Daily Inspiration: November 27. You Can Feel Alone, You Can’t Be Alone

In the ego’s illusionary world of duality, it is possible to feel alone, and yet still, even aligned with such a mindset, it is not possible to ever be alone. God is Love and All, and thus to be ever apart from All, would not be possible. There is not a situation, person, place or time, where God is not. Thanks to free-will, you are free to place your focus on this understanding and sense of Oneness, or on the programmed false concept of loneliness. It is always the choice that you value most, and unconsciously think that you are worthy of, that you will end up making, and thus experiencing. As God’s creation, you are an eternal expression and extension of The Divine. The Divine being All, is all that your truth could ever be. Your natural state and mindset, is to be at One with the Divine. If you seem to be thinking apart or out of alignment with The Divine, it is never the truth in you that is doing so. The truth in you, your true-self, essence and nature, can never think unlike The Divine. Therefore, any thoughts that you have that do not originate from Love, or from its expressions, are not truly yours. You might think that it is you who are thinking them, but if it’s not the truth in you thinking them, then it is not truly you, who are thinking them. As your idea can be shared with others, grow and still never leave you, so too is God sharing you with this world, yet you have in truth never left Him, your Source. God forever waits for you to return your focus to Him, to once again consciously align with the Divine. When you make, through free will, the conscious decision to return your focus to The Divine, it is then you will truly see, realize and be thankful for, the fact that He has never left you, nor you Him. Regardless of the journey you have taken, and the dark alleys you may have traveled through, God forever patiently and lovingly waits for you to awaken. Today awaken, feel your eternal connection to your All-Loving Source, and never again feel alone.

Today, let us look within and remind ourselves throughout the day: “I am God’s child and creation, forever One with my All-Loving Source, always worthy of His Love and companionship.” No one will ever keep you away or make you feel separate from God, other than your own false belief, that you are unworthy of His Love and presence. Use any of Love’s expressions, in any moment, and you will be immediately united with Him. Allow all your delusions of separation and loneliness to fade away back into nothingness, and as you do, you will begin to feel a natural sensation of being one with The Divine. God is forever desiring a connection and personal conscious relationship with you. He desires you to know Him, Love, so that you may share your knowledge with any other of His children who have forgotten their eternal connection, and thus are feeling lost and alone. God is in every moment and interaction, calling on you to offer to others, only what Love can. When we feel lost and alone, those are not punishments, they are simply signs that show you, that you have forgotten who in truth you are. Through free will, you have placed your focus on other things that you currently perceive as more interesting or valuable than God. As long as you continue to place your time and energy on the illusionary contraptions of this world, you will continue to feel a lack of connection with your Source. Nothing in this world can, no matter how shiny, beautiful or bright, it may appear to be, offer you the peace, comfort and joy, that a conscious union with your Creator can. All your suffering and pain, all your tears, heartache and challenging times, are all being gifted to you, so that you may practice trusting God more. The more you trust God, the more natural it will feel for you to reach Him, and thus the more aware you will be, that He is always available to you.

All you experience and bring into your life, has the goal of helping you recall your true loving essence and nature, so that you may share this self-awareness with others, and help bring peace to each mind and thus to the world. Today, begin to realize, how every moment, person and situation, is here to help you. By doing so, you unite with the state of gratitude instead of judgment, with God instead of the ego. God is in everyone, every moment and all things, and so God is forever with and within you. Today, allow His Light and wisdom to shine upon you, and in this Holy Light, stand steady, strong and unafraid. Today, allow compassion, forgiveness, love, charity, joy and peace, all expressions of His Holy Light, all who in truth you are, to radiate from you and unto this seemingly lost and lonely world. Allow God to raise you up from the shadows of the ego’s lonely world, embrace you in His hand as a lantern in the dark, and lift you up high for all to see. Allow God to share you, as an example of the triumph of the soul, of the victory of Oneness over loneliness, and of eternity over death. Yes, in this world of duality, where their seems to be an opposition to The Light, darkness and loneliness seem to come and then go, and then come again, but ask yourself, are these not perfect times to try to reach God? Would it be easier to reach God in a noisy crowd, or while you’re seemingly alone in a quiet room? Would it be easier to reach The Divine during the business of the day, or in the quiet of the night? When do you seem to need Him more, when partying with friends feeling happy and healthy, or when by yourself, sick in your bed, alone? When do you usually reach out for Him, when your mind is focus on the numerous distractions and delusions of this world, or when you are focused inward, on your own search for meaning? Can you not see, that it is He who has personally set the stage, so that you can have a better opportunity to consciously reach Him, and once again remember, that you are never alone?

Today, when you are feeling alone, remember, that God has simply set the stage, for you to use this silent and sacred moment, to practice once again consciously aligning with The Divine. The more you get to practice being at One with God, the more natural this behavior will become, and the more worthy of His presence you will feel. When in despair, when feeling lost and alone, do not think that He has left or quit on you, instead close your eyes, sit confidently in silence, and ask God to allow you to feel His presence. Visualize yourself within a ball of light, that surrounds and is embracing your whole body. Absorb wave after wave of His Love and Light. Feel His Love and Light penetrating your skin, flowing through your muscles and into your heart. Like a willing sponge, absorb all the Love that you are being offered. With every breath you take, keep accepting God’s Love, and once filled, begin to overflow. Keep breathing in God’s Love, and breathing out your gratitude for Him. Do so, until you begin to realize, that this moment, in every moment, is forever available to you, and that because of this, you can in truth never be alone.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (6)

This meditation is what I needed this minute, as I set off on a part of my journey that entails being alone for a while. I had thought that I would then have more time to be alone with God, and then I read your piece. It affirmed my own thought. Thank you.

Thank you Lily for being open to the message.

God is forever with and within you.

God is forever within everything, everyone, and all.

See Love in everything, everyone and all, and you are seeing God and viewing this world as it was meant for us to view.

Peace. JBC

Nechama T Nancy Pollak-Kessler

Dear James. I love your posts. They are the only posts I usually read. However I am an Orthodox Jew and would so appreciate it if you keep the posts generic. When you bring in a specific religion I cannot read it. Ty for everything you have helped me with. Ty so much. Peace. NT

Thank you Nechama for your kind words and comment.

I do my best to keep the post as universal as possible, but please, always feel free to change or disregard certain words that might not align with you.

The deeper message is what is truly important, not specific words.

Peace. JBC

I was drawn to read this and it feels very reassuring. Thank

Thank you Claire for being open to the message.

Peace. JBC

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