Daily Inspiration: August 23. Today Who We See is Who We Serve

The people we interact with today are the ones we have been appointed to serve. They have been entrusted to us by God. We are here to help lead them back to the states of peace and joy. Being all One, what we offer them, we get to experience ourselves. Today, if we would like to experience a more peaceful life, then let us be a catalyst for peace. If we desire a more joyful life, then let us be the ones that hand to our brothers and sisters the opportunities to be joyful. If we desire a more peaceful and joyful life, then let it be us who dedicate more of our time to supporting these energies. The more time is spent on them, the more of our days and thus life will be filled with these energies. Today, let us no longer focus on the temporal, on what others in some moment in time might think, say or do. Let us instead overlook the temporal and focus on their eternal loving essence and nature. Today, let us not focus on their bodies and judge them by some frozen moment in time. Let us see past that illusion of time and space and instead behold, focus on and serve, the love within them that is their own unique expression of God. Let us not kid ourselves, we are not dealing with so-called strangers. No, every person before us is actually God’s child, a sacred and unique expression of the Divine. When they ‘act’ in a manner that is not aligned with their loving nature, we now simply overlook their temporal delusional state of mind. We now know that their actions are simply a call for help and healing. They are in their own ways asking us to remind them of their true nature. Today, let us help them recall who in truth they are. Let us answer their unconscious calls for love, help and healing, with love, help and healing.

We have all at times forgotten to be of service. We have all missed opportunities to be kind or misperceived a brother’s or sister’s call for help. When we have become frustrated, judgmental, angry or resentful towards another, these are all times when we have missed their calls for help. Let us today recognize that because God is Love and All, when our brothers and sisters are not being loving, that all they are truly doing is asking us for help. Today, let us pay extra close attention in order to see how we can best be of service. We need not concern ourselves with exactly how to be of service. One way or another, we will be guided on what to say and do. Simply remind yourself during every interaction that being Love’s creation, that you are here to offer love in whatever ways are, in that moment, available to you. The more you practice your goal of being of service by sharing the love that you are, the more natural and normal this behavior will become. The more natural and normal this behavior becomes, the more you will see how truly aligned you are with the energies of love and service. The more you practice aligning with the energies of love and service, the more confident you will feel that you can indeed fulfill your function. You, as Love’s creation, are here as a representative of Love, of God on planet Earth. No longer underestimate the sacred and unique part that you are meant to play in creation. God needs you here now, or else you would not be here now. Today, lift your head up and confidently, as God’s creation, begin to accomplish what you have come here to do.

Today, let us be of service by simply aligning with and becoming our eternal loving light. Today, before every interaction say: “God, I am most deeply honored that You would entrust Your child to me. I now know who is in front of me, never a so-called stranger, but always Your child. Father, please help me in this and every interaction, to align my thoughts, words, emotions, actions and reactions with your Love and Light. This is how I can best serve them, by being who You created me to be. Thank you, God. Amen.” Today, every one of our thoughts, words and actions, will help others better see, recall and understand, who in truth they are. Today, let us acknowledge to ourselves that those we are presented with, are those God is asking us to serve. God has placed them, His children, before us because He completely trusts us. Would you ever place your children in the company of those you did not trust? Do you not think that God is at least as wise, loving and caring as you? He has sent His children to you so that you may remind them to never lose hope. You are in their presence to help them see that they are always loved and cared for. All that you are being asked to do today is to be who you were created to be. Simply offer the love that you are, in whichever ways the moment and God’s children seem to be requesting. It may be a kind gesture, the willingness to listen to their struggles, a warm hug, a shared laugh, or a hundred other ways that you can be of service. Today, let us serve others and by doing so reinforce and strengthen our loving nature. Then let us thank them for the opportunities they offer to us to be of service to them, and thus by doing so fulfill our function here on Earth. 

Today, let us recall that service is Love put into action. Let us remember that as Love’s creations our function is to be of service. Today, God is calling on us to serve His children by loving them in the best way we can. Love has numerous forms, do not concern yourself with how you are to serve today. Instead, trust that you will be guided how best to serve in every interaction. The more you trust in the Divine’s guidance, the less you will worry about what to think, say or do. In fact, the more you trust the Divine with anything in your life, the less worried, stressed out and fearful you will be, and the more at peace, confident and fulfilled, you will feel. Today, let us also not forget to thank our brothers and sisters for letting us serve them, and thus for helping us fulfill our function here on Earth.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (6)

