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I am currently reading chapter 6 of your book and find myself questioning my desire for new employment. How does one know if seeking new employment is trusting God? Could God be giving one the desire to change jobs? Reading this chapter has me questioning my motives. What advice can you give on this? 

– L.C., New York, USA

Trust that God desires you to have peace of mind, joy, meaning and fulfillment in your life. Trust this fully, and let your actions be an extension of this desire. Focus on these attributes and your physical environment will begin to reshape itself to support this realization. These attributes are expressions of your Godself, and consciously or not, you desire a greater expression of them in your life.

If you will, let me invite you to take your question one step further. Is it a new job or employment that you seek? Or is it a deeper level of peace of mind, joy, fulfillment and meaning in your life? Do you seek some other physical manifestation where you receive more paper strips and metal disks? Or are you seeking a greater expression of your inner desires, hopes and dreams?

In the ego’s world, there is an emphasis on “what you do.” Usually the first two questions someone asks are: “What’s your name?” and “What do you do?” Thus, “what you do” becomes a focal point to the ego. It makes you run from point A to point B to point C, always promising that the next job will fix whatever you believe needs fixing. So you live your life searching for an external solution to an internal desire.

My friend, the whispers you hear are those of your Godself asking to be acknowledged and expressed. You are, from deep within, asking for more joy and peace in your life, as well as greater meaning and fulfillment. Focus on these attributes, for they are your inheritance, your foundation, your true self, simply asking for a greater expression in your life. Accept your inheritance, and every day, little by little, give them a greater voice. As you do, you will begin to see your physical environment and all its manifestations shift to support them.

This Q&A Includes The Following Topics:
  • Trusting God.
  • Desire for new employment.
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I found this site this morning along the side of my Facebook page. Just last night I had posted a question in a very veiled way, looking for some input from friends. Long story short, it created an opportunity to save a friend from a very dark mood, yet, it did not answer my question. I knew it would be answered in time, because I trust in God, not the Church, God.

I hit “surprise me” on your site, and I landed on the answer to my question. I just wanted to let you know that, and thank you for existing, when ever I Seek, I find. I have family who would tell me I’m listening to the Devil, LOL! I tell them that makes no sense, because I’m not giving any credit to him! I’ve chosen to remember and I’m so glad to find more and more people each day that feel the same way. You even provided a lovely video that I sent to another friend who is struggeling with something. So, thank you, for helping on many levels.

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