Daily Inspiration: November 19. Ending the Ego’s Guilt Game

What God created cannot be made imperfect. God, being perfect, created all in perfection. When we realize our divine nature, judgment and guilt dissolve before our light and understanding. One who is aligned with the mind of God has no need for judgment or guilt. Where there is no judgment, there is no need for guilt. Guilt, in and of itself, is not real because its source, the ego, is itself not a real aspect of us. Nothing that tries to place itself in opposition to All can be real or true. Guilt is simply a sign of someone who is aligned with the ego’s mindset. If the ego is thinking for you, it is living your life for you. When you feel guilt, you are choosing the ego’s plan over God’s.

We all have free will. We all can choose to value illusions more than the truth. Yet, we cannot do this forever for sooner or later you will find this way of existing to be pain-filled, unproductive and exhausting. Still do not despair. Thanks to free will you can simply choose to no longer support the ego’s false concepts as true. Today, also recognize that judging yourself for being judgmental or for feeling guilty is just another one of the ego’s games. Today, instead of judging your delusions thank them for showing you what you no longer want. They are in their own way helping you awaken to your true nature. They are helping you realize you could have never been who you were not created to be. They are helping you see you could only and ever be who God created you to be. Understanding this now choose to see everyone’s delusions as helpful to them. Their delusions are in their own ways helping them awaken. For this let us be compassionate and understanding not judgmental and critical of them or their journeys.

Today, let us practice aligning with our eternal loving essence and nature, who God create us to be. Let us recognize we can not change what God created perfect, innocent, awake and whole. Sure, we have free will and so we can hide this truth from ourselves. Still, we can not change what is changeless. No illusionary guilt filled games the ego plays in time can change what is eternal about us. Guilt is a childish game within the ego’s fairy tale. Guilt tries to separate us from our truth and thus from each other. We are children no longer and so the games of guilt must now be put away. All that we are being asked to do today is put away what we no longer desire to play with. Today, when the ego insists that judgment and guilt are the correct, proper and deserved responses, let us recall: “Today, I choose to align and unite with my changeless and eternal innocent essence and nature. I now know I can not be something other than who God created. I now put away the ego’s instructional booklet back in its little box. Now through my example may I become an example of our eternal innocence. To those still dreaming of their judgment and guilt let me help gently awaken them.” All we are being asked to do today is to be who God created us all to be. What a relief today becomes when we realize we no longer need to support false concepts as true. Let us be grateful that we no longer need to carry the heavy burdens of our judgments and guilt. Today, all we practice doing is aligning with our eternal innocence, essence and nature. By doing so we help lead those stuck within the ego’s darken mindset back into the light, back into alignment with the mind of God.

Today, we let go of the burdens of judgment and guilt we were never meant to carry. We do so through the act of forgiveness. Go ahead, forgive self and others, release your burdens, let go your judgments and guilt. When you free yourself with love and understanding you let them forever go. Today, lift your arms high up to the sky. Visualize and allow God’s love and light like a giant vacuum removing all the guilt and judgment you carry. Feel these thoughts and emotions that were never yours to carry detaching. Feel their weight lifting off your shoulders. Go ahead release them knowing you are God’s child forever worthy of the peace and freedom that forgiveness and a trust in God offers. Visualize these burdens and falsities like small heavy dark bags leaving you and entering God’s all loving light. Then see them forever dissolving in His Truth, Love and Understanding. Release all your burdens to God. By doing so you show that you now fully trust Him. God wants you to be and feel free from the ego’s false programs and delusions. He wants this for you so that you may through your example help guide His lost children Home to Him. He forever loves you because you are His child and creation. Being all One we are all forever worthy of His peace of mind and joy. God knows that what He created perfect will always be perfect. This is why all He sees in you is your perfection, the truth in you. Waste no more of your precious time feeling unworthy of God’s love, peace and joy. God loves you. Today simply follow His lead and love yourself. Do so, love yourself and feel this love begin to overflow. Then offer this overflowing loving sensation to all those He sends your way. It is by doing so that you will begin to see all others as they were created by God to be.

Today, if guilt comes calling, use it, not to criticize yourself or others, but to recall that God loves you. Nothing you could ever think, say or do could change God’s mind about you. You are love and loved, not judgment and guilt. Judgment and guilt, placing themselves in opposition to Love, who is All, could never be real or true.  Today, drop the ego’s fairy tales and support the truth in you as true. When you do, you will see that it’s time to say goodbye to judgment and guilt. Thank the story for showing you that it is no longer needed. Now replace your perception of guilt with God’s innocence. In doing so, you replace Hell with Heaven. It is this heavenly mindset that you are here on Earth to share with others. Now see all of God’s children as He created them, and by doing so become a guide to divine innocence in this world.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (2)

After reading this, I felt the burdens just being lifted off of me as I raised my hands to Heaven. I will no more live in guilt. Thanking God for the way he has been using you to minister to his children. Thank you

Thank you Shelly for your kind words.

Continue to lift your arms high into the sky, and give God all you deep down inside know does not belong within you. Do so, truly feel this happening, and watch all your upsets and worries dissolve before His love, light, mercy and grace.

Having released all that is not the truth in you, consciously align with the light within and promise yourself that you will never again consciously share anything but the light within you with others.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

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