Daily Inspiration: October 27. Experiencing More Happiness in Your Everyday Life

God is Love and All, and happiness is one of the many expressions of Love. Happiness comes about when we have an understanding that because we have co-created our journey with Love, all of it is sacred, and meant to help us awaken to who we truly are. Today, let us let go of a false narrative that says that there are things, events or people that are not part of this sacred process. Today, when not in the state of joy, let us not put ourselves or others down for this. Instead let us use such moments to practice increasing our trust in God, and in the journey that we have co-created with The Divine. Today, let us trust that because God is Love and All, all is here to assist us, into moving in the direction of our happiness. Indeed, all things, events and people, when properly perceived, are here to help move us, in the direction of our joy. Even those ‘things’ that the ego has programmed us judge about ourselves and others, are showing us which direction our happiness is not. This is actually helpful, for the more roads we get to cross off the ego’s map, the clearer our destination to the state of joy becomes. When we understand this, gratitude, not judgment, becomes our response to being able to cross those roads, those things that we think do not make us happy, off our maps. Keep your head up, do not despair, for little by little you are awakening to the blessing that each and every moment has to offer. Just think about, how many times in our lives, we experienced so-called ‘difficult’ times, yet through the gift of time, we were able to reinterpret their usefulness, and see the gifts, life lessons and wisdom, that they brought to us. If we are now able to look back at our past, and see how so many of these difficult experiences, actually helped us developed into more compassionate and wiser beings, then maybe, they were really gifts in the first place. Understanding this, is it not possible, that all of our seeming difficult and dark times, when properly perceived, are just gifts that we have yet to uncover?

How many times have we cursed this life and those in it with our judgment, frustration, anger, resentment, hate and thoughts of revenge? If we truly understood that each and every moment is here to help us move closer to a joyful state, would we ever choose such energies, emotions and expressions? Imagine if all that truly ever separated us from a joyful life was a shift in our understanding of why certain experiences have come into our life? If God is Love and All, could not every experience, not be in some way, shape or form an expression of Love? Today, no matter how much judgment and confusion the ego demands, let us rejoice. Let us rejoice, knowing that all we need do to reach a peaceful and joyful state is to change our minds about the purpose of what we are experiencing. Let us rejoice, because it is we who can reinterpret our experience, and thus undo what we have done. It was simply our misperceptions that brought about our pain, suffering and confusion. Now, it will be our understanding and trust that will bring about peace, joy and clarity. What a relief it will become when you start to realize that it is not the outside world that is fueling your despair. In fact, the outside world cannot do anything to fuel or end your despair, it is only you who has control over the thoughts you think, and thus of how you define your experience. It is you who is in control of your thoughts, and thus of your experience. When you understand this, you will begin to take greater personal responsibility, for your own happiness. Do you not desire your children be joyous, do you not think that God is, at the very least, as kind as you, and also desires all His children to be joyous?  Each day practice developing a greater trust, in the sacred plan that God has co-created with you. This sacred plan, when properly perceived, will take you from darkness to light, from a place of sadness and pain, to a place of joy and peace.

Just imagine being able to share with others how to go from darkness to light, from a place of sadness and pain, to a place of joy and peace. Would that not bring you great satisfaction and happiness to be able to do that for your brothers and sisters? Today, let us remember that every experience that we are presented with, because God is Love and All, can be used for our good, for our growth, healing and awakening. Let us recall that all things, when properly perceived, are moving us in joy’s direction. What makes us unhappy is never our experience, but our interpretation of our experience. Because the misinterpretation resides within, it is within where the shift and healing must take place. Today, let us practice seeing the useful nature of each and every moment. Today, let us practice not darkening the moment with our misperceptions, instead let us reverse the ego’s programming, and fuel those same moments, with our understanding, trust and gratitude. By being grateful for all those things that currently do not make us happy, we reduce their illusionary power and control over us. When we do, we will start to see each moment as a road sign that is helping us avoid getting lost in the ego’s mindset, that is advising us turn to around and move in the direction of joy. Let us today allow ourselves the opportunity to look at our past, into those days that the ego programmed to see as useless, bad, sad, negative and depressing. Now, with the gift of time, let us realize how much knowledge, wisdom, life experience and lessons, we received from such experiences. Let this understanding build your trust in God, and in the sacred journey that you have co-created with The Divine. Then become an example to others of this truth, so that they too, may begin to see past the ego’s fog, and encounter their God-given right to be happy.

