In This World Unlearning is True Learning

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In This World, Unlearning is True Learning

Video message based on Facebook post of May 19:

In this world, unlearning is true learning. There is nothing more for you to learn because all wisdom already resides within you. What we will be doing today is unlearning. Unlearning some of the pain and anguish that the ego has convinced us we must continually carry within. When the ego demands judgment and anger, when it insists that you stress out and worry, when sadness and depression are required as responses, somewhere within you will feel that you are acting, that these thoughts and emotions are foreign to you, that they are somehow being manufactured and not a part of your true essence. You will feel this way because the ego is not a part of your true essence, and thus all of the actions and reactions that are manufactured by it are foreign and unnatural to you. Anger, judgment, stress, and worry are the ego’s own programmed responses that have been reinforced over and over again, so many times, that you now unconsciously think of them as a true part of you, and it is this untruth that we will practice unlearning today. For we who are whole cannot be separate from our Source, we who are the extension and expression of love have no need for fear, and we who fully trust can have no use for worry.

– James Blanchard Cisneros

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