Daily Inspiration: December 22. Creating the Habit of Happiness

Every morning when you wake up, you are born anew. We are born anew, and yet always, with the gift of free will. Let us use our gift of free will to make the conscious decision to travel today in the direction of our happiness. Today, let us begin shifting our time, energy and focus towards thoughts, words and actions that bring us joy. Do not let the ego convince you that this is a selfish act. For we are all One, and thus what helps one align with their loving nature, helps serve as an example to others, of what is possible for them. When you focus on your own joy, you then become a beacon of joy for others. Even if you just focus on doing this one more time, or five more minutes each day, you will slowly begin to see your life starting to shift in the direction of your happiness. What makes you happy? Take your direction from the answers to that question, and each day move a little more towards your goal. Let us remember, that because of the gift of free will, it is we who have control over our thoughts. If your thoughts are not moving you in the direction of joy, then make the conscious decision, to shift the focus of your thoughts. Shift your thoughts, to help you achieve your desired goal. Do not put yourself down, if you are currently entertaining thoughts, that are driving you away from joy. Instead, use this self-awareness to stop moving away from joy, to stop supporting thoughts the are not moving you towards your desired destination. Then offer your non joy producing thoughts gratitude, for helping you realize, that following them, will not produce your desired result. The more thoughts, words and actions, that you realize do not produce your desired outcome, the less of your time, focus and energy, you will need to spend on them.

How many dozens of opportunities do we have to inspire us throughout the day and thus move our life, little by little, in the direction of our happiness? The more often we make the conscious decision to move in the direction of our joy, the more we will begin to notice how available the choice for joy is for us. The more we make the conscious decision to align with the state of joy, the more worthy of joy we will feel, and thus the more natural the state of joy will become for us. We were created to be, experience and share, Love’s expressions in our own unique ways, and joy is just one of them. Love has numerous expressions such as those of being kind, compassionate, passionate, peaceful, playful, forgiving, graceful and joyful. Today, joy is what we are being asked to focus on, create and share, and so let us put our time and efforts towards that goal. Today, allow what you create or how you create it, be it through thoughts, words or actions, to move you in joy’s direction. Joy, being an expression of Love, aligns you with Love’s expressions, and so anytime you are creating through any of Love’s expressions, you are moving in joy’s direction. Be kind, compassionate, passionate, peaceful, playful, forgiving, graceful, and you will, in one form or another, be creating joy. It is not difficult to be the joyful being that you were create to be, what is hard, is to try to not be, who you were created to be. What makes our journey hard, is when we are choosing to do things that move us away from joy. Today, when the ego tries to convince you that happiness is hard, smile at its illusionary thought process, then recall that Love, and thus Joy, created you, and begin to create as you were meant to create.

Today, let us make a conscious effort to dedicate this day to doing and focusing on a few extra thoughts, words and actions that makes us happy. How easy and enjoyable will our efforts be today? Simply taking a little extra time during the day, and asking yourself: “What would make me happy right now?”  “How can I align this moment with Joy?” Remember, that focusing on your own joy is not a selfish act. We are all One, and so by being joyful, you become a beacon of joy for others. Focusing on being joyful helps others see and recall, that they too have that same ability to choose joy. Imagine, making this world a more joyful place, by simply focusing on your own joy. How lovely and light-filled, would such a day, and thus life, become? Since we are all One, when you make another person happy, that offering and energy first flows through you. That happiness flows through you, and touches and blesses the other person. That ‘other’ person then takes it with him, and yet at the same time that happiness, through the experience, forever remains within you. Thanks to you offering your joy to them, they too forever get to keep its memory, and then have the opportunity to share it with others. The happier we become, the greater our light will shine. The brighter our light shines, the more we become an example that joy, thanks to God’s gift of free will, is forever, in any moment or interaction, available to us and just a choice away. Today, simply do what brings you joy. Be who you were created to be. That is all you are being asked to do today. Throughout your day, continue to make the choice for joy, and begin to watch this world smile and become grateful for your efforts.

Today, let us recall that we are Love’s creations, and that joy is just one of the many aspects of Love. When we are being asked to focus on joy, we are simply being asked to be who we already in truth are. It is not hard to be who you were created to be, what is hard, is to not be who you were created to be. Free will, in every thought, word and action, offers us the opportunity to choose to align with joy. You are worthy of the choice for joy, because Joy is your Creator. All of your Creator’s gifts are your inheritance. All you need do is accept and enjoy them, by sharing them. We are all One, offer joy to others, and experience this energy flowing through you and throughout your day. Today, simply make the conscious decision to support the thoughts, words and actions, that align you with joy, and forgive and let go of, those that try to move you away from joy’s direction.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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I woke up unhappy,then I read something about how nothing makes us happy,only extendi g love does.I have been challenged with it because a lot of problems are swirling aroundmy head,problems Im aware of as things that will pass.Car problems,quit job no money,son homeless d wants me to rescue him,daughter visiting after 2 years and doesnt want son around,moving out because I cant pay my rent,problems with pain.But I am going to get through this with love.Peace and happiness.All I need is tocall on the Holy Spirit.And wait.

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