Daily Inspiration: December 11. Ending the Ego’s Shame Game

Shame and any other words, feelings or actions that in any way put you or others down are in truth illusionary in nature. They are simply false concepts we have been taught to see as real. The ego has fabricated this false-reality in order to help it perpetuate its delusional concepts of judgment and separation. Judgment is the action that fuels the ego’s mindset. By placing parameters on what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ it gets to shape and thus be in control of our experience. When the ego is in control of our experience it assures its survival through us. When we are being judgmental of self or others we are playing the ego’s games and thus allowing the ego to think for us. Separation is a false concept that gets you to feel you can judge others without hurting yourself. When the ego can convince us we are not all One our judgments of others don’t seem have a negative effect on us. God is Love and All and thus there is no room as an opposition to All for the ego and it’s delusions. Knowing this the ego in order for it to exist fabricates a seemingly separate reality. In this illusionary world which some call duality there seems to exist an opposition to God, Love, All, Truth. In Truth this is not possible. Only within the ego’s fairy tale can the unreal appear to be real. In the ego’s world concepts as judgment of self and others, guilt, anger, and shame all “prove” there is something other than an all-loving God. In such a delusional environment you of course feel unstable, confused and unsafe. The ego uses this feeling to convince that its judgments will defend you from an insane world. What the ego does not tell you is that it itself created this world in which you feel shame and fear. Today, choose to no longer buy into the ego’s lies as true. Do so and begin to leave behind a world you no longer need or want.

What has shaming yourself or others ever done for you? Maybe it has briefly made you feel stronger because you can put another person down and thus feel temporarily superior? Maybe it has briefly made you feel somewhat safe and secure as you use it to hide from other people’s judgments of you? Are any of these so-called reasons truly worthy of you? No. They are not and so it’s time to stop supporting the ego’s lies as true. Enough with the power fantasies and thinking that Oneness, All, God, Love, could ever be challenged and opposed. Enough with supporting a mindset that in truth has never brought you the everlasting peace of mind, joy and love that you have always wanted and deserved. Today, make the conscious decision to stop adding to your confusion, suffering and pain.

Let us today recall that God’s creations are perfect exactly as they were created. Let us recall that because their journeys like ours are a sacred co-creation with the Divine they are designed to help us grow, heal and awaken. Enough with judging God’s creations as less than who they in truth are. Enough with thinking of our brothers and sisters as so-called strangers, illegal aliens or enemies. Enough with all these childish little ego centered games that so obviously try to disprove the existence of an All-Loving God. We have all slept long enough. It is now time for us to awaken. It is time to stop wasting our time judging ourselves and others. It is time to stop shaming and feeling ashamed. It is time to start becoming the representative of Love that God crated us to be.

Today, let us decide to place the ego’s hunger for its dozens of forms of self-judgment, self-criticism, shaming and even self-hate aside. We do so by ending the time, focus and energy we have sacrificed to them. Instead, let us redistribute that time, focus and energy to support, trust and respect the sacred nature of the journey we have co-create with God. Today, let us offer gratitude, deep, honest and heart-felt gratitude to our past-self and God for all we have experienced, overcome and learned. Our journeys are our unique, sacred and individualized expressions of God. Our journeys do not need to look like or be compared to anyone else’s journey. If others cannot see that then that is on them not us. The perfect nature of our journeys do not exclude or inhibit the perfect nature of everyone’s journeys, and vice-versa. Within the fairy tale the ego’s judgments of our journeys will come in a thousand different forms. Still do not despair for none their judgments are true. Shame is one such delusion. Shame is a sham. It is that and nothing else. Shame is simply a character with the ego’s fairy tale, and non of these characters are real or true. Shame is a mind control device the ego uses to guilt you into following its narrow judgment filled fear based path. Anytime you question or deviate from the ego’s path it tries to make you feel guilty and ashamed for doing so. But do not despair for once we begin to awaken to who in truth we are we will stop being controlled by the shadows of guilt, anger and shame. As we end our support for the ego’s delusions their fuel source is taken away from them and thus their control over us ends.

Today, if any thought of shame pops into your mind, stop and choose to no longer dedicate yourself to that delusion. Remember that it is only your belief in the delusion that makes it appear to be real. Take your belief away from shame and watch it dissolve away before your light and understanding. Today, remember that God, being Perfect, only creates perfectly and that you are His creation. That is why your journey, and because we are all One, everyone’s journeys, should be given the non-judgmental space to flourish. When in doubt, recall that because God is Love and All, the Divine will use all for good. Trust this sacred truth and be at peace. Today, stop fueling the false idol of shame with your time, focus and energy. Shame is not who you are, Love is. Shame is not your creator, Love is.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (4)

An insightful way to overcome certain emotions. Thankyou for this.
The struggle is more when living with family members or partners who continuously bring you down..and do not choose to walk on a path of transformation, such that you feel drawn into their negative energy.. that brings the Self down and into internal chaos.

Trying to rise above it then leads to further misuse of good intentions. Would love to see more on dealing with these relationships, if not already written on..?

Thank you Saks for being open to the message.

When with anyone, no matter who they may be, always remind yourself:

“Only I can control the thoughts I focus on and think. Thus, only I have the ultimate power and responsibility over my levels of peace or pain.”

Today, when others seem to be bringing you down, stop, remind yourself that it is you who has control over your thoughts, and then choose forgiveness over judgment and thus peace over pain.

Remind yourself when feeling attacked:

“No one can bring me down other than the thoughts I choose to focus on and dedicate my time and energy to. I now take personal responsibility for the thoughts I support, and only support with my time, focus and energy, those thoughts that support me and my peace of mind and joy.”

Then always end every interaction with gratitude. Gratitude because all others are in truth doing is helping you recall that it is you who has final say over the thoughts you think. All they are in truth doing is helping you practice realizing that it is you, not the outer world nor those in it who hold the true power.

Peace. JBC

Praise the Lord. He has sent an answer to my problems of shame and guilt. thank You God. Thank you James Blanchard Cisneros.

Thank you Hasmukh for bing open to the message.

When guilt and shame come calling, answer their call by forgiving yourself and others. Do so, so that you can become and share the light and loved filled being that God created you to be. Do so, so that you may light the way for those who are currently finding it too dark to see.

Peace. JBC

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