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Chapter 6: Trusting God

You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros.

Trusting God is a great, inspiring, short video motivating people to have faith, stop worrying and trust God.

Inspiring video on
Trusting God

Several years ago, I was traveling through the south and stopped in North Carolina to visit a friend. I met a young woman who was trying to start her career as a gospel/rock singer. One night we had a conversation on forgiveness and before the night was over she asked me to write a song for her on the subject. I explained to her that I had no knowledge of how to write songs but that I would try to put some words together. Again, I promised her nothing but that I would try. For more than an hour before I went to sleep, I tried putting some thoughts on paper but nothing really came to mind. So, I did what I always do when I am stuck or looking for some sort of answer or inspiration – I prayed. Soon after, I meditated for a few minutes, then fell asleep.

The next morning as I was in the state right before waking, I heard and felt a knock on the top of my head. It literally felt as if someone took a knuckle and tapped me on my head. I had never had such an interesting direct physical sensation. But as I began opening my eyes I had this strong need to pick up a pen and write. The poem below is what came to me. In about ten to fifteen minutes I had it all written on a piece of paper.

Love Your Brother

On my journey through darkness,

Judgment dropped me to my knees,

And when I would not take another step,

I met the light within me.


He said: “Fear not for I am your brother,

I am the mirror of you.”

In His eyes I remembered my glory,

And in His arms I remembered my home.


He said: “There is strength in forgiveness,

There is truth in His Love,

Find your power in silence,

and in peace, your inheritance.”


I had built many walls around me,

I had built many illusions of stone.

But as the light shined on me,

Cracks of hope found my soul.


I had chosen to forget the light,

Yet it never disappeared.

And in blaming my brothers,

It was I that I feared.


Now all my brothers I treasure,

All are diamonds to me.

And through their search I remember,

The truth of love within me.


On your road through the darkness,

Know that your light I shall be.

Until that day of your waking,

Rest your shoulder on me.


And now I say:

“Fear not, for I am your brother,

I am the mirror of you.

Through forgiveness remember your glory.

Through love remember your home.”

That morning I gave her the poem. She read it, looked confused (which I first interpreted as looking impressed), looked at me and said, “What does it mean?” I said, “I think it’s for you, you’ll have to decide what it means.” Later that day, I got back in my car and continued my journey. We e-mailed each other a couple of times but soon lost contact and I have not seen her since.

This text can be found in the book - You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy.

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I want to thank you for sending me a free copy of your wonderful book. It is very inspirational and amazingly awesome, you are indeed a blessing from God and a blessing to us *readers* Thank you!

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