A Brother In Pain

Chapter 9: Choosing One’s Attitude

You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros. 

A friend of mine was going through a tough time, and I asked for a message to offer him in order to lift his spirits. The following message came to me in first person. I offer it to you the way I received it. If, for whatever reason, this use of the first person makes you uncomfortable, then feel free to skip it or change it in any way you wish. As I’ve mentioned before, do not be afraid to ask, the universe waits for you to ask. Any time that your attitude toward life is less than positive, ask for clarity. Sit down with a paper and pen, and through your heart, ask for clarity, and allow whatever wants to flow through to flow. Here is the message I received:

I feel your pain, yet all pain is self-inflicted. So if all pain is self-inflicted, how, you may ask, do I feel your pain? Ah, the answer is as simple as the question, for the answer came even before the question. There is nothing you can feel, nothing you can accomplish without Me, for there is nothing I can be, feel or accomplish without you. Herein lies the gift we hold for each other. At times, you might think this is not true, yet aren’t those the times when you are at your loneliest? Be lonely, my brother, for that is your choice, but understand that you have chosen it and understand that you feel lonely, not because you are alone, but because you think you are. There is one thing that I know, feel and live, from the grandest of ballrooms to the smallest crevices in my heart. You may feel lonely but you are never alone. Simply remember this: You are never alone for I Am always with you. Choose to feel Me in the silence and I Am there. Let Me cover you and no rain shall touch your head, not even in the grandest of storms, when you remember that I Am with you.

You might try to dim the light of your perfection, yet light surrounds you always, for I Am the Light, as you are My light. On occasion, you might choose to forget Me, but I know that forgetting is your way of remembering better. On occasion, you might choose to not love Me, but I sit with you in everlasting patience and envelop you with love, as I Am enveloped by love.

Do not choose to see Me with your eyes, or hear Me with your ears, for who I Am is who you are, and nothing else can surround All That Is. Never be lonely, my brother, and never search for Me in things. Do not search for happiness and love in that which you can touch with your hands or taste with your tongue, for you have already tried that, and where has that gotten you? Do not search for me outside yourself, for I Am in you, and I Am you. In times of insanity when illusions surround you, offer me an instant and sit in the power of your silence. Understand that I Am all that you need and that you are all that completes Me. For as you hold a place in my heart, so too do I live in yours.

Do not forget to bring your brothers and sisters, for they hold the key to the truth about you. And when you hold your brother or sister’s hand, I’ll be there, for I Am the forgiven and the forgiver, the Truth and the Light. Know that you, your brother and sister are one and the same. Forgive all who have chosen not to forgive you. Learn to love all who love you not. Serve all who would not serve you. This is the key to happiness, the release from all pain, the one lesson you came back to remember. Forgive, love and serve all always, and you will never be engulfed by judgment, loneliness, pain or regret.

That, my friend, is the story. The same simple story that has been taught by many to many, and from that teaching comes learning. From that learning comes the release from illusion and pain, and from this release comes union. Through union you will, for the first time, see your face reflected in God’s eyes, and it will not surprise you to see your brother and sister there with you. For they have always been there, waiting for you to look, to truly see.

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