Daily Inspiration: December 1. Thinking Your Way to Peace and Joy

Whenever we are not content or at peace, it is because we are holding onto a misperception. We are valuing a delusion over our innocent, eternal loving essence and nature. To once again unite with Love and our natural states of peace and joy, let us align with our Creator’s thinking. Think about what you have thought about yourself and others that God would not have thought. Then think about what you have not thought that God would have you think. Finally change your mind to align your thinking with God’s mind. When your thoughts originate from Love, this signals that your mind is aligned with the mind of God. At first, aligning with the mind of God may seem hard to do. But do not worry. For in truth, there is nothing easier than being who you already are in truth.

You originate from God. It is thus not a stretch for your mind to be connected to God’s mind. But it is a stretch for your mind to be disconnected from God’s mind. Peace and joy being reflections of Love are expressions and reflections of your true nature. It is in essence natural and normal to be aligned with the states of peace and joy. It is actually not natural or normal not to be aligned with the states of peace and joy. If you are currently not experiencing peace and joy it is not because you are bad, evil or unworthy. It is because you have bought into the ego’s program that says you are separate from God Who Is All. Once you realize the absurdity and illusionary nature of the false concept you are separate from God you will begin to release it. When you do so you will recall and accept that as God’s creation are forever worthy of peace and joy.

Peace and joy are both reflections of Love, and Love is the expression of our Creator. When in any interaction you make the conscious decision to align with the mind of God peace and joy become your constant companions. The more you decide to align with them the less the ego’s tools and mindset will affect you. We have come here to create as God created. Peace and joy are two of God’s, Love’s primary creation tools. As God’s creations and representatives on Earth we are here to share the good news. We are here to help remind our brothers and sisters that all of Love’s tools are our inheritance, here for us to experience, enjoy and share. We are here to serve as examples that peace and joy are in every moment and interaction available to us. This is why when we are not at peace or joyous we don’t feel right, incomplete, like something still remains to be said or done. The ego will try to convince us of its false concept of separation that others peace and joy have nothing to do with ours. But in truth being all One true everlasting peace and joy cannot be fully experienced if we are withholding it from others. In the ego’s mindset and world peace and joy are scarcities. In reality they thanks to free will are always available to us. They are in each and every moment just a simple thought and choice away. When in doubt, failing to feel peace and joy, do not despair. Simply and gently remind yourself that being all One if you offer these energies to others you will get to experience them yourself. Remind yourself the more you offer them to others the more you will reinforce that you are also forever worthy of feeling and experiencing them.

Today, let us practice consciously cultivating peace and joy. Today, to help feed this world peace and joy we ourselves become its seeds. No longer must we wait for this mindset to be planted by others. Now it is us in each moment and interaction who will lead the way. Today, we stop waiting for peace and joy to come to us. Instead we become now what we desire to experience. By doing so we recognize and support the fact that no one is above or below us. We set an example that His creations are all, equally and always loved. By the way we treat them we help remind them that each one of them forever deserving and worthy of being at peace and joyous.
Today, let us recall that we are worthy of peace and joy and that because we are all One so too is everyone else. When we do so it is then we can truly become a walking expression and reflection of these energies. Every moment we help remind others of their worth we to get to grow, nourish, nurture, strengthen, mature, ripen and reinforce this knowledge within us. Today, when we help bring peace and joy to others let us allow these offerings to become symbols of our victories. When they rejoice we rejoice. They are now seen as One with us and so what makes them happy makes us happy. When we see others happy and at peace let us thank our Creator. When we offer our Creator our gratitude. This offering must flow through us first and thus blesses us as we offer our blessings. The more we see that it is we who have control over what energies flow through us the more grateful we will become for our Creator’s trust in us. Today, when we see others smiling, being kind, couples holding hands, children being loved by their parents let us rejoice and thank our Creator for their and our experience.

Today, our goal is to be, radiate and share peace and joy. To help us accomplish this goal, let us use Love’s tools of forgiveness and trust. Let us forgive ourself and others when a thought we are thinking seems to be blocking our connection to the energies of peace and joy. Let us then place our full trust in God’s loving plan, knowing that everything that is occurring is happening with our best interests in mind. Today, peace and joy become signs that our mind is aligned with the mind of God. When our mind is aligned with the mind of God, Love and its expressions, such as peace and joy, become our constant companions. Today, let us recall that when we are happy and at peace, we are in our natural state, being who we were created by God to be, radiate and share.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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This is another very powerful and motivating daily message. Thank you so much!

Thank you Jen for being open to the message.

May you each day continue to be, represent and share, only the love that God created you to be.

Peace. JBC

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