Daily Inspiration: August 19. Changing the World A Moment at a Time

Today, let us not underestimate the power we have to make a difference in someone’s life on a moment to moment basis. What does a smile cost us? A warm greeting, thoughtful word, sympathetic ear, gentle touch, sincere complement or kindhearted gesture, these are all natural expressions and extensions of the Love that is our true eternal essence and nature. Being all One, the more we express and extend our eternal loving essence and nature, the more we get to experience it. By doing so, we begin transforming the world we live in. Let us not undervalue the ability that we have to transform this world, a moment at a time, into a more hospitable, gentle and compassionate place. Today, within the present moment, thanks to free will, we can shift someone’s perception of himself or herself, and thus turn his or her day around. Our Creator creates through Love, and that is what we too are here to do, to create through love a more loving world. We create this more loving world through the interactions we have with each other. Each person that God delivers into our presence, is here to help us create this more loving world. Do you desire to create a more hospitable world for you and your children? If so, then God will present to you those individuals who will best help you practice creating the world you want. No one will ever be in front of us by chance. There is a very specific and important part that each one of us plays in Creation. You have requested all those that are before you, and they too have requested you. We are all One, our mission can not be completed alone. Today, take your brother’s and sister’s hand, and begin to show them, by the way you treat them, of what kind of world we can together design, build, and proudly leave to our children.

We have been taught by the ego to believe that the world is just how it is. We have been programmed to believe that there is truly little or nothing that we can do about it. Yet, what the ego fails to mention, is that the world that we are experiencing, we are defining through our minds, through the thoughts we think. It is truly we who, through our thoughts, paint the picture of the world we see, and thus how we end up interacting with it. It is we, who in the end have the power to change this world by first changing the thoughts we think that color it. The power thus, to begin creating and living in the world we want, is on a moment-to-moment basis, generated within us. It is the DNA within our own thoughts that has given birth to everything in the world that we ourselves are now experiencing. We are the fathers and mothers of each and every day. It is us, through our thoughts, who can guide this day to a healthier, happier and more peaceful place. Let us no longer wait for the world to somehow change itself. If the thoughts within our minds never change, then this world will also never change. How do you desire to change your world? Do you desire to make it a more peaceful place, a more joyous place, a healthier environment? However you wish to change this world, you can. If you desire to make this world a healthier place, then start by focusing your own thoughts, time and energy, on learning about health and healing. Learn how to heal yourself. Heal your own mind so that the thoughts you entertain and extend unto this world will also begin to help heal it.  After a time of learning and healing, you will be guided to help others learn how they too can heal themselves and thus join you in the healing of this world. This Oneness and sense of shared mission will in turn will help create a healthier, happier and more peaceful environment for all of us.

Today, let us practice becoming the loving miracle workers that we were created by God to be. We become miracle workers by consciously shifting our mindset from judgment to forgiveness, from separation to unity, and from fear to love. Let us recall that whatever seeds we plant, through our own thoughts, words and actions, one day our children will get to harvest. Understanding this, let us become more mindful of the thoughts, words and actions we take when interacting with each other. Being all One, there is nothing that we do for others, that we ourselves will not in some way, shape, or form experience. Today, be it a moment at a time, let us offer the world, and those in it, the blessings that we ourselves would want to experience. In the moment, only we can think the thoughts we think. It will be these thoughts we think, that like seeds will begin to grow, flourish and nourish, the world we want. If today we find ourselves thinking thoughts that are filling this world with judgment, separation and fear, let us catch ourselves doing so, and then stop that line of thinking. Then, let us become miracle workers by shifting our minds to only think thoughts that are in alignment with our loving nature. Let us always remember that we are not stuck in the world we see. We can always undo what we have done. Today, when the ego and its programming insist we judge, let us instead forgive. When it calls us to put others down and separate from them, let us instead look for ways to lift them up and unite as One. When thoughts of fear seem to want to rule over us, let us instead choose that moment to trust God more. In doing so, we return to the state of peace as we learn to love and support each other as He loves and supports us.

Today, let us recall that thanks to free will, in any moment, we can go from unconsciousness to consciousness. The state of unconsciousness is one where the ego’s past programs and its tools rule over us. Judgment, separation and fear, are some of the ego’s tools. The state of consciousness is one where we are in alignment with the Mind of God. Forgiveness, union and love, are all symbols of this Oneness. The holy instant, is that sacred moment when we go from unconsciousness to consciousness, from judgment to forgiveness, from separation to union, and from fear to love. In the holy instant we go from being who we have been programmed to be, to becoming who we were created to be. In the holy instant we become the light that those stuck in the dark can follow to find their way back Home.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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