Daily Inspiration: November 14. You Are An Answered Prayer

Rejoice! Rejoice! The prayers of this world have been heard, and are now being answered, through you. We are here now, because we are needed here now, or else we would not be here, now. Today, let us remember that we are the physical manifestations of God answering His children’s prayers. By being the light that we were created to be, we help lead the way for those who are currently finding it too dark to see. When we answer condemnation with compassion, judgment with forgiveness, and worry with trust, we are answering people’s silent prayers. When we choose to see and acknowledge people’s innocence instead of their thoughts of guilt, we are answering their unconscious prayers. When we through laughter, kindness and charity, show them that hope is still available, we are answering their prayers. God’s creations are guiltless, and today we have been called upon to witness to their innocence. By witnessing to their innocence we acknowledge, that they have co-created their journeys with God, and thus that their journeys are exactly as they need to be, in order to help them grow, heal and awaken. By doing so, we reinforce our own innocent nature. Let us be grateful to them, for being part of a process, that is helping us recall, the truth in us. Understanding this, who else could they be, but our prayers being answered? Today, let us see and acknowledge our brothers and sisters, only as God created them. From the perspective of the healed mind, a mind at One with God, we trust in His plan over the ego’s, and by doing so, by seeing all others as they truly are, we achieve the state of peace. Today, our prayers align us with the mind of God. Our prayers, through our brothers and sister’s participation in our experience, helps us find peace in a seeming chaotic world.

Imagine, making the conscious decision, every morning, to look upon each one that God places before you, as an answered prayer. Imagine, making the conscious decision before every interaction, to see yourself as an answered prayer. For this is in truth who you are, and because we are all One, who we all are. Yes, the ego may try to hide this fact from you in a hundred different ways, but remember this, the ego being a lie, can only lie. No matter what the ego tells you about others, no matter how many ways it tries to hide their eternal loving nature from you, whatever it says, is always not true. Absolutely nothing that the ego says is true, for being an illusion, it knows nothing of truth. Today, anytime that you think of another, and you are not at peace, then know that somewhere somehow, the ego is lying and you are unconsciously buying what it is selling. Peace is our true nature and state, and we are all One. Peace is an expression of Love and Love is who God is, and therefore who we all are. What God created perfect cannot be made imperfect. What God created whole cannot be made un-whole, unholy. Today, if you find yourself listening to the ego, it is because the ego is trying to reign over your mind. You have free will, do not let it. Instead, use the ego’s efforts to trigger in you the need to trust God more, the desire to see your brothers and sisters only as God created them, and to reinforce the knowledge that you as God’s child, are forever worthy of peace. The more time you spend supporting only your true nature as true, the more time you will spend in the state of peace. Gratitude will then become your response to all those who are simply helping you, reunite with, the state of peace.

Today, accept your mission wholeheartedly; there are no coincidences or accidents; you are not in front of a hurting brother or sister by chance. God has heard their calls for help and healing, and is now answering their calls through you. Today, let us all become someone’s answered prayer. Today, let us all become who we came here to be. Be the representative of Love that you were created to be. Be Love’s expressions, be compassion, forgiveness, kindness, hope, peace and joy. Remember that anytime you are allowing these energies to flow through you, you are being someone’s answered prayer. Today, when in front of another, keep reminding yourself: “I am here to help this person heal, and because we are all One, as I help him or her heal, I myself am healed. I am here, answering his or her prayer, and they are answering mine. I am here before them, because God has place me here. I fully trust that God knows what He is doing. I fully choose to represent Him before His children. I fully accept this moment exactly as it is and will be. I am God’s child, Love answering prayers, and we are all worthy, as God’s children, to have both our conscious and unconscious prayers, be answered.” Today, when you look into your brother’s or sister’s eyes, look even deeper than before, until you begin to see your reflection in their eyes. Then remember this, that God so fully trust you, that He is entrusting His child, His son or daughter, His creation, to your care. Yes, this is a great responsibility, but do not worry nor despair, for you are perfectly capable as God’s creation, of accomplishing your task, for who God created perfect, can in truth, never fail.

Today, when in front of another, remember, that this is not by chance. God is answering their prayers through you, and answering your prayers through them. Offer them the love that they are searching for, in whichever ways that you are being guided to do, and you will get to experience and reinforce Love’s presence, in you. Today, make the conscious decision to forgive or overlook anything that their body might say or do, and instead focus only on their loving nature, that part of them that is eternal, and thus the only part of them that is real. The body is but a symbol of this world, of time, of separation and death, but rejoice for neither you nor your brother or sister are your bodies, nor of this world. You were, long before you chose the body, and you will be, long after you chose to leave it. Today, let us see the body as simply a communication device for the soul, for in truth that is all it is, something we use for a while and then set aside. You are within the body but not the body. You are Love in physical form. It is this Love that today, will become the answer to someone’s prayer.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (6)

I have been reading and loving Your messages for years. They truly resonate with me and I find they keep Me grounded , grateful ,and hopeful when going through life’s challenges. Thank you so much for sharing these important messages. I am forever grateful.

Thank you Michelle for being a member of our community.

May you each and every day recall the everlasting light within, and by doing so reinforce your true and eternal loving essence and nature.

When any seeming challenge seems to come our way, let us first and foremost offer it our gratitude, not our judgment. We offer it our gratitude because it is simply offering us an opportunity to practice consciously realigning with the light within. Each and every time we consciously choose and realign with the light within instead of the seeming darkness, we strengthen and reinforce the love that we were created to be. When the loving truth within us is strengthen our light shines brighter. When our light shines brighter we can offer others a clearer path to the truth within. It is by doing so, that a person at a time, we help begin to gently awaken and enlighten the whole world.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

it is a nice food of thouht for the soul. God bless you

Thank you Chiamaka for being open to the message.

Peace. JBC

Thank you! Reading this today really awakened me to my inner presence and how we affect everyone we meet and how we can make a difference. Truly beautifully written and inspiring.

Thank you Tracie for your comment and for being open to the message.

Indeed, we lighten or darken our path with every thought we think. We lighten or darken the path for others through every thought, word, action and interaction we share with them.

Today, let us consciously become symbols of the light, not the darkness. It is by doing so that we will assist those still in the dark awaken to the light within.

Peace. JBC

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