Daily Inspiration: April 14. Consciously Freeing Ourselves from the Past

Today, let us not extend the past into the present and thus create a future like our past. Let us no longer allow the ego’s dark or negative thoughts to be given free rein to spoil our day, nor through our focus on them, give them the fuel and power, to take hostage our nights. Those darken and negative thoughts, are now in the past, where they belong, and the past in reality is gone, it is no more. It is only when we drag our past into the present, that we give it permission to rule over us. When this occurs, it is not us who are living our lives, it is our past programmed-self that is living it for us. Today, when the past tries to knock on our door, asking us to judge and condemn ourselves or a brother or sister, let us overlook the ego’s request, and allow God to answer. God will answer by overlooking any of the ego’s past programming, and seeing His child only as He created him. We will in time understand and be grateful for our whole journey, till that day comes, let us release all our judgments of it, which is simply a symbol of a lack of understanding, of being stuck in the past, to Someone who truly understands how to use it all for our good, growth, healing and awakening. Imagine, only the love of God being true, and so anytime you were experiencing love in any of its forms, these would all be symbols that you have left the past to the past, and are now truly experiencing the present moment as it is meant to be experienced. Allow this understanding, to help you become aware, when you are in the present moment, or when you are stuck dragging the past into the present. See the present moment as being in alignment with love’s reflections, and the past as being out of alignment with love’s reflections. This will help you better conceptualize when you’re in the present moment, or when you’re stuck in the past.

Today, any timbers from the past that the ego would use to try to blow into a fire, are extinguished by our conscious choice to forgive the past, and set it and ourselves free from it. Today, let us see those our ego would have us judge, criticize and condemn to a life without us, through Love’s eyes, and instead let us bathe them in our love, light, forgiveness and understanding. If we can’t yet bathe them in our light, then we will make a conscious decision to personally ask God to bathe them in His light, until we ourselves are able to see, understand and align with, God’s wisdom. Imagine, a day were you no longer need to carry past errors within your heart and mind. Imagine, God always and forever walking along with you, always and forever willing to carry your burdens, until you, by aligning with Him, understand that your burdens never were meant to punish or harm you, they were experienced, in order to help you better recall, the power that you have to let go of what you no longer want. Today, let us kindly and respectfully, use our experiences with our brothers and sisters, to help us see, when we are dragging the past with us, or when we are in the present moment. Anytime we are judging or criticizing them we are dragging the ego’s past programming into the present moment. Anytime we see them with compassion, forgiveness, peace and understanding, because these are all expressions of love, and because only the love in us is true, let these be symbols to us that we are within the present moment, experiencing life as it was meant to be experienced. The opportunity to practice, releasing ourselves from our past, is a great service that our brothers and sisters will be offering us today, and for that, let us be grateful to them.

Today, let us understand, that those who are being anything other than loving, are simply dragging their past programming into the present moment. Today, let us no longer allow the blind, those stuck in the past, to lead us or shape our state of mind. Let us no longer consciously or blindly drag our past into the present. Let us no longer cover over the present moment with our past, and then wonder why we can’t really see or understand, what is going on. Now, let us allow our past to only represent how much we have learned, and the knowledge, wisdom and life experience, that we have accumulated. Soon, we will see and understand, how each step of our journey, how all of our past, has been used, in one form or another, to lift our level of consciousness. Once we see and understand this, we will no longer have the need or desire to remain a slave to our past judgments. We will no longer need to drag our past, and those who participated in it, into the now. We will simply be grateful for the past and those in it, and we will use the lessons that they have provided us with, to become truly present. Within the eternal present moment, we will become examples of His eternal loving light, and it will be this light, shinning through us, that will assist others in recalling how every step of their journey, is sacred, of use, created and experience for the good, growth, healing and expansion, of all mankind. Imagine, being truly free from your past judgment centered programming. Imagine, having the knowledge that you can, in every moment, choose forgiveness over judgment, and thus the present over the past. Imagine, being consciously aware, that thanks to free will, how and where you spend your time, is purely up to you. When you start to recall, that it is within the eternal present moment, were the Love and peace of God forever reside, why would you want to be any place else?

Today, let us practice becoming consciously aware, of when we are experience the eternal gift that is the present moment, or when we are stuck dragging the past into the present. When we are in the present moment, we find ourselves aligned with and experiencing Love’s expressions, such as those of peace, joy, compassion, forgiveness, hope and healing. When we are dragging our past programming into the present moment, we feel judgmental, frustrated, angry, stressed out, worried, resentful, jealous, hateful and revengeful. The idea is not to punish ourselves when we find that we are not in alignment with the present moment, the idea is to catch ourselves quicker and quicker when we are out of alignment, forgive ourselves and others for this, and correct our path. God’s gift of free-will remind us, that in any moment, we can forgive, let go of the past, and return to the now. The more we practice using the power of our free will, the more control we will have over our thoughts, and thus over our experience.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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