Daily Inspiration: February 10. The Truth in One of Us is the Truth in All of Us

We are all One. When we start becoming aware of the Love that is our eternal essence, we will begin seeing and recognizing this sameness in all. The more we align with Love and its reflections such as peace, joy, and compassion, the brighter our light will shine, and the more this reflection will touch others. As our reflection touches others, because we are all One, they will begin to recall that what they see in us, is also possible and true for them. Imagine, making the conscious choice to align with your true nature, the Love that you created to be, and then beginning to see all others through Love’s eyes, what kind of world would you begin to see? The more you focus on being your light, the brighter you will shine. The brighter you shine the more people will be embraced and touched by your light. As the light in you shines brightly on them, they will begin to recall their true nature. This is your gift to them and to this world, to help us all recall who in truth we are. Your gift to this planet is being who in truth you are, and who in truth you are is Love. When you begin reflecting Love, in whichever ways are unique to you, in whichever ways you feel most natural expressing, you will be bringing clarity and direction to your personal mission on this planet. It does not matter how this planet, or what value this planet and those in it, place on your unique expressions of Love, for you have co-created your mission with God, and so whatever your expressions of Love are, they are perfect. They are perfect because your Creator can only create perfectly. God has given you all the tools you need to accomplish what you have come here to do. And so rest assure that your passions, hopes and dreams, are of most importance to this world, and so please continue, every day, to walk, with your head held high, in their direction. Today, look deep into the mirror, you are the son or daughter of the Most High, remember this, laugh the doubt away, and do what you came here to do.

Our Oneness, the understanding of the sameness in all of us, when it is magnified, we will begin to notice that what we do to ‘another’ we are in one-way or another, doing to ourselves. What we think of ‘others’ either pollutes or brings peace to our own minds. We start to get that what we do to and for them, they will also one day do to and for others. When we offer them peace, joy, and compassion, this is what they will have, within themselves, to offer to others, for it is only what is within you, that you can offer others. Equally so, if we offer them anger, hate, and revenge; this is what they will, within themselves, have to offer to others. And so today, regardless of how much the ego tries to control our thinking, actions, reactions, and interactions, we will instead consciously choose to recognize only their divinity, regardless of what they may think of themselves. Today, let us simply practice focusing in on everyone’s true nature, the Love that they are, and overlooking what is not real about them, which is anything in opposition to Love. Many of the brothers and sisters that we will be sent to, have yet to recognize and awaken to their divine nature, and so let us understand this, and use such opportunities to practice becoming more patient, compassionate, understanding and peaceful. By practicing these expressions, even if at first we might need to force it a bit or be extra vigilant with our emotions, this will strengthen our conscious alignment with our true nature. And it will be thanks to our brothers and sisters, that we have these opportunities to practice focusing on, choosing and thus reinforcing our true nature. Let us always, in the back of our minds, remember their gift to us, as we interact with them.

Today, regardless of our physical or spiritual position in the world, we will see all others as equal partners on this journey. What they might do, say, think, or act like, will not take precedence over the Love that is their divine eternal essence. Today, it is we who show gratitude to our sisters and brothers for assisting us in recalling our Oneness, for helping us become an example of our sameness, by seeing it in them. Today, let us wholeheartedly acknowledge, that the truth in one of us, is the truth in all of us. Do you yourself not feel blessed when you offer kindness and compassion to others? Do you yourself not feel weighed down and regretful when you offer others judgment, anger, and hate to others? Is it not clear then, that there is no way that this could happen if we were truly separate from each other? For what you do to or think of them, being that we are all One, you are thinking about and doing to yourself. You can not judge, be angry or hate a part of yourself and still find peace. This is in part, the self-awareness, that through your interactions with your brothers and sisters, they are offering you. And so today, let us practice consciously recognizing this Oneness, that the truth in one of us is the truth in all of us, and that this truth is Love. Today, offer others what you yourself would like to experience, and by doing so, reinforce the everlasting sacred connection within us all. As we do what we are being ask today, we will start to notice that there is truly nothing easier than offering your brothers and sisters, who in truth you are. In essence, this is an effortless accomplishment. This is in essence, simply offering all others who in truth you are, and making sure not to offer them, who in truth you are not.

Today, less us take the opportunities that we are being offered to interact with each other, to practice focusing on and reinforcing only our true nature as true, only the Love that we are and were created to be. When we do so, we reinforce our Oneness, the sameness in each other, and that the truth in one of us is the truth in all of us. We realize that not all of them have awaken to the truth in them, but we also understand, that if we are seeing anything other than the Love in them as true, then there is a part of us that still remains asleep. When we withhold the truth in us, Love from another, because we are all One, we are withholding Love from a part of ourselves. We will never obtain the true everlasting peace of mind and joy of God, if we keep on blocking ourselves from fully accepting and experiencing God’s inheritance. Before you meet anyone today, remind yourself: “I am worthy of God’s inheritance. I now understand that the person I think of or see, is a part of me. Today, I withhold none of God’s gifts from anyone. By doing so, I fully accept all of God’s gifts, all of my inheritance.”

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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