Daily Inspiration: July 17. The Reflection of the Present Moment is Peace

To experience true everlasting peace, make the conscious choice to forgive the past, release the future, and return back to the present moment, where the Peace of God forever resides. It is within the eternal now, where the Love of God resides, and peace is one of Love’s many expressions. You may find yourself high in the Himalayan Mountains or inside prison walls; regardless where you find yourself, if you are in the present moment, you will find yourself within the state of peace. Peace resides within you forever now, in loving and patient wait for you to acknowledge its presence, and consciously choose to align with it. Each and every time today, that the ego tries to drag you back into the past, or project you unto the future, return, return back to the present moment, by forgiving the past and placing the future in God’s hands. Do so and experience the peace, that as God’s creation, is your eternal inheritance. The ego works night and day to try to remove you from the present moment. The present moment, is a symbol of one who knows, that they forever remain, in God’s Loving arms. The ego, jealous of God’s Love for you, tries to remove you from the present moment, so that it can have you all to itself. The ego wants you to itself, so that you can fuel it. You fuel it, by the attention that you give to it. You fuel it, by your judgments of self and others. When you are carrying the judgments of the past, it is there you remain no matter where you think you physically are. You drag the past into the present, and end up simply repeating past patterns within the present, and thus creating a present and future like your past. Forgive your judgments of self and others, let go of the past and return to the present. When you are worried and stressed out about the future, it is there that you are, no matter where you think you may physically be. Where your mind is, you are. Trust God’s plan, let go of the future and return back to the present. Do so, and you will begin enjoying your eternal inheritance, God’s Peace.

There is no one physical location, that is in truth, any different from any other physical location. Yes, to the ego, they look different, thus you must feel different about them, thus in some places, you can have peace, and in other places, you can’t. To God, every location that He offers you, is a gift from Him to you. Each place you experience, is the prefect place and environment for you to continue your growth, healing and awakening journey. You may have been programmed by the ego, and now accept, that a mountain is more beautiful than an office building, or that a stream is more peaceful than a city street. If you have chosen that, then so be it. But allow me to invite into the possibility of your mind, that if you buy into this way of thinking, then you will find it more difficult to experience peace in an office building or city street than you would in a mountain or stream. That thought process is simply an illusion of the ego; a fairy tale read to us so many times over, that we now believe it to be true. Let go of the ego’s mindless little stories. God is All, in everything and everyone. God is the Father and Mother of peace, He exist as much within a mountain stream as in the busiest of city streets. God is forever within you now, therefore wherever you are, He is. Because He is wherever you are, the choice for peace is also always available to you wherever you go. Practice using every occasion, when you are buying into the ego’s illusionary story that there is no peace, to trigger in you this memory: “God is All, God is everywhere and in everything, therefore God is in me, thus wherever I go He is. When I am truly aligned with this reality, when I truly decide to reside within the ever-present now, I will naturally be One with God, and thus within the state of ever lasting peace.”

Today, you will know when you have truly entered the present moment, when every person, place, or thing, reflects to you the state of peace. No longer judge yourself as not wise, spiritual or worthy enough, when you find your mind focused on the so-called painful past or stressful future. Instead, use such painful stress filled times, to help trigger in you, the desire to awaken from the ego’s dream, and return to the present moment, to God’s eternal gift. Ask yourself: “Am I, right now, in this very moment, in the past, present, or future? Am I, as God’s creation not forever worthy of His inheritance, His peace? Is the ego’s programming in control of my thinking, or am I in control?” When you, who are God’s creation, are in control of your thinking, you are within the present moment and the state of peace is experienced. When your ego-self is in control of your thinking, when it has your mind stuck in the past or lost in the future, then judgment of self and others, pain, anger, confusion, stress, worry, resentment and regret, result. Have you not already sacrificed enough of your God-given life to past judgments and future stresses and worries? How much more of your life, and the lives of others, are you willing to sacrifice to the past or future? Today, each and every time that the ego demands that you sacrifice a part of your life to your past pains or future worries, remember that you are God’s creation, and as such, are always worthy of the peace that forever exists within the now. Today, let us simply practice forgiving the past, and placing the future in God’s hands. By doing so, we acknowledge to ourselves, that as God’s child, we are forever worthy of peace. Do not despair, do not ever feel or be convinced by the ego that you are unworthy of peace, for God’s is Love and Love is All, therefore there is never anything that you can do that can change God’s mind about you. You are His child, you are eternally Loved by God, you are forever worthy of His peace.

Today, let us work on becoming present, and realize that the state of peace, is a symbol of one, who is in alignment with the present moment. Let us work to better understand, the symbols of one who is living in the past, present or future. When you fail to forgive, when you are judging self or others, these are symbols of one who is buying into their past programming, and thus stuck in the past. When you are in the present moment, you are in alignment with and experiencing Love’s expressions, such as those of peace, joy, forgiveness, love and compassion. When the future seems to be ruling over you, worry, anxiousness and stress, result. A tool that will help us release and let go of the past, is forgiveness. A tool that will help us let go of the future, is trusting in God and placing it in His hands. Today, let us practice using these two tools, until they become natural, logical and absolutely normal behaviors for us.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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No matter where you are in life to just be ok with who and where you are in life everything is a process it’s ok to make mistakes just keep moving forward I like to say I’m healing from the inside out and truly trust in that process God is the only one that can help us heal.

Thank you Angela for being a member of our community. Every moment is a sacred co-creation with God, thus every moment is perfect and for your good. Every moment is here to help us grow, heal and awaken. When we realize this peace results and we become a beacon of peace and non-judgment for others. Peace. JBC

I believe I am at peace and am able to forgive and control my ego so that I may be one with God.Thank you for your words of wisdom.

Thank you Ione for being open to the message and an example of peace. Peace. JBC

I lost my wife 0n march 30th 2016

Bill, I am very sorry for your loss. Two books I found comforting in relation to love ones returning home and what that process is like for them is ‘Many Lives, Many Master’ by Dr. Brian Weiss, and Journey of Souls’ by Dr. Michael Newton. Maybe they they can of some assistance to you. Peace. JBC

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