift ourselves up, and to be an example to others that those who have fallen, don’t have to remain down, that they can, through their own thoughts and words, also pick themselves back up. When we fall into the dark pit of the ego’s mindset, and for whatever reason, start putting ourselves or others down, let us simply and gently realize what we are doing, stop feeding this delusional mindset, and instead use it to trigger in us, the desire to awaken. We awaken when we become loving and respectful of self and others. Now, we will no longer blame the outer world or anyone else in it for feeling down, instead we will take such opportunities to practice today’s exercise, remember that we are the ones responsible for lifting ourselves up, and then let us rise, rise up and shine bright as the sons and daughters of The Light.

Today, let us remember, that there is no one in this world, who will speak to us more throughout our lifetime, than we will. Knowing this, today, let us consciously practice becoming our biggest supporters. Let us also practice, going from the unconscious to the conscious state, going from someone who is putting ourselves or others down, to being someone who lift us up. No longer despair when you find yourself in the unconscious state, instead use this recognition, as a trigger mechanism, to go from punishing yourself and others, to forgiveness, peace and understanding.  Simply and gently, throughout the day, remind yourself of who in truth you are, the son or daughter of Love Himself. Remind yourself that your Creator is Perfect and only creates Perfectly, and thus you, and because we are all One, others, are perfect exactly as we are.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (4)

Thank u…I don’t believe I have ever done what you advise in this regard- but I will begin to do so. What u have to say makes sense – like your other writings. Lovings to u.

Thank you Louisa for being open to the message and a member of our community. Peace. JBC

James, the gifts you give to so many on a daily basis are priceless. Thank you for the energy and love you pour into each daily message. You are truly a gift to humanity.
I so needed this day’s lesson. I store your messages daily and look back for the one I need most for this day. I AM my own worst critic, especially with having a chronic pain condition. If I feel I have not “done enough” or gotten enough accomplished, I berate myself and feel like I’ve wasted a whole day. What I accomplish in any given day is directly tied to how I feel about myself. This has been an on-going dialog with my ego. It so enjoys making me feel unworthy.
But because of your message, I am reminded I have a choice. For this, I am truly grateful. God bless.

Lovely words Daun, thank you for being open to the messages and for being member of our community. Tomorrow’s August 29th post will also be a great post for you to make sure to apply and practice every single day. Peace. JBC

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