Daily Inspiration: July 14. The Ego’s Judgments or The State of Peace

Today, let us practice letting go the ego’s belief that judgment is a sign of knowledge and wisdom. True knowledge and wisdom, do not come from judgment, but from the relinquishment of judgment. The ego has programmed us to believe that we have a full and comprehensive understanding of what is in our best interest, and the best interest of others, and that it is for those reason, that we can and have the right to, judge ourselves or others. Having through our lifetime been programmed to use judgment as some sort of reward for our seeming knowledge of what is right or wrong, let us begin to shift our perceptions, so that instead of feeling confused about our actions, about feeling good for punishing ourselves or others through our judgments, how can we use such feelings to help us find peace? To do this let us focus on two ideas. First, let us recall, that God being Love, that The Divine uses all, every step we take and decision that we make, for good. Second, let us simply look back at our past, and notice how we have been able to use it, even some of our most difficult times, to grow, heal and mature. Have our so-called mistakes, and all those times that we have judged others and ourselves, not become some of our greatest learning opportunities and lessons learned? Have some of our seemingly so-called worse days not become a source of great life experience and wisdom? When you make the conscious choice to fully trust in God’s plan, that God will use all for good, every need for judgment and fortune-telling in regard to self and others, is dropped and let go. Do we even know what we will have for dinner a week from today? If not, can we ever really know what is in the best interest of the Universe and those around us including ourselves? If we are wise enough to understand, that we do not know what is in the best interest of the Universe and all those in it, would it not make sense to leave that heavy lifting to God? Let us today try that, let us let go of our judgments of self and others, and instead make the conscious choice to trust in God’s plan. As we do, let us feel the heavy burdens of our judgments and of this world, begin lifting off our shoulders and dissolving in His loving light. As they do, let us once again begin to feel the state of peace surround us.

How long have you consciously or unconsciously chosen to carry and support the burdens of the ego’s judgment centered mindset? A mindset that in truth only brings about confusion, frustration, anger, pain and regret. How much longer will you choose to hold the weight of the world on your shoulders? How much more pain and suffering must you endure before you stop feeding, through the act of judgment, your addiction to being right? How much longer must you struggle, to figure out that there is Someone much wiser and better equipped than you, that can carry and take care of your every day judgments and burdens? Have you ever fully and completely trusted God, be it for just one day? Have you ever given up, for just one sacred day, all your judgments of self, others, and of this world to Him? Why have you not given yourself that gift? Do you not think of yourself as worthy of the true peace of mind, freedom and joy, that this choice offers you? Would you not do the best you could every day to lift this world’s burden off your children? Do you not think that God is at the very least as loving, compassionate and understanding, as you? What do you truly have to lose by making the conscious choice, be it for just one day, to truly and fully trust that God loves you, so much so, that He would gladly take all your judgments and burdens from you. Has He not already shown you that the cross has been overcome? Today, when the ego once again tries to manipulate you into having you judge yourself or others, take His example to heart, and say to yourself: “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” By doing so, you overcome the cross, set yourself and your brothers and sisters free, and encounter the peace, that as God’s child, is your birth right and inheritance.

Today, let us all make the conscious choice to let go of the heavy burdens that we were never meant to carry. Release thoughts of judgment over to the only One who truly understands each moment’s purpose. Let us allow God to carry our judgments, so that we can finally feel truly free. Today, any time the ego insist that we once again judge a situation, ourselves, or another, let us consciously and respectfully decline its invitation. Instead, let us release to God the heavy burden that the ego would have us carry, and in its place find true relief, contentment, peace of mind, joy and freedom. What a relief it will be, when we finally make the conscious choice that we no longer need to carry the weight of the world. What a weight will be lifted off our shoulders, when we no longer have to be right, and we can instead just choose to trust in God’s plan, and be happy and at peace. How liberated will we feel, when we no longer have to make sure that the Universe, and all those people in it, are following our plan for them. True freedom, peace and joy, are always but a simple choice away. Today, let us practice this choice, trusting God over the ego, and thus allowing ourselves to feel the true freedom, peace and joy, that such a choice brings to our lives and to all those around us. We have been indeed offered a great blessing and opportunity today, and for this let us offer God our deep and sincere gratitude. Let us show this deep and sincere gratitude by treating all His children as He treats us, with love, mercy, grace, compassion and understanding. Would you not desire your children peace of mind? Would God not desire the same for all His children? And so today, let us offer all His children what He Himself offer us, in doing so, by aligning with Mercy and Peace Himself, we too are set, forever free.

Today, let us practice releasing our judgments over to God, and experiencing the peace that such a wise choice offers us. When the ego’s judgment centered mindset comes calling, let us remember our goal for today, and trust that God being Love, has a perfect plan in place for all of us. Let us trust, that every choice that we make, The Divine will use for good. When in doubt, that God can indeed use all for good, let us simply take a look at our past, even some of the most trying times, and recall how much we have actually grown, matured and learned from such experiences. Today, breathe in deeply, place your full trust in God, and feel the heavy burdens of this world lifting off your shoulders. Today, hand all your judgments over to God, and feel the peace and relief of what it feels like, to not always have to be right. Then thank God for the gift of His Divine peace, which has now become a symbol, of your trust in Him.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Thank you Gary for being open to the message and for being a member of our community. When fearful thoughts try to enter your mind, make the conscious choice to no longer feed them with your time, focus and energy. Instead, take such thinking, as a call from the Universe, asking you to trust God more. The more you listen to this loving call, the more time, focus and energy, you will start investing in your conscious alignment with your true loving nature. The more time, focus and energy, you place on aligning, being, thinking about and sharing, the Love that you in truth are, the more you will begin to recall that God is always with you. Gary, God is always with and within you. Know this truth to be true. No longer accept the fear based lies of the ego as true, for they are not true, they are lies that we have been programmed to believe as true. Only our loving nature is true, for God is Love and All and you are His perfect child and creation. All glory to God. Peace. JBC

I wonder if you KNOW the POWER of your calling? You are revealing to us the TRUTH. By so doing we can now connect with WHO WE ARE. I have experienced more TRUTH with you in one article than I have the past 40 years listening to churches/pastors.

Thank you Michele for your very kind words and for being open to the message. All that I write is within you now, because we are all One, and so what one has, all have. We are all God’s children, created in His image, all that He is we are, and so all that is within Him, is within us, and is us. Thank you for being a member of our community. All glory to God. Peace. JBC

Yes…thank you. I always thought judgement was about the other person but it’s not, and it is often found in our ability to love.

Thank you Nancy for your comment and being a part of this community. Peace. JBC

Thank you, it really means much to me! 🙂

Thank you Lien for being open to the message. Peace. JBC

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