Today, if you find yourself feeling stuck in a bad mood, down, sad, angry or resentful, do not despair. Simply recall all the life lessons, wisdom, knowledge and greater compassion we have accumulated due to our dark or difficult times. Then let us think that if we have received all these gifts from such times, were they not then, actually blessings in disguise? Let us then recall that because God is Love and All, all our experiences must be, in some way, shape or form, a function, expression and extension of His Love. If this is true, then would gratitude not be the appropriate response to whatever it is that we are going through? Imagine the life you would lead, and the example you would set, if you were able to reinterpret all seeming dark and difficult times into the blessings and gifts of growth that they in truth were, are and will be. Today, remember that you have co-created your journey with Love, and thus all steps along your journey have this function, to unite you with Love, and to share this Love with others. What do you have to lose by making the conscious decision to drop the ego’s false narrative, the one that has made you feel nothing but bad, down, sad, negative, angry and resentful? What do you have to lose by making the conscious decision that God truly love’s you, that every moment is a gift from The Divine to you, and that all He desires for you is your total happiness.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (3)

I want to thank you for your email for today- as usual it always arrives right on time. My daughter has been struggling with alcohol and depression and today I got another call about her being suicidal and something told me to open up your email and read it. As I was reading it I felt a sudden flood of God’s love over me and was able to thank Him for this opportunity ask him to help me to forgive my perceptions and to see the situation as he does and almost immediately my fear turn to Joy! So thankful for that and all the wonderful teachers out there like yourself that help us to see the truth.

Thank you Mary for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

God is Love and All, let us trust this and find peace. Let us trust this and know that in the end, all will work out for our good.

Let us join together in God’s Love, knowing that our simple willingness to do so opens Heaven gates, and from the deepest and truest parts of our hearts and souls pray that your daughter be surrounded by God’s most powerful angels, that she be join right now in Jesus’s name by guides of pure light and love.

Let us pray that your daughter ask for and becomes open to their help, for we have free will, and thus it is we who must, through even our own little willingness, ask and allow God and all His angels to help us see our beauty, our loving light, that part of ourselves that is only God.

I invite you to ask your daughter to just ask God for help, to open herself up for help, a little willingness is all it takes.

I invite you to remind her to ask for this help each and every time a thought of darkness pops up. Darkness will not remain in a person who decides, in that very moment, to choose to be embrace by The Light.

Ask her to ask God to show her how much He loves her. Let us ask God to guide her to clarity, peace and joy, and because of free will, please invite your daughter to ask this for herself each and every time that darkness comes.

Ask her to ask God for guidance, to guide her and bring people into her life that can assist her. God loves your daughter fully and completely, He desires her only love, peace and joy. Please ask her to ask God to help her desire peace, love and joy for herself. Ask as many times as the Universe asks her to ask.

Each and every time the darkness comes, that is the Universe asking your daughter to ask for and choose instead The Light. Practice over and over and over again consciously choosing The Light when darkness tries to enter. Soon she will begin to realize and recall that The Light is her true Home, and that she has come to this planet to overcome her darkness.

She is here to assist all those who will one day travel the same road she is traveling on now. Because they will see that she has been were they are, they will look her way to offer them a way out of their darkness and despair.

If the darkness comes a thousand times, then a thousand times, ask for The Light to surround you. Visualize It around you, protecting you, embracing you, Loving you. Do so over and over and over again, until it become second nature to do so.

You are Light, you are meant to recall your Light and share it with those who know only of the darkness.

Ask, you are worthy of asking, ask and ask again.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Thank you for direction on what to say to her and to ask, trust and allow God and His angels to overcome all darkness.

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