Slowly Dissolving Anger from Your Life ~ Daily Inspiration Video

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Slowly Dissolving Anger from Your Life

This short inspiring video can be enjoyed all year long. It is also the video of the Daily Inspiration Message for February 25 (condensed version) with James Blanchard Cisneros.

Today, let us use the times when anger tries to haunt us to instead focus on our own healing. Let us feel how unlike anger is to the eternal loving truth within. Anger is not us, love is. Anger is a false concept and program that we have been taught to believe is real. Anger is simply a reflection of an unhealed or unawakened part of our mind. God is love and all. Thus, anger is simply a call for love, a call from our soul for help and healing. The universe is loving and kind, and hears and answers our calls. Those who seem to “make us” angry are those who the universe has sent to reflect our internal conflict and condition. It is because of their presence in our lives that we now have the opportunity to heal. Remember this, and instead of judgment and anger, offer them forgiveness and gratitude.

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