Why do We Support Negative Beliefs about Us?

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Why do We Support Negative Beliefs about Us?

Video message based on the Inspirational Daily post of July 21:

Anger, resentment, judgment, bitterness, jealousy, hatred, none of these are the truth in you. They are the ego’s illusionary past programming that we have been taught as real, have accepted as real, and that now obscures our truth. The more we carry past judgments with us, the more weighed down and badly we feel. The ego understands that there is a direct correlation between how badly we feel and how willing we are to judge and attack others and ourselves. The worse we feel about ourselves, the more unconscious we become, the quicker we are to anger, and the more willing we are to judge and attack others and ourselves. It wants us to slide on this never-ending, downward spiral of continuing judgments and attacks because as we/the truth in us becomes weaker it becomes stronger, and we start to truly believe that it is “me and my ego” against the world. The more you start to think this way, the more you see your ego as being a real part of you, the more you defend it as real, the more power you give it, the more you believe its illusions of you are real, until one day you completely forget your true nature and begin to see and defend the idea of the ego and you as one. It is within this thought system that we support negative beliefs/ideas about others and ourselves.

– James Blanchard Cisneros

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