Daily Inspiration: July 13. Giving Up Nothing and Getting Everything in Return

Imagine, if in every moment of your life, you were given the opportunity to give up nothing, and receive everything in return. Would you not take such an opportunity to heart? Imagine, giving up the ego’s illusionary fear based mindset that is fueled by judgments of self and others, and in its place receiving the peace of God. Today, this is what we will be asked to do, to let go of judgment, not because this is a right that is being taken away from us, but because judging on incomplete information leads to mistaken decision-making, confusion, frustration, anger, resentment, regret and chaos – all in reality, just illusionary concepts, that we are always one choice away, from no longer needing to carry. Imagine, giving up confusion and chaos, and in return receiving clarity and understanding. Imagine, giving up frustration and anger, and for that effort, receiving joy and compassion. Imagine, finally giving up your desire for resentment and revenge, and in their place electing forgiveness and encouragement. Imagine, finally giving up all of the nightmares that the ego has programmed you to believe are real, and in return experiencing the light and love, that has always been awaiting your awakening. You no longer need carry, be burden by, experience, nor support, something that you do not want. Today, when the ego is trying to once again convince you to judge yourself or another, stop and recall, all the dead-end roads that the belief in such a mindset, has had you travel. Instead, use such a moment to trigger in you, the desire to align with God’s Love, and begin walking in truth’s direction, the one that will lead you through forgiveness and into peace of mind and joy. Anytime that you find yourself judging self or other, let that be a signal to you, that you are under the control of the ego’s programs, and thus not consciously using your free will. Free will, always aligns you, in one form or another, with God’s loving nature, which is also your true nature.

The ego’s mindset, being in ‘opposition’ to God Who Is All, has nothing of true value to offer you, because it itself is nothing. Most of us have spent so much of our life trying to make something out of nothing, and thus why we end up in alignment with the energies of frustration, inner confusion and unconscious regret. We had been sworn to up and down that the ego’s mindset (nothing), was something, so much so, that we allow it to dictate to us, how we treated and interacted with our brothers and sisters. We took God’s creations, His sons and daughters, and judge them as guilty, because they would not march in tandem with the ego’s mindset. We became angry and resentful at others for not adhering to thoughts and ideas from the ego’s fairy tale book, a book that had throughout our lives brought us nothing but confusion, pain, guilt and regret. Still we fought tooth and nail, to defend it, against anything or anyone who would deny its ‘truth.’ How many of our nights did we sacrifice to its deceptions? Sleepless, tossing and turning all night long, because it had sworn to us, that we were right and that they were wrong, and that the wrong had to be punished? Today, let us, for our own peace of mind, make something out of this suffering that we have gone through. Let us finally stand up and say, that the ego’s programs, deceptions and lies, will no longer guide us, nor will they be valued more than God’s Love. Let us awaken, and use our life experience, to tell our story, to those who are still looking for hope where no hope resides. Let us share with others, how when they stop supporting the ego’s judgmental mindset as real, their levels of peace of mind and joy, can become a greater part of their experience.

Today, let us truly appreciate that we are being offered, in every moment, the opportunity to, through forgiveness, escape the ego’s programs and return to peace. Would we not be grateful knowing, that such a gift, does not need to be earned, that it simply needs to be, through free will, chosen? Every time that we find ourselves out of alignment with God, all we are simply asked to do, is to choose once again. This is all that we are ever asked to do, to give up nothing, the unreal, and in return receive everything, the real. Today, let us focus on that one choice, the ego’s judgments, or the peace of God. It will be the choice that we value more in any situation, and think we need to experience, that we will choose. It is we, and only we, who through free will, hold the key, to the choice for peace. As we awaken, let us no longer, blame our delusions or programming. Let us no longer, bow down and worship madness. Let us no longer, judge, become angry, resentful, jealous, hateful and revengeful, and think these behaviors to be normal, proper and natural. Enough already, these behaviors are not normal, not proper, not natural, they are madness. We should have all long ago been put away in a padded room, but it is only God’s mercy and grace, who has kept the light of sanity safely within sight. Today, let us awaken, by making the conscious choice to give up everything that has never worked for us and only brought us pain and regret, and in their place, make the conscious choice, to align with the peace and joy of God. Heaven on Earth, is always, just a simple choice away. Today, let us reject nothingness, and by doing so, receive everything that in truth we have ever desired.

Today, let us look to become, more consciously aware, of what does, and does not, align us with the peace and joy of God. When we find ourselves at peace and joyous, these are symbols that we are in alignment with the Mind of God. When we are not at peace or joyous, let such instances be symbols and reminders to us, that we are out of alignment with the Mind of God. Anytime that we are being judgmental, angry, confused, chaotic, anxious and fearful, these are all symbols that we are buying into the ego’s mindset as more valuable than God’s peace of mind and joy. Let us today, not put ourselves down for exchanging All for nothing. Instead, let us take this feeling of being off-balance, unhappy, hurt and unfulfilled, and use it as a trigger mechanism, as a call from God, personally asking us, to let go of everything that is not working for us, and join with His Mind and Loving nature. God has given us the tool of forgiveness to release us from the ego’s mindset. Let us today use it, in order to receive, what in truth we have always wanted, the peace of mind and joy of God, our true inheritance.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (6)

Beautiful, timely – of course! My perfect lesson for today!
Through some life choices, I have been feeling like I have given up SO MUCH. I did – a LOT of things I thought I wanted, that would make me happy, and they didn’t. I made a drastic step away from all those things (relationships, mostly) that I had – and this was said SO PERFECTLY!! – tried to “make something out of nothing”.
My ego has been nudging me, asking me if I made the right decision, the right choice. That ALONE should have been a clue that I DID make the decision with my right mind – because the ego wants me to question it! HA!

I truly did give up NOTHING, and feel like I am getting all the Gifts of God that He was waiting for me to CHOOSE. I have received blessings, “proof” that I am supported and Loved. I am also seeing, by stepping away from the nothingness I had believed would make me happy, I am able to FEEL the Peace that was already there, that I could not feel.

I am SO grateful and thankful that I am remembering! Thank you for the gift of your words of truth said in such a powerful way to me today! I am grateful I have ears to hear and eyes to see!

Much Love.

Thank you Carolyn for your comment and for being open to the message. Lovely to hear how you are remembering who you truly are and have always been. Peace. JBC


Ione, God thought and you were created. All that God is, you are. Trust this and be at peace. Peace. JBC

Thank you ?

Thank you Janet for being a part of our community. Peace. JBC

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