Thank you for your beautiful writings, and today’s expressions.
Have been asked to help look after in care of three individual Alzheimer’s patients — through visiting in a nursing home, another in assisted living and being her power of attorney, and staying in another’s home while her daughter goes to work during the day.
Plus, my care also includes my sister with a mind/mental disability in an assisted living residence .
My thoughts became those of personal surprise , wonder how this all occurred all in a few weeks’ time, (altho not for my sister), in addition to my feelings of total inadequacy regarding handling all these individuals, not having experience or knowledge of Alzheimer’s nor illnesses of the mind in general.
So your words are a great help and have a beautiful calming effect on me to comprehend that God has His purposes and is using me to help fulfill these.
God is providing me what is necessary to do His will regarding these individuals.
My prayers continue every day to be strong and of good valuable use to these three now-friends plus my sister. My belief is strong that God is listening and guiding me.
My prayers of asking and thanking God are being answered. He has surprised me in particular ways throughout it all.
And your writing of this day helps to afirm that.
Thank you so kindly.
May you enjoy a beautiful day and be well.

Thank you Nannette for being open to the message.

Service is love put into action, so anytime you are being loving, you are being of service, you are doing what you came here and were created to do. A sense of fulfillment is felt by those who are doing what they came here to do.

God being perfect love would never offer you a challenge that you could not handle and overcome. Do not ever worry nor despair, for as God’s child and creation your victory is assured.

Today, let us practice offering our gratitude to those of God’s children that we have been appointed by Him to serve. Let us also be humbled by the knowledge that God is entrusting us with His children. If God does not doubt your ability to care for His children, then neither should you.

Anytime doubt tries to enter and corrupt your mind, consciously stop that delusional line of thinking, then invite the Love and Light of God in, and respectfully invite the love and light in you to lead the way. Simply keep asking yourself: “What would love think, say and do now.” Then simply think, say and do only that.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

It is difficult to read “be of service,” for me. As the youngest of a large family, being of service and returning love for every hurt has been my thought since childhood. Through the years, however, my family continues to be the same as always, so I start to think sometimes, that it hasn’t served them to just turn the other cheek. Because of that I have twice challenged a couple of them. I’m waiting to see results. In my heart, I know what you say is true, because I have been blessed many times over, but I also feel a great sense of loss because all I ever wanted was to be close to them.

Thank you Liz for your comment.

You, as God’s perfect creation, are forever worthy of peace, and so do in every moment what brings you peace, and you will have peace.

Peace and service are both expressions of Love, and Love is who you in truth are, and in truth all that you will forever be.

You have co-created your journey with God, and so in truth, you will never take a false step along your path.

Every single step, no matter how much the ego’s judgment filled false program would have you think, is and will perfect for you and for all those around you.

God forever Loves you because you are His child. There is nothing you could ever say or do, that could change God’s mind about you. Trust this truth fully, completely and wholeheartedly, and know that we are all His children, all forever worthy of any love you can offer.

Peace. JBC

This was beautiful to read..but I suffer from mental illness. I am in therapy, support groups, several medications. I have a Axis II disorder (Which I think just became obsolete in the DSM Manual)..which makes it difficult for me to have healthy relationships, I have problems at work, poor impulse control, chaos and turmoil seems to be “normal” to me. I ask God every day for help and healing. I had to let go of my pride and file for disability, because I can’t get along with people and “lash out”. So..everything that was said looks so beautiful on paper..but where is God? How can someone who is in constant emotional pain really be of “service” to others no matter how compassionate they are? I myself am tired of being abandoned..being mistreated, ignored by others..when I do make a friend..they end up leaving me..my romantic relationships suffer..they get tired of my behavior and leave me too. So..I try and try..with therapy, medications..etc..but when one is hurting..how can I truly walk with God and be of service to others. I’m sorry to be so discouraged and a downer.

Thank you Tammi for being a member of our community.

God uses all for good. Thus know the your personal struggles will, in one way or another, always be used for good.

You ask how could someone in ‘constant emotional pain’ be of service, well maybe for one, practice using every opportunity when the ego mind strikes, simply to practice saying ‘I’m sorry,’ explain your mental struggles, and say you working on healing yourself.

Being an example of someone who can ask for forgiveness, and someone who is open to receiving forgiveness can be a great example to set for others.

Another way of being of service could be to find a mental health group that deals with emotional issues, join it, share your struggles and some ways you have dealt with them, your sharing would be of service to people in such a group.

Do not despair, practice instead being grateful for every opportunity you are given to work on your mental health.

Practice stopping unproductive/unloving behavior quicker and quicker as it appears, practice forgiving yourself and other quicker and quicker, practice asking for forgiveness quicker and quicker, by doing so you’ll be spending more and more time in the the state of peace and will become an example to others that peace, even in the midst of pain, confusion and conflict, is still in every moment and interaction, available to us.

Peace. JBC

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