Daily Inspiration: November 4. The Illusion of One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

Please do not feel discouraged if you think or currently feel that you have taken a step or two backward on your journey. In reality, such a thing, is not truly possible. If you think this of yourself, it is not because this thought is true, it is because you have been programmed to believe that it is true. It is basically a false concept that you have been programmed by the ego to believe is true. The ego does this in order to try to separate you from feeling a sense of Oneness with God, that way it can have you all to itself. It tries to unconsciously convince you that, if you are taking steps back on your journey, then obviously you could not be a creation of a Perfect God. Then since you are not a part of a perfect God, then you must be a part of, and one with, the ego. That way, the ego gets to survive, through your belief in it. The more that the ego can have you buy into the false concept that you are one with it, the greater part of your life the ego can become, and the more powerful and power over you it will have. The ego’s world has programmed us to believe that we can take one-step forward and two-steps back, for that is one of the many dances of the ego. In reality, every step and moment on your journey, is in one way or another, a sacred co-creation with God, and thus is a part of a process, that is helping you reach a higher level of consciousness. You will know when the ego’s programming is ruling over your mind, when you’re feeling bad, less spiritual, less than, are judging yourself, or blaming others. No longer allow the ego to rule over you. Recall that you have free will. Take back control of your own mind, by remembering that there is never a need to feel negative about yourself or others, because every step, knowingly or not, is helping us reach a deeper level of self-awareness. Every step along your path is helping align you, in one way to another, with your truth, your Creator, and thus assisting you in becoming the example of peace, love, and joy, that you came here to be.

To get a better understanding of how illusionary the idea of a “step backward” is, all we need to do, is to look back at our past and see all the gifts, wisdom, knowledge, life lessons and experience, that we accumulated because of it. Imagine, truly being able to shift your perception and understand, that what the ego has programmed you to define as errors, mistakes, sins, and missteps, are in reality gifts, opportunities, wisdom, and life experience. Imagine, all the gifts that we have received thanks to our past, and not just the so-called pretty and happy parts of it, but also the so-called gritty and challenging parts. Would we be the well-rounded and wise beings that we are today, if not for our past? And if our past, all of it, contributed to making us well-rounded and wise, was that past, in and of itself, not a gift to us? If the past was a gift to us, would that then not mean that every part of it, was in one way or another, helpful? If something is, in the end, helpful and made us more well-rounded and wise, was it ever truly bad, an error, mistake, sin, or misstep, in the first place? If not, then were those so-called “steps backward” really ever “steps backward” in the first place? If these situations and events that we once swore to as being steps backwards, were not really steps backwards, then can there ever really such a thing, as a step backward on your journey? No, in reality steps backwards are but a false concept and do not exist, because God is Love and All, and so every step along our path is a reflection and representation of this All-Loving Truth. This All-Loving Truth is always true, the only thing that could ever ‘separate’ us from this knowledge and understanding, is our own misperceptions that we hold about such concepts and ourselves.

Today, let us practice seeing that what the ego has programmed us to see as a step backward, is actually helping us obtain the well-rounded knowledge and life experience that we need, to become who we came here to be. Now, when something occurs, and we end up judging ourself or another for seemingly taking a step backward on our journey, we have a better understanding of how to deal with such a situation. Now, we simply and gently consciously shift our perception, align it with compassion, peace and understanding, and in a more loving, joyful and productive manner, continue confidently upon our sacred journey. It is this life experience, this understanding and reinforcement that every single step along our path, is a sacred co-creation with a Perfect and All-Loving God, that will help us lift our consciousness and become a brighter light for all those who are still lost in the darken world that the ego itself has manufactured for its own survival. Today, let us remember that the concept of “steps backward,” are in truth not true, and are in reality, blessings to all involved. Even steps backward, being in truth an expression of The Sacred, are here to propel you and the people you touch, “forward”. Today, let us not buy into the ego’s thought system that puts others or ourselves down; instead let us practice and learn to equally bless both the “steps forward” and the “steps backward,” with the knowledge that in truth, they are both equally helpful, sacred, and of use to us. Imagine being able to view all the so-called “steps forward” and the “steps backward,” in your life and in the life of others, equally as gifts from God to us. What use or need would we ever again have to judge ourselves or others? What other state, but that of compassion, love, peace, joy and understanding, would we live in? What other emotion other than gratitude would we have to offer to every single being who is traveling with us along our sacred and perfect path?

Today, when the ego is once again trying to convince us to judge ourself or others for having so-called taken a step backward on our journey, let us make the conscious decision to no longer buy into, support or reinforce, the false as true. Instead, let us recall the because God is Love and All, every single step along our path is in reality a reflection and representation of our sacred truth and path. When we are not consciously aligned with this truth, this does not make us an unwise being, just someone who is buying into the ego’s false concept as true. Today, let us make the conscious decision to place our faith in God instead of the ego’s false programming. We will know when we are doing so, because we will see and understand each step of our journey as good, as helping us grow, heal, and awaken to who in truth we are and came here to be. When we align with this understanding, our judgements of self and others ends.When we align with this understanding, gratitude becomes our response to every moment and to everyone involved in those moments. When we align with this understanding, the state of peace results.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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