Daily Inspiration: November 9. Taking Action to Align with The State of Peace – Condensed Version

To achieve a greater sense of peace, let us focus on the following 3 steps. First, let us make peace our goal before every interaction. Second, let us increase our level of trust in God by reminding ourselves that the Divine is always working with our best interests in mind. Third, let us be grateful to everyone who is coming into our experience to help us practice, and thus reinforce, the first two steps. When you go into an interaction with the goal of peace already set, the interaction itself becomes a means to achieve your goal. Before every interaction, remind yourself: “Peace is my goal for this interaction.” During the interaction, keep asking yourself: “Are the thoughts I’m thinking, words that I am speaking, actions that I’m taking, moving me in the direction of peace, or away from it?”

Today, when the ego is trying to have you lose your peace of mind by insisting that you judge yourself or others, simply remember that you have travelled its judgment-filled roads a thousand times before. Remember that its roads have never led you to the state of peace. Now, use the ego’s efforts, not to further support and thus reinforce its chaotic mindset, but to trigger in you the desire for peace. Remind yourself that the thoughts you have and support, will either lead you to peace or away from peace. Remind yourself that you should be in control of your thoughts, your thoughts should not be controlling you. Remind yourself that, as God’s child, you are forever worthy of His inheritance, and that Peace is who He is, and what He desire you to forever have, experience, enjoy and share.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Comments (2)

I bought your book many years ago when it first came out let me tell you what a mental ride that was… I love these inspirations! I just wish you would maybe broaden the idea of God to it or source versus saying “He”. Using the word him just makes it so very limited and we all know God is simply not that at all. Just an idea to broaden the spectrum for all, everyone’s left with their own perception. Love and appreciate your work!All GooD THiNGS!🥰❤️🙏🏼⚡️😁👍🏼✨

Thank you Amber for being open to the message.

I do express the idea of God throughout the text in the following manners: God, Source, All That Is, He, It, Love, Light, Father, Mother, etc. I do understand that not everyone will be pleased or comfortable with any one specific way or word that I describe All That Is, but hopefully they can look past their own personal parameters and be able to appreciate and absorb the greater message. I also always invite those who feel uncomfortable with a certain word to change it themselves to a word they like and can live with, to a word that won’t block them to the greater message.

Peace. JBC

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