Daily Inspiration: December 2. Trust Reduces Guilt and Increases Peace

The ego knows that it would make no sense for us to emotionally attack ourselves, yet the ego needs the judgments that our attacks produce for its fuel source. So it tries to convince us that, because others seem separate from us,  it is safe to attack them. It convinces us that if we were to attack others, be it through thought, word or action, that such efforts would not have a negative effect on us. Since we are all One, what the ego, in a round about way, is doing is slowly programming us that it is ok to judge ourselves, and thus to attack ourselves. Since it is you who talks to yourself the most during your lifetime, if the ego can convince you that it is ok to attack yourself, then what the ego has produced is a judgment factory, that will continuously, throughout your life, fuel it, the ego. Guilt results from judgment of self and others, because in essence you are doing what is “in opposition” to, loving self and others, as God would have us do. Guilt is a normal, though many times an unconscious response, to doing the opposite of what God has created you to do. By doing the opposite of what God would have you do, you are in essence judging God as wrong. You will never be able to obtain true peace of mind and joy, as long as you continue to unconsciously judge God, and thus your highest-self which is One with God, as wrong. Yet, do not despair, for guilt is not the home that God has built for us, peace is. Become aware that the ego will make every effort to make us believe that this guilt is the result of an outside force, so that we don’t question it, our ego, as being the source of our internal conflict. The ego does not want us questioning it, for if we do, we begin to reduce its power over us. Today, let us remember that we have come here to love and support one another, not to judge and be riddle with conflict and guilt.

When it comes to your journey, there are two forces you can place your trust on, one is God, the other one is the ego. You will know when you have placed your trust in God, because peace results. You will know when you have placed your trust in the ego, because judgment, confusion, guilt and chaos result. Do not put yourself down for experiencing such energies, instead learn to use them, to trigger in you, the desire to call and reach out for the peace of God. The ego, because it depends on you for its survival, will not go quietly into the night. The ego will keep on trying to convince you that it knows what is in your best interest. But keep reminding yourself, of what the ego’s judgment centered so-called advice has brought to your life. Has it ever truly brought you the eternal nature, essence and feeling, of the peace, love and joy of God? Are you as God’s creation not worthy of His peace, love and joy? Today, when the ego’s judgment and guilt producing ways come knocking on your mind’s door, this time use them, but not to further pollute this world, but to trigger in you, the deep desire to trust in God’s plan more. Do so, place your full trust in the plan that you have co-created with God, and begin to feel His peace and certainty, flowing through every decision that you now make. When you fully trust “The Plan”, judgment, confusion, guilt and chaos, will begin to dissolve before your peace and certainty. When you live in the state of peace and certainty, gratitude results. When you live in the states of peace, certainty and gratitude, joy results. Peace, certainty, gratitude and joy, as expressions of Love, are your true Home, and your true Home is reach by fully trusting in the path that you have co-created with God.

Today, our main goal is to simply increase our level of trust in the plan we have co-created with God. The state of peace today becomes a symbol to us that we are executing our plan. God’s plan and our highest-will’s plan for our lives are One. Choosing to trust this Oneness, over the ego’s desires for judgment of self and others, diminishes our level of guilt, and raises our level of peace. Today, remember that no matter what roads you and others are taking, no matter how much the ego has programmed us to judge our journeys, they are all sacred co-creations with God that The Divine will use for the greater good. Let us be aware enough to understand that if our journey is sacred and used for good, then all of its steps were necessary and of use, to help us reach our destination. If all steps where necessary and of use to reach our destination, then gratitude should be our response to them, not judgment and guilt. Consider this analogy: If you want to get unto a roof, and you need a ladder for that purpose, is not every step of the ladder of use to get you safely up to the rooftop? Are we not grateful that each step on the ladder, is placed in such a way, that it assists us in reaching the next step? If the previous steps helped us reach the step we are now on, where the previous steps not useful and helpful? If all previous steps on the ladder have been of use to get us to where we desire to be, should we not be grateful to all of them? If we understand this analogy, what use would we ever have to judge and feel guilty for our journeys, past, or for any step that we took along the way? Today, let us very simply place our full trust in God, and see what emotions our efforts bring about and shine forth.

Today, when judgment and guilt come calling, let us recall that they are in our presence, not because we are weak or bad, but because we have simply placed our trust in the ego’s delusional mindset. Judgment, guilt, confusion and chaos are all signs of, and result from, our trust in the ego’s ways of thinking. Let us no longer invest our time, focus or energy into a mindset that produces nothing but despair. Now, instead, let us practice placing our trust, fully and wholeheartedly, in God’s plan. We will know when we are doing so, because peace results. Let us remember that God being Love, will use each step of our journey for good, to help us grow, heal and awaken. When we recall and acknowledge this, what need would we again have to judge ourselves or others, and to feel guilty for doing so? Today, let us choose to align with trust in God and non-judgment. The more we consciously do so, the less heavy burdens we will need to carry, and the more peace of mind and joy we will get to experience.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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