Daily Inspiration: August 16. A Healed Mind and the End of Judgment

A healed mind thinks in alignment with the Mind of God. In doing so, it sees this world through Love’s lens. A healed mind sees as God sees, and thus sees Love in all. A healed mind sees God Who Is Love, reflecting back from everything and everyone. It overlooks the judgment centered games that the ego, who tries to puts itself in opposition to God, plays within time. To overlook anything that is not a representation or an expression of Love, is to simply see all things as they are. The more the healed mind overlooks the ego and its games, the less amount of time, focus and energy, the ego is able to steal from our lives. Judgment of self and others, is one of the numerous ego games that the healed mind overlooks. Once your mind begins to heal from its addiction to judgment, because we are all One, the world you see and interact with, will also be seen as healed. When the healed mind no longer has the need to judge or defend itself against this world’s judgments, it is then that true lasting peace of mind and joy result. A healed mind uses all the energy that the unhealed mind once used to defend itself against the ego’s world, and turns that energy inward. In doing so it figures out what false idols it still might be worshipping as real. The healed mind appreciates all beings who, through their participation in your life, are helping you to get a clearer picture of your internal condition. Understanding the useful nature of each person and interaction, gratitude replaces judgment in the healed mind. Now, gratitude not judgment become your first response to every brother and sister you think of, meet and interact with. What the unhealed mind would have seen and defined through judgment, anger and hate, now the healed mind response with gratitude, peace and understanding.

The healed mind no longer needs to be a part of the drama. When not at peace, it simply recognizes that it is somewhere it does not belong. It then simply, gently, wisely and peacefully, stops that line of thinking, aligns with its loving nature, and offers this love to all. When doubt pops up, it allows the experience to express itself so that it can better understand what it is separating it from the state of peace. It then shines the light of knowledge on the situation, sees anything other than love as false, forgives his or her misperception, lets its judgments go, and calmly returns to peace. When the false is overlooked or forgiven, the ego’s power over you dissolves. The healed mind ends every interaction with gratitude. It ends it with gratitude because knowing that God is Love and All, it understands that Love always uses everything for good. The healed mind offers its gratitude to every judgment, person, place or thing, that assisted it in releasing itself from its own delusional thinking. Imagine, a life where you end each interaction with gratitude. If you did end each interaction with gratitude, how much more peace of mind and joy would you bring to your life, and to the lives of those around you? Today, let us see gratitude, peace and understanding, as symbols of one whose mind is healed. Yet, at the same time, let us not despair if we have yet to heal our minds. Instead of despair, let us learn to use such moments to practice retraining our minds to trust God more. We trust that He is using each one of our experiences, to help us grow, heal and awaken. Now, even when we slip into despair, we see it as just another opportunity to increase our trust in God. The more we trust God, the greater sense of peace we achieve, the greater  beacon of peace we become for others.  

Today, let us prepare by knowing that the ego will once again try to sell its delusions as truth. Understanding this, let us simply smile at its sales pitch, thank it for stoping by, overlook or forgive it, and return to the state of peace. The state of peace is your true Home, and a symbol of the healed mind. Choosing forgiveness over judgment, compassion over condemnation, and trust in God over worry, are all also symbols of the healed mind. Being One with the healed mind, a representative of your true Home, does not mean that you will look outside the window and not see a cloud in the sky. It simply means that you will know that a cloud is only a cloud, temporal in nature, and that the sun is, and will always, shine. It will simply mean that you will no longer be sad or curse the sky for being cloudy. Now healed, you will simply offer your gratitude to the clouds for shading your path, cooling you while you walk, and for bringing character to the sky. Everything that the unhealed mind once saw as working against it, the healed mind will with gratitude be able to see, understand and share with others, its useful nature. It is this shift in perception that will consciously unite you with God. It is at One with your Light, where you can truly shine. Today, allow your self-awareness and light to shine upon all those who walk along your path. They will be blessed to have you in their presence, and you will be grateful to them for helping you practice seeing and reinforcing only the light in you as true. Today, at One with the healed mind, we see all others with love and gratitude. By producing this perfect and peaceful state of mind, we help this world be born again.

Today, let us look to aligned with the healed mind. The healed mind sees this world as God does, through Love’s lens. The healed mind knows that God is Love and All, and so it understands that all things, people, events and situations are used by God for good. If all is used by God for good, what need would the healed mind have to judge self or others, become frustrated, angry, anxious, resentful, hateful or revengeful? None, no need. Understanding this, the healed mind very simply overlooks or forgives the false, and focuses on and sees only the truth as true. The healed mind sees Love’s billions of expressions, each one as a unique and perfect part of creation. Today, choose to look at this world through God’s eyes. By doing so, you will be doing what you came here to do. By doing so, you will in each and every moment and interaction, become a representative of Love on Earth.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (7)

James, Once again I am captured by your words of wisdom…exactly what I needed to hear at this very moment…no coincidence perfect timing…I so love the way this happens…I am so very grateful for your messages…blessings to you James!!!

OMG James…my message was delivered at 11:11 It just keeps getting better and better…

Thank you Margaret for being a member of our community.

Every moment, when properly perceived, is Divine timing, is a gift from God to us.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Thank you Margaret for your kind words and for being open to the message.

When we trust in Divine timing, peace, joy, appreciation and gratitude result. When we trust in our ego’s timing, then judgment of self and others, anxiety, anger and resentment result.

When you lack peace in any situation, use that situation, but not to judge yourself or others, but instead to practice trusting God more, with the sacred nature of the plan, that The Divine has co-created through Love with you.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Lord enlighten mine EYES! Great WORD

I am learning more and more how very true this is. For me it has been a lot of hard work to heal my mind, to learn how to forgive. To get to the core of why I had so much anger and hate so deep inside of me. I thought religion would have been my biggest helper, but it only took me from one extreme to the other. It took me to a place of being in deep denial of who I really was. It took me to a place of being very judgmental to others that I thought I had became better than. I believe in God, but not from that religions place anymore. I love all your post they have been very helpful to me, your book as well. Because you talk about God a lot, for some people that can take your message to a religious place, and that may keep them from being able to receive your message. So maybe it would be helpful to others to give the message of love without using the word God so much. We need a higher consciousness to get to this place of learning how to love, that higher consciousness can be called by many different names. Just my thoughts…

Thank you Paula for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

I do try my best to use as many different expressions of God, The Divine, Love, Peace, Creator, etc as possible understanding that many have been indoctrinated to recoil at words like God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, etc. I get it and try to offer the message in the kindest way that I can, using the least reactionary producing words possible. But everyone is in their own way different, with different boundaries and past experiences, so I do my best and then just let it be.

I do recommend that if people have issues with any specific word they simply substitute it for another. Substitute ‘God’ with ‘Love’ if that helps you receive the message. Some people will find that useful, some may find it insulting to even recommend changing that, that’s human nature, that the duality of this world, and that’s ok.

I also say to please use what ever information you find useful and to please put aside or disregard the rest. I have no attachment to what people may or may not find of use. I’m just honored that they find anything about this message of use in their journeys.

Nothing but the Love inside of you is true. Being all One, nothing but the Love inside all others is true. Nothing but the Love inside these words are true. Everything other than Love is a program that we have bought into as real, as more real than All, then The Divine in us. Nothing can be in opposition to All. Thus nothing but the Love in us is forever true.

Every day practice letting go, forgiving, who you are not. Every day practice ending your support for thoughts that don’t support you. Every day practice aligning each thought, word and interaction with only the love in you. Do so, and you will begin to see Love in each word, thought and interaction, in everyone and all. Practice doing so and you will begin to see yourself exactly as you were created to be.

Peace. JBC

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