Daily Inspiration: February 6. Fear Is an Unconscious Act of Self-Deception

Fear, is simply the belief, that the absence of love is possible. But if God is Love and All, then fear can only be an illusionary belief, because the opposite of all is nothing. Therefore, fear being nothing, is an unconscious act of self-deception. Being in fear, does not make you weaker or less spiritual than others, it is simply a symbol that you have bought into the ego’s programming as true. Do not judge yourself for being in fear, instead allow fear to become a sort of alarm clock, that sounds every time that you are being who you are not. This way, we begin to use fear as an ally in our awakening process, and not as an adversary. As we do so we start to see how God indeed uses all for good, for our healing, growth and awakening. Our forefathers experience themselves through this false self, as something they could never be, then knowing mostly this, extended that illusionary mindset into the world. This is the mindset that we have learned from, and so we have learned from an outside world that was only a reflection of their unaware, confused and programmed internal condition. Is it any wonder why fear, or any of its projections, such as judgment, anger, stress, anxiousness, frustration, hate, resentment, and revenge, have been taught to us as natural, normal, and just the way life is? They may not have known better, but we are now making the conscious choice to remember our true nature. We are now making the conscious choice to let go of our programming and return into alignment with our true nature. We are now deciding that the ego’s fear based mindset, after trying it out year after year and decade after decade, has nothing for us that we truly desire or want. There is no need to keep supporting a mindset that does not support you, and so today, let go of who you are not, and start becoming who you were created to be.

Today, let us reinforce within our hearts and minds, the knowledge that our Creator, being perfect, can only create perfectly. Within us, this loving perfection, our eternal essence, forever rules as King. Yet we have also been gifted free will, thus we can, unconscious of it as we may be, hide this perfection from ourselves. Many times, we unconsciously choose to hide our perfection from ourselves, in order to experience a certain part of the ego’s mindset, just so that we can overcome it, and then thanks to that life experience, be able to better teach others who are mired in that same type of mindset, how to overcome. As we help our brothers and sisters overcome their struggles, we start to notice how beautiful and useful our own experiences and struggles actually were. Yes, the exact same struggles that we judged ourselves and others so much for, now after having overcome them, have become our greatest teaching tools, other people’s keys to freedom from fear, keys to aligning once again with peace of mind, love, and joy. This self-awareness reinforces in us, the understanding that indeed God uses all for good, and that fear being in truth nothing, can and will be overcome, and seen for what it is. Today, when the ego tries to have you buy into fear based thoughts, such as those of judgment, anger, resentment and hate, remember that this mindset has never taken you to where you truly belong, at peace and at One with your Creator. Love is your Creator, and Love is where you forever belong. Love, as God’s child, is your inheritance, but you must be willing to accept your inheritance, in order to get to experience it. Today, let us let of any thoughts that seem to want to separate us from our inheritance.

Today, let us recall that even children can only play a game for so long before they get tired of it. We ourselves are children no longer. We ourselves, unconscious of it as we may be, are tired of playing the game of ‘hide and seek.’ Let us today, make the conscious decision, to hide the truth from ourselves no longer. Today, in part, through this post, we have now chosen to stop playing the ego’s childish game, and are consciously and courageously choosing to hide no longer from the monsters in our dreams. As the ego’s game begins to end, you will see that you are still, and always have been, as God create you. A loving God can only create lovingly, and so the energy of love is all you truly are and have always been. You are now, and have always been, perfect, awake, and whole. Any fear that the ego’s mindset has tried to program and reinforce in you, is simply false, a childish game playing someone you are not, a dream that you still think is real. It is a lie, a deception, an illusion, and a fairy tale. The ego’s mindset, being the opposite of the mindset of God, is not real, therefore every single thing it produces, such as fear, is not real. Today, let us stand up to the ego’s fear, by acknowledging that we were created from Perfect Love, and that therefore each one of us is a perfect part of Love. Today, when fear or any of its illusionary contraptions knocks at our mind’s door, and again says that it’s going to blow our house down, we will no longer cower back into the dark crevasses of our sleeping minds. Instead, we will stand up, straight and strong, head held up high, remind ourselves that our perfect Creator can only create perfectly, and that any thought apart from the Love that in truth we are, is simply an illusion, a deception, a falsity and a lie.

Today, whenever the ego is trying to have us buy into its fear based mindset, and that mindset’s numerous illusionary manifestations such as those of judgment, anger, resentment and hate, let us make the conscious choice, not to place our time, focus and energy, on them, and thus not to make them a greater part of our lives. Instead, we thank them for their service to us, for helping us practice stop reinforcing who we are not. Then let us shift that time, focus and energy, to making the conscious choice to realign with who in truth we are, with our loving nature. By doing so, by practicing this shift in consciousness over and over again, we learn to spend less time feeding and fueling the ego, and more aligning with our Source, in our true Home, in the states of peace of mind, love and joy. This will help us become a brighter light, so that those brothers and sisters still stuck and lost in the ego’s fear based mindset, can begin to see, that there indeed is a way out of a world that they do not want.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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  1. Janet

    Thankyou so much for today’s message.I had some problems again with the ego mind and this message reminded me again how to stay strong and rise above it.xxoo

  2. Natalya

    Thank you very much for your help and support. Your words are touching so deeply and making a real difference by reminding who really l I am and what is my real path. Love and peace!

    • James Blanchard Cisneros
      James Blanchard Cisneros02-07-2017

      Thank you Natalya for being open to the message and for your kind words. You are Love’s creation, and only the love in you is true. Peace. JBC

  3. jaja

    I can escape the fear that i have i dont know how to handle it.. The fear really affect my daily life esp thinking always that i may be die.. How can you help me? I think i have panic attack that trigger me..thank you and godbless

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