Daily Inspiration: February 15. The Practice of Allowing What Is To Be

Today, let us practice freeing ourselves from our own judgments. We do so by allowing the present moment to be the gift that God created it to be. Let us acknowledge that God’s plan for our life and our highest will are One, and rest assured and at peace in this realization. What else but peace could result when we recall that the Creator only has our best interests in mind? For a moment, feel the love you have for your children, and then multiply it by infinity and throughout infinity. Do so and you just may begin to conceptualize the Love that God has for you. Every single moment He co-creates with you, in order to give you the greatest opportunities to grow, heal and awaken you to your true nature. When we return Home, we will see and understand how all that we have experienced was designed with our best interests in mind. Yet, why wait for that revelation to find peace now? All that is keeping us away from this realization is a lack of full trust in God. Today, let us practice trusting God by trusting that the present moment is exactly as it is meant to be. Today, allow the state of peace to symbolize to you that you are trusting in your Creator’s Will for you. Allow a lack of peace to symbolize to you that you are not yet fully trusting in your Creator. When you are being forgiving of self or others, let this be a symbol to you that you are trusting in God’s plan for your life. When you find yourself being judgmental of self or others, let this be a symbol to you that you are trusting in the ego’s programs instead of God’s plan. No longer judge yourself or others when you find yourself aligned with a mindset that is not peaceful or forgiving in nature. Instead, use such times to help you realize that where you are, you do not belong. Knowing where you do not belong, can become a useful tool in helping you figure out where you truly want to be.

Imagine letting go of every little thing that we think we need to control. Imagine placing anxiousness and stress down, by making the conscious decision to fully trust God. Imagine ending your sacrifice to the false idols of judgment of self and others, anger, resentment and thoughts of revenge. All you need do for this to occur is to trust in God’s plan for your life over the ego’s plan. How much more of your life, your peace of mind and joy, would you get back, if you simply allowed yourself to imagine, and applied your imagination. What do you have to lose by doing so? Imagine no longer losing relationships because you chose to value the ego’s judgment filled programs over God’s loving example of mercy and grace. Imagine walking around day and night feeling safe and secure knowing that there is One who loves you fully and completely, and who sees you as His child. Imagine God forever protecting you from everything that will not serve your growth, healing and awakening. Imagine all this becoming reality. For this to occur all you need do is decide to trust God and allow the present moment to manifest itself exactly as it is. When this post is understood and applied, your main relationship and response to the present moment, will be that of gratitude. You will be grateful, because you will understand that every moment is a gift from God to you, and to all those around you. The state of peace and gratitude are the result of one who understands that every moment of his experience is occurring with his benefit in mind. Today, when the ego insists that your life is not moving in your favor, ask yourself: “What peace of mind or joy has aligning myself with the ego’s mindset ever brought me?”

Today, let us become aware of when we are, and when we are not, “allowing what is to be”. There are many ways one can become aware within the now, but today let us focus on mainly two of them: peace and gratitude. Anytime you are at peace, it is because you are allowing what is to be. Anytime you are not at peace, you are resisting allowing what is to be. Anytime you are showing gratitude for the moment, you allowing what is to be. Anytime you are not being grateful for the moment, you are resisting what is to be. Let today also becomes a day of self-respect, and because we are all One, respect of others. Let us acknowledge that in every moment, we are gifting ourselves exactly what we need, in order to grow into the people we came here to be. Let today become a day of perfect trust, and let go of anxious and stress-filled thoughts. Knowing that God is working on our behalf we trust, rest, be grateful and find peace by simply allowing what is to be. Nothing more than that is being asked of us. How little are we in truth asked to do to have the peace of mind and joy that we so desire? Simply let go of the mindset that does not offer you peace and joy. Simply let go of thoughts that do not support you and replace them with those that bring you in alignment with the peace and joy of God. This is what the present moment, when you allow what is to be, is forever offering you. Think about how much pain and suffering your lack of trust in your Creator has brought to your life. Imagine, how much less pain and suffering you will now experience simply because you are making the conscious decision to trust fully in your Creator. Imagine, how much pain and suffering you will save your children and this planet, by simply allowing what is to be and seeing the present moment as God’s eternal gift to you and to this planet.

Today, keep reminding yourself: “To align with the peace and joy of God, all I need do is to allow what is to be.” The more we practice trusting that the present moment is exactly as it is supposed to be, the more at peace and joyous we will become. Gratitude will then become a natural response to experiencing the states of peace and joy. Gratitude results when you trust that all is being worked out with your best interest in mind. Allow what is to be, that is all that we are asked to do today to experience the peace and joy of God. Today, let us see peace, joy and gratitude, as symbols that we are trusting in God’s plan, allowing what is to be, in essence flowing with the current. Let us also see a lack of peace, joy and gratitude, as symbols that we are not trusting in God’s plan, not allowing what is to be, in essence flowing against the current. 

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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Comments (4)

Thank you for this truth and all glory be to God that tonight I have peace and I am grateful..

It’s so important to trust in the Lord with al ofl your Heart even we are scared of the unknown because He will never fail us nor forsake us..

Thank you Christina for your comment.

Let us remember, when we are at peace, this is a sign that we are trusting in God. When we are not at peace, let this be a signal to us that we are not fully trusting in God.

Peace. JBC

Thank you so much for this post. It almost feels as though you are writing this post for me and my exact circumstances. I read the post after speaking to my brother who is very seriously ill. Since his diagnosis I have been fighting with all my strength to help him and keep him alive. His medical treatments have been aggressive and very hard for him to live with.

This week he decided that he couldn’t take any more and took the decision to stop his treatments and accept that now death is inevitable. This decision made me feel utterly wretched and has caused me to argue with my dear brother and cause him further anguish. Then I read your post and I realised what I must do.

I feel sorrow but I do feel much more peaceful and I think through that peace I will find the strength I need to support my brother through whatever happens next. Thank you so much.

Thank you Fiona for your kind words and for being open to the message.

Sorry to hear about your brother.

May you continue to support and love him during his sacred journey. May you find and focus on your peace of mind so that you may become a beacon of peace to others.

Peace. JBC